Improving Reasoning and Thinking Ability in Children

Reasoning Skills in Young Toddlers

Developing reasoning skills in toddlers is crucial to a child’s early learning. The better kids learn to reason, the better they’ll be able to apply critical thinking when necessary. There are many things parents can do to develop this important skill.

Logic and reasoning are the ability to think through problems and apply strategies to solve them. These skills are an essential part of a child’s development and early learning. They act like a foundation for their competence and also affect their success in academics. Along with other important skills like motor skills, reasoning should be encouraged from an early age.

What Are Reasoning Skills In Young Toddlers?

Critical thinking includes a number of different skills that helps adults learn and make decisions. It’s also the ability to evaluate day-to-day information along with determining if it’s right or wrong. Thinking and reasoning skills are also demonstrated in toddlers. For example, if you give your 2-year-old a spoon and a chocolate, he’ll almost definitely eat the chocolate and not the spoon! However, you can still play a role in developing your child’s reasoning skills early on.

How To Develop Reasoning Skills In Children From An Early Age

  • Read to your child more frequently. Reading makes a big difference in how young toddlers think and perceive the world round them. It also helps them learn about various objects like cars, fruits and blocks. Reading also makes them more creative and open-minded.
  • Play matching and sorting games with coloured balls, cards and toys. They’ll also keep your child busy when you need to do your chores!
  • Try not to answer your tot’s questions right away. Give him time to think about it on his own. You can also make a fun game out of this. If he answers the question correctly, give him a little incentive like a toffee or an extra story at bedtime. This will increase the chances of improving reasoning ability in toddlers exponentially.
  • Keep an eye on your child to see what he likes and observe what he does. In this way, you will be able to know him better and help build his reasoning skills.
  • You can use everyday routines to make him observe patterns, such as when lunch time is, who the guests are that you’ve called over, and what to do when there’s no electricity.
  • Help your child to grasp the working of time since the very beginning. Teach him about special days like birthdays, and how story-telling time comes after dinner and before bed.

When teaching reasoning skills to toddlers, urge your little one to be just and fair, and to think in the right direction. All most children need is the right nudge to start thinking in the right way. Build a strong foundation of reasoning skills in your child’s development and see how he grasps everything so quickly. Even a 15-month-old baby is capable of choosing the playing blocks he likes, which means he has a capacity for logical thinking. So, start interacting with your toddler from the time he’s a few months old. You’ll both be rewarded with smarter thought processes!

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