Health Benefits of Natural Probiotic Foods

Pro or Against Probiotics? Here’s What your Body Thinks

Wondering what are probiotics? They are live microorganisms found in some foods and supplements that provide you a host of health benefits. This bacteria has been scientifically proven to ward off infections and work wonders for your digestion!

Often referred to as good bacteria, probiotics help your body absorb essential vitamins and minerals by breaking down the food in your digestive tract. In doing so, they boost your immune system and contribute towards your overall health.

The Healing Benefits of Probiotics

1. Combats digestive issues

If you are plagued with diarrhea or a gastrointestinal disorder, your doctor may prescribe probiotics to repopulate the digestive tract with healthy bacteria. This aids digestion and helps in nutrient absorption. It’s especially recommended if you are suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Probiotic bacteria greatly alleviate IBS symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating, constipation and cramps that can otherwise be very frustrating.

2. Protects against urinary infection

While antibiotics help treat urinary and vaginal infections found in women, probiotics are one step ahead – they help prevent such infections! Regular consumption of probiotics has been found to prevent bad bacteria from invading the urinary tract. If you are susceptible to such infections, you should consider incorporating probiotics in your daily food intake.

3. Increases brain function

Of the many advantages of probiotics, yoghurt lovers will be happy to know that regular consumption of yoghurt containing probiotics can help improve brain function. According to research findings, while you may be gorging on yoghurt for calcium or just for the love of it, you could actually be protecting your brain from anxiety and depression related disorders.

4. Tackles obesity

What does probiotic bacteria do for your body? Quit asking this if struggling with obesity and weight gain! Weight problems stem from an unhealthy digestive tract which is in turn due to the presence of more bad bacteria than good. The key, therefore, is to maintain a gut with healthy bacteria to aid in digestion and help you shed those extra pounds. Try consuming different types of probiotics to help you with this.

5. Reduces the risk of allergies

An unhealthy gastrointestinal tract can give rise to a number of immune-related diseases. If you are pregnant, you are much more vulnerable to allergens and you may even expose your baby to allergies and childhood eczema! Your doctor may advise you to turn to probiotics during pregnancy to reduce these risks for you and your little one.

How good or bad a digestive tract you have will reflect on your overall health. A healthy gut will help keep your body in shape and your mind healthy. Eat fermented milk products such as yoghurt, lassi, kefir and fermented vegetables like kale, sauerkraut and celery to encourage the growth of good bacteria. Try and build in this list of natural probiotic foods in your meals and reap the health benefits of taking probiotics.

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