Curvy Plus-size Women Quotes That Will Make You Love Your Curves

Quotes by Plus-sized Models That Will Make you Fall in LOVE with Yourself!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years you’d know that the terms “ plus size” and “curvy” are flooding up our feeds. Ladies with lumps, rejoice! The fashion industry is FINALLY ready to accept diversity in size, shape, colour and aesthetic!

While we’re getting more accepting of other’s bodies, we still sometimes are ruthless with our own, don’t you think? Those rolls that look sexy on another woman, look ghastly when they hang out of our jeans. It’s a struggle and we’re going to show you that it is a struggle you aren’t fighting alone! Skinny girls, small girls, fit girls, big girls, young girls and old all fight the same battle. Some, however, are so good at shutting up those voices inside and really owning their sexiness!

Let’s look at what some of these gorgeous curvy girls have to say about being big and beautiful in an industry that has always told us that the only way to go is to get rid of fat, one way or another.

6 Plus-sized Models That Will Make You Feel Like The Goddess You Are!

1. Tess Munster

“ Fat is a trigger word. But if you use it often enough, it simply describes another one of your qualities. I think what helps me is taking the hurt out of the word. In the beginning I called myself curvy and all bodies have curves. So I would always myself curvy and get upset when people called me fat. Owning it gives me strength: yeah, I’m fat—but I’m also all the good things that I am.”

Preach it, girl!

2. Ashley Graham

You cannot have a list of bold, big, confident woman and not have Ashley Graham on it. This girl is confidence goals, sexy goals, fierce goals and we have only heart eyes and thumbs up for what she has done for women everywhere! “As women, we immerse ourselves in ‘self-improvements,’ which becomes an endless pursuit to renovate our bodies. We are told that thick hair is beautiful, yet thick thighs won’t get you a boyfriend. That full lips are sexy, yet full arms should be covered and hidden away. But in reality, a lot of us actually like ourselves as we are!” “I felt free when I realised I was never going to fit the narrow mould society wanted me to fit in”

Ashley Graham

3. Denise Bidot

We’ve been following Denise for a while now and all we have to say is MEOW! Apart from being sizzling, we love how Denise is so real!

“All I can say is that the only person that can stop you from achieving your goals is yourself. If you believe, then everyone else will too. Be proud of who you are and don’t change for anyone.” WORD.

4. Megan Jayne Crabbe

This Instagram celebrity has gone from battling eating disorders to accepting her body in every phase. Megan’s pictures ooze of all things happy, confident and girl and we LOVE that her hair matches her colourful personality!

“You do not have to spend your life chasing weight loss. You do not have to punish yourself smaller. You do not have to put your life on hold until you can look in the mirror and see a body that you believe is worthy of being out in the world. You have ALWAYS been worthy of that. And you always will be, whether you’re smaller, larger, or exactly as you are.

So for anyone who needs it, this is for you: stop hiding your body away from the light. Go let yourself grow in all of your beautiful ways. I’ll be making up for lost time and growing right beside you, and accepting my body unconditionally throughout it all.”

5. Liza Bhojwani

There was a time when Liza used to survive on only 500 Calories a day! She was told she could never have washboard abs because of her naturally wide body. But she worked out and dieted to achieve her 6-pack abs to prove them wrong only to find that she wasn’t happy or fulfilled when she got there. She was so hungry she would chew 3 packets of fruity gum to trick herself into feeling like she was eating something yummy without cheating on her diet! Things changed when Liza began accepting her natural body and those curves are to die for!

“I Remember all the rules I used to have about weight myself. It Had to happen every single morning, right when I woke up, before I ate, after I went to the bathroom, and without any water in me. There is nothing in life than being free from my own obsession and oppression.” Feels all to real, doesn’t it ladies?

“38-31-43… These numbers would have given me a heart attack a couple of years ago but now, I’ nothing but happy with them. Love your body and treat it with respect.”

I’m tired of competing with other women. I’m tired of the “perfect” body types. I’m sick of women like me feeling like shit about themselves because we “don’t have curves in the right places”. Who the F*** has decided what “curves in the right places” even means. It’s hard to be body positive sometimes, because I feel that there is still “ideal body type” pressure. We don’t leave much space for all the women who fall somewhere in between. The women who feel they have no place because they are neither here nor there. The women who may have thin legs, wide butts, thick stomachs, broad shoulders, and smaller boobs but are still the largest size in everything if not more. NEWSFLASH: Body positivity is not about being the curviest vixen in the world, it is about loving your body, your self and all of your flaws. It is NOT size/curve placement specific. We ALL deserve to be body positive. All of our different body types deserve respect and recognition. Please stop making moulds for us to fit into, in a world (the body positive one) where we are meant to feel safe and secure!!

6. Robyn Lawley

“The last thing I would want for my future daughter would be to starve herself because she thought a thigh gap was necessary to be deemed attractive”. And don’t we all feel that way about our kids? Happiness and acceptance is so much more important than spending all your time trying to squeeze your body into some mould that was created.

“The truth is I couldn’t care less about needing a supposed ‘thigh gap;. It’s just another tool of manipulation that other people are trying to use to keep me from loving my body. Why would I want to starve and weaken my natural body size? I’m not saying women who have it naturally are unattractive. But I would have to change my entire frame just to achieve something that seems so trivial.”

We’re not sure how long it took for some of these women to get where they are but what’s important is that they did and they are here to help other women fall in love with themselves. To look in the mirror and see “different” as beautiful doesn’t always happen overnight but it happens if you try.

So here’s our Guide to Owning Your Body- even on down days!

  1. Tell yourself “ I love you!” and mean it!
  2. Dance naked when you get the chance or just turn up the volume of your favourite song and dance, naked or not!
  3. Wear whatever you want to- don’t wait for the “right body”. Your body is already “right”
  4. Eat healthy and exercise because endorphin’s make you happy and happy people love themselves more!
  5. Stand up straight, the world needs to see you in all your glory!
  6. EAT THAT CAKE! It’s not worth being miserable about.

And that is how your “body inspo” turns into your own. And when this happens all of those curves, lumps, bumps, colours, marks and stripes start to magically turn into works of art. This is also when you will naturally want to do all it takes to keep your body healthy because what we love, we want to cherish for as long as we can, right? And because we love Ashley Graham as much as we do let’s end with a quote that will make you love your curves if you don’t already!

“I know my curves are sexy and I want everyone else to know theirs are too. There is no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt!”

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