11 Best Food Combinations To Lose Weight Quickly

Revealed: 11 Indian Foods That Will Definitely Help You Lose Weight When Eaten TOGETHER!

Now, we already know that certain foods aid in weight loss while certain foods are fattening. But some foods when paired together with other foods make a killer combination that zaps fat! Let’s look at some of these crazy combinations and how to get them helping you in your weight loss journey, especially after delivery.

Weight loss can be a huge challenge for anyone, but more so for postpartum women or women struggling with thyroid and hormonal problems. Losing fat from the belly and hips region can be especially daunting, and few diets target these areas well unless you pair them with intensive exercise. However, the good news is that there are some foods that can actually speed up your weight loss and show you quick results. The trick is simple: they must be eaten together!

Best Food Combinations to Lose Weight

1. Bell Peppers and Egg

Bell Peppers and EggNever heard of this one before, right? This mighty duo will make sure your pre-mommy jeans fit you once again. Eggs contain a metabolism boosting nutrient known as choline. Bell peppers, or more popularly known in India as Simla Mirch, are a good source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps fight off cortisol, the hormone that causes fat to accumulate around your tummy area.

You can cook eggs inside bell peppers, do a quick breakfast omelette with bell peppers and eggs, or even make a nice egg curry for lunch.

2. Pistas and Almonds

Pistas and AlmondsAll those dry fruit dabbas you get on festivals will finally come handy when we tell you that pistas and almonds together can help give you that taut tummy you are after! Ditch your crunchy chips and garam pakodas and embrace these nuts as a quick snack hack for a while; you won’t be disappointed. Almonds contain the amino acid L-arginine that helps the body burn more fat and carbs during your workouts too.

Blend them up into a protein packed shake or enjoy them whole for some fat-burning energy. On a cheat day, you can also indulge in these Kesar Pista Cookies – they combine pistas and almonds deliciously! (Just go easy on the sugar!)

3. Potatoes and Pepper

Potatoes and PepperPotatoes honestly do not deserve the hate they get. Just because carbs have been categorised as “unhealthy” or bad, potatoes have unfairly taken the brunt. They are actually a great hunger curbing food that can actually aid your weight loss goal. The potassium in potatoes helps get rid of bloating. But just because they are so great, that doesn’t mean we don’t watch what we pair with it. Yeah we see you hiding that butter!

Pepper is a great combination for potatoes. Some olive oil, pepper and potatoes make a filling and healthy meal if baked (you can also add some roasted/grilled chicken to add to the protein-quotient; this is especially beneficial after delivery when you need to consume a protein-rich diet to speed up healing).

Pepper contains the compound piperine that gives it its strong taste and piperine actually interferes with the formation of new fat cells. This helps slim your waistline, and zaps body fat! Sounds like magic? Who knew it could be as simple as eating pepper regularly!

4. Garlic and Fish

Garlic and FishFish contains women-friendly omega-3 fatty acids, which lower triglycerides and reduce inflammation. They also help build muscle and increase your metabolic rate. If you add garlic to this already powerful food, you have everything you need to “tackle” (fishing pun intended) stubborn belly fat.

Try the Grilled Fish and Veggies recipe (pictured above) to combine these two magic ingredients in a delicious dish.

5. Nut Butter and Banana

Nut Butter and BananaNut butters are full of unsaturated fats. If you are wondering why we’re telling you it is a good thing, then know this – unsaturated fats can help you puncture and successfully deflate that spare tyre of yours. Polyunsaturated fats improve your metabolism! When combined with banana, this becomes a potent combo that satiates hunger while also keeping you fit. Try out this banana and butter breakfast loaf (picture above) with a cup of coffee or milk in the morning. You can also avoid adding any refined-sugar; the loaf uses prunes to sweeten it up.

Note: Unsaturated fats have an evil cousin that is a bad influence to your weight loss journey – saturated fats. The problem is saturated fats come in the most attractive forms (read: chips, fries, etc.) so beware! Pick wisely.

6. Lentils and Tomatoes

Lentils and TomatoesWhen you’re looking for Indian foods for weight loss, look no further than good old daal! Daal can help you fill up without unwanted calories being added; they also keep you feeling full longer. Warm foods are also helpful in boosting recovery after delivery, especially if you have had a complicated childbirth or a C-section.

And why the tomatoes? Well, tomatoes are anti-inflammatory and can help you fight and reverse leptin resistance, leading to what everyone wants – weight loss!

7. Chickpeas and Olive Oil

Chickpeas and Olive Oil

Yup, you’re right – HUMMUS! Chickpeas are high in muscle-building protein and soluble fibres, making them a lethal weight-loss weapon. As you blend them with olive oil, the smooth pasty combination works doubly well to keep you feeling full.

You know what’s best about olive oil? It actually increases the happy hormone – serotonin – in your blood. No wonder hummus makes us so happy! Also, it’s vegan.

8. Apples and Watermelon

Apples and Watermelon

All fruits are good for you but some are the best for women struggling to lose a few pounds. When you combine apples and watermelons in your fruit salad, you can be well-assured that your stubborn flab is being fought. These two delicious fruits have been proven to be among the best foods to eat together for weight loss!

Apples are the BEST source of fibre amongst fruits, combating visceral fat. Visceral fat is the fat lining around vital organs that can lead to organ issues if not taken care of. It is way more serious than most of us think, so start eating those apples daily! Watermelons lower fat accumulation too, so paired together, this duo can turn your mama belly into your teenage washboard abs.

9. Oatmeal and Berries

Oatmeal and BerriesWe know you’ve been liking those Instagram smoothie bowls with colourful berries arranged neatly on top of smooth looking oatmeal. We also know that Indians do not have easy access to most berries and have to wait for winter to create such immaculate oatmeal.

But that fact acknowledged, the combination of the two is one of the most delicious ways to reach your health goals. Both contain insoluble fibre which is great for your metabolism. Try out this Oats With Berries recipe (pictured above). What a power packed breakfast option, no?

10. Corn and Beans

Five Bean SaladBeans equal gas? True. This may put you off eating them but what’s also true is that they aid weight loss! They taste great too! Corn contains a resistant starch – a type of carb that effectively dodges digestion. This means that the body is not able to absorb many calories from corn. Corn and beans together are a suspicious combination but take it from us, they actually are a great combination for weight loss.

You can add them to grilled chicken or even mix them up as a Five Bean Salad (pictured above). You can even eat them in a roti or pita wrap as a quick lunch! Note: Since this can potentially promote gas in the stomach, consume in moderation. The postpartum phase is when you are vulnerable to gas problems, so it is necessary to limit portions and avoid eating gaseous foods at night-time.

11. Dark Chocolate and Apples

Dark Chocolate and ApplesDessert is served! The antioxidants in dark chocolate prevent you from gaining excess weight and even lower your blood-sugar levels. The microbes found in our tummies ferment chocolate into anti-inflammatory compounds that can shut-down insulin resistant genes. More power to chocolate – because someone had to say that!

Apples, when added to this already great food, enhance the effect of what chocolate is doing already. The fibre helps your tummy speed up fermentation.

Note: Please discuss with your doctor before starting any diet or regimen after your delivery. You need to be even more careful if you have had a C-section birth. Refer to these weight loss tips after a C-section to get more guidance on how to remain safe and fit after childbirth.

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