How to Remove Negative Energy from Home - Top 14 Ways

Removing Negative Energy from Home – Tips to Banish Negative Vibes

Moving into a new space or continuing in an age-old one, there are plenty of things to keep note of and tackle, but one of the essential elements that we tend to miss out on or perhaps sometimes neglect is the blockage of energy and build-up of negative energy in living spaces.

However queer as it may seem, it is a proven fact that every creature generates certain vibrations which create our aura. This aura interacts with the surrounding vital, and in the process of these interactions, ripples in the surrounding environment are sensitised. Positive vibrations of a being extend to other beings and to objective reality to bloom into a serene atmosphere. This is why religious settings tend to have a soothing effect on our minds. The primary cause of these vibrations is our thoughts. Every thought has a frequency attached to it because every thought that arises in our mind is born out of energy. High and positive frequencies give rise to positive vibrations, so on and so forth. One must at this point, be introduced to the law of attraction, which governs the universe. The energy that you send out, you receive the same in return. Therefore, to attract progress, prosperity and joy to your home and family, your living space must essentially be sending out the vibrations for the same.

How to Know If Negative Energy Has Taken Over Your Home?

It isn’t too hard to identify the accumulation of negative energy or even the fact that energy isn’t flowing smoothly through your place. There are key factors that you can keep an eye out to notice signs of negative energy in a house.

These are as follows :

1. You witness stagnation concerning business, growth, relationships, education etc. Precisely you can identify that opportunities seldom arrive at your doorstep or sometimes touch you only to leave later.

2. There seems to be a constant, unpleasant chatter in the living space and around it, be it people bickering, criticising, complaining or even lamenting. These are typical signs of misery and its whereabouts.

3. You and your loved ones often sense a tendency of suffocation at home. It could be due to a crowded setup, concentrated dirt and dust in certain areas of the house and most importantly due to an irregular flux of energy. Places having a suffocating aura are sensitively inferred by asthmatic patients who generally have an immediate reaction to it. Too much dust instantly causes allergic aversions.

How to Get Rid of Negative Energy from Home?

Positive Vibes at Home

Clearing negative energy from a house has both tangible and intangible ways to go about it. This is the sort of task you must undertake as part of a routine and not when you notice terrible signs overtaking your family’s well-being. Accommodating these simple steps into a regularised schedule or performing them once in a while would not only prevent accumulation but also sensitize your children and loved ones towards a holistic existence.

These are the few fascinating yet simple ways for getting rid of negative energy in your home :

1. De-clutter space

If you have inhabited your house for long and have areas that you rarely visit, areas that may have gathered dust and unused articles/furniture, it is high time you cleared that up. Blocked spaces directly correlate to blocked energy. With no space to move or breathe, positivity is bound to be sucked out of your living space. So get up and get out with a bunch of brooms, mops, paint. Clear the area, throw out unused/rarely used articles and if a renovation seems to lie beyond budget, then go all out on a cleanliness frenzy and splash some bright, new paint onto the walls yourself. This will drastically impact the vibe of your house.

2. Do a Religious Purification Ceremony

Try taking the mystical, eastern way of going about things. Once you’re done clearing the mess and dirt, conduct a religious ceremony. They call it havan which is performed by a pious guru called pandit. If this beyond your reach, perform any ceremony pertaining to your faith and belief system. This generally impacts the mindset of the family members involved.

3. Place a Water Bowl in the Room

If you have a new space that you have recently moved into or are planning to move into then fill a large, glass bowl with water to delicately place in your rooms. Water is a natural purifier. It works magically in absorbing all the existing energy of the previous inhabitants and their states of mind. Just like charcoal, water purifies any space it is placed into. After that, you are also set to live in a new place in the real sense of the term with no past biases and energies.

4. Place Salt in Affected Areas

Do you want to clear the negative energy from a specific object or room? Using some sea salt or even common salt would be of great help. Sprinkle some salt in affected areas or articles. Salt instantly absorbs negative energy from both substances and people. Haven’t you heard of bathing salts? And you thought it was all a commercialisation strategy.

5. Use Sage Smudge Sticks

If you need to eradicate negative energy from your space right away – buy some white sage smudge sticks right away and burn them at home to give you an instantly uplifting sensation.

6. Burn Some Incense

In Indian households, it is a regular custom to burn some incense sticks after performing what they call, puja. Puja is an activity of recalling and paying regards to our gods/goddesses for our well-being, peace and harmony. This activity generally concludes with the lighting of incense sticks around the home. The sweetly scented sticks not only induce pleasant sensations in our minds but also brighten every nook and cranny of the house with their far-reaching positive vibrations.

7. Grow Plants

Greenery never harmed a soul. Bringing nature into our lives and therefore into our very homes, is the most peaceful and satisfying job you can do to raise the vibrations of your home. Set up a tiny garden or even a bunch of plants in your balcony and watch the magic unfold as plants purify the very oxygen at home.

8. Display Sacred Words

Some words and letters of a particular origin have strong, uplifting and sometimes even life-altering vibrations. These words if chanted systematically, written or painted in any form at home will create powerful vibrations of their own that will not only eliminate the existing negative vibe but also draw in the positive. These are words like “Om” and a few sacred Chinese symbols and the symbols from the feng shui.

9. Make It Vaastu Compliant

Rearranging your furniture as per Vastu Shastra also helps in attracting great vibrations into your home. There are some great books online that you can refer or even call upon a Vastu expert to your place.

10. Play Soothing Music or Chants

Playing serene music and high vibration chants can surprisingly turn around the mood of the place.

11. Use Essential Oils

Did you know? Essential oils have the power to take all your pains away and imbibe positive spirit. Creating a home-made room spray with essential oils like lavender can be of great appeal and benefit. This can be sprayed on people as well to bring about gratifying harmony.

12. Let the Breeze In

The generic and basic rules of well-being remain. Do let in some pleasant breeze and sunshine through your windows and doors. Ventilation is crucial.

13. Use Dispelling Negativity Crystals

Black tourmaline happens to be a useful crystal to protect your home and to annihilate negative energies. Place this crystal in spaces around your home and make it a sacred hub of prosperity.

14. Water and Salt

Placing a bucket of water and smearing salt at your entrance will disallow inappropriate vibrations and energies from entering.

These are few of the many ways of dealing with negativity at home. They are effective, necessary yet basic. Simplicity can often be overwhelming.

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