5 Simple Ways to Achieve an Orgasm Easily

Reach the Big O With These 5 Sexy Ideas!

Who doesn’t love great sex? Sadly though, sex often takes a back-seat in busy lives packed with work and raising children. The good news is that some orgasm-enhancing tips can make sex fun again and climaxing much easier!

Sexual pleasure is an awesome way to unburden yourself from stress. It’s not only a physical act but according to some, even a route to spiritual awakening. But what if reaching an orgasm continues to be tricky and elusive?

How to Achieve Climax More Easily

1. Set the Mood

For this sensuous act, play with your senses. Keep the ambience of your bedroom a little dark with some yellow light. You can turn on a lamp or two and use aromatic candles; experiment all you like. Choose a sexy dress to make the atmosphere even more charged. While you’re at it, also slip on raunchy lingerie. You’ll turn yourself and your partner on!

2. Don’t Suppress Your Desires

To climax, it is important that you guide your husband with the ways to help you achieve the big O. While some women find clitoral stimulation helpful as the area is packed with nerve endings, only you can say what works best for you. And oh, please forget about the things you need to do tomorrow or the pile of dishes waiting for you at the sink. They can all wait.

3. Try New Positions

The missionary position or woman on top are now passé! Why not try something new? Spooning can be so sexy as can standing up and doggy style. There are many, many positions to try. All you have to do is experiment till you find one that helps you climax easily. Your husband will probably have a few suggestions too.

Try new positions

4. Relaxing Leads to an Easier Orgasm

If you have a million and one things on your mind, you’ll never be able to give yourself fully to the act. Try to get through most of your chores first and then plan your night of nookie. Or, make love in the morning before you start the day. This is one orgasm-enhancing tip that is all about de-stressing so cuddle, kiss and hug all you want!

5. Take Helpful Advice

If you still find it tough to climax, seek the advice of your doctor or speak to a friend. They can suggest tips to reach the big O. If you have ensured you are getting enough foreplay and have also tried ideas like role-playing in vain, you could have a health or stress-related problem. Don’t hesitate to seek help as these glitches may seem scary but are common and often curable.

While having sex, be in sync with your partner. Stay in the zone no matter how many things there are to do; if you don’t free your mind, you’ll never be able to achieve an orgasm. When you are relaxed, lovemaking can become something you just can’t get enough of!

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