Think About Some of These Relationship Goals in Marriage

Set Relationship Goals for a Better Marriage

Listing rough spots in your marriage will help you work on them better. These ‘issues’ could range from spending more time together or discussing things that matter. Relationship goals give marriage a purpose. It could help salvage a relationship that might have been in the doldrums for some time.

Every relationship should have goals to turn it into a fine-tuned bond. Identifying and deciding what these goals are is your responsibility. The next time you sit with hubby dear to draw up a ‘goal list,’ here are some things to consider:

Marriage and Relationship Goals to Set

1. Kiss and Tell

A simple but effective relationship goal would be to become more intimate with each other. If you find the spark fading in your marriage, re-kindle it. There are studies that point out that couples who give each other a peck on the lips daily enjoy a happier marriage. This is such an easy way to keep the intimacy alive. Your mornings would also start on a good note.

2. Words of Encouragement

You and your spouse should give each other some words of encouragement throughout the day. This is a good start to setting relationship goals for each other. ‘I love you’, ‘Thank for all you do’, or ‘Thank you for being a part of my life’ are some encouraging words you can try. This practice will ensure mutual respect and help your love blossom. After slogging the entire day when you both still appreciate each other for the little things, your marriage is bound to be filled with respect and a whole lot of love. ||

3. Time Together

Children take up much of your time – from the drop off to school to pick up from sports practice. While you juggle as a mom, your partner is busy meeting office deadlines. This distance can affect a marriage. A good relationship goal here would be to spend more quality time together. A movie date once a week or a dinner plan can help improve your bond. Don’t hesitate to hire a trusted nanny once in a while. A little wine and good food could pave the way for a great time in the bedroom too!

4. Confident Parents

You strive every day to be a good parent. However, it can be difficult to maintain those standards all alone. Make it a point to share tasks. Your hubby can drop the kids off to school in the morning while you pick them up after. You can go for your daughter’s dance recitals while hubby can go for your son’s football matches. This’ll ensure that you get ample time to spend with kids and share responsibility.

5. Future Plans

What are some relationship goals that matter to you? Future plans should definitely be on that list. Setting aside money for the kids, savings for a home, or plans for shifting places require vision. Sitting together and deciding the important steps helps. A couple that talks will be able to face exigencies that may arise.

While you guys may not reach all these relationship goals, it’s definitely worth trying. If it helps, make a checklist placed in a prominent area, say, the fridge. Take up one at a time to work on and give it your best. Here’s to a healthier and happier relationship!

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