Pregnant Belly Pictures Week By Week

“Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be” – Carrie Fisher, on being pregnant and wondering about her soon-to-arrive baby.


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences in the life of a woman. It is a unique and special bond of love that starts even before the baby is born will only grow as time passes by. Parents-to-be are anxious to welcome their bundle of joy. As the baby bump keeps growing week-on-week, you might wonder what changes lie ahead and seek information to prepare for them. Other than personal experiences and medical information, pregnant belly photos of other moms-to-be can help you gauge the progress of your own growth. In this article, you’ll find pictures of pregnant belly week by week to help you compare and be prepared for the coming months.

When Will Your Pregnant Belly Start To Show?

Isn’t it exciting to know when you will actually start showing your precious little bump? Well, for most women, they start showing at around 16-20 weeks of gestation. However, this depends from woman to woman and for some, their bump may not be noticeable until the end of the second trimester and even into the third trimester. A lot of woman start showing sooner during their second pregnancies. 


Pregnant Belly Images Week-By-Week

Celebrate your baby bump love as you scroll down these pictures that help you know the week-by-week progress of a pregnancy. Every baby is unique, and so is the pregnancy bump. A mini bump that barely shows signs of pregnancy in the first trimester will eventually grow to the size of a large watermelon or pumpkin as the pregnancy progresses. These images range from super small baby bumps to plus-size pregnancy belly bump pictures showing the week-by-week pregnancy development. Flaunt your baby bump in style in ‘belfies’ or bump selfies. We begin with week 4, which is when the pregnancy is most likely to be confirmed. Although there may not be a visible baby bump, it is the time when the changes in the body can be experienced.

4 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Life has just begun. The cells are multiplying.


5 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

The little one is as tiny as an apple seed.


6 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Baby is now as big as a blueberry.


7 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Baby has grown to the size of a raspberry.


8 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Baby now resembles a kidney bean.


9 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Baby is now like a jiggly jelly bean, but the belly still doesn’t show a bump. 

10 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

So far, there are not many physical changes visible to others. However, your baby is growing and at week 10, and measures about an inch-and-a-half, and is probably the size of a prune. Your belly still won’t show a bump.


11 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Now the baby is the size of a little lime. A little bit of the bump will also be visible this week, but it can be concealed with proper clothing.

12 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Ok. Now the baby bump is visible. Make way, please!


13 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Mommy is now eating for two or probably three. Never mind, one more ice cream, please!

14 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

The second trimester is here. The baby is as big as a peach.


15 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Morning sickness could last all day! And the little one is still the size of a peach.

16 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Can’t stop touching my tummy! The baby is growing, and the bump is further visible as the uterus is growing, too. 


17 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

The bellow at week 17 is usually as big as a pomegranate. Mama is still tired and needs to pee often as the baby grows!

18 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

It’s time to shop for new clothes. My baby needs room for growth! In week 18, the baby is as long as a cucumber and expands the uterus to approximately the size of a sweet potato.

19 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Visibly pregnant, your belly would be as big as a mango. People start noticing the bump, so don’t be surprised when they started offering a seat on the bus!

20 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Almost halfway through. See you soon, my little one! At week 20, the baby measures about 22 centimetres. As pregnancy progresses, your weight and belly will grow in size.


21 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

The baby is now the size of a burger. Now, get me some fries with extra mayonnaise!

22 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Mommy’s loving all the attention! The baby continues growing at week 22, and so does the belly, but the size remains almost as big as it was in week 20 or 21.


23 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Mommy can feel the tummy stretching. The belly also measures about 21 to 25 centimetres from the top of the uterus to the public bone. A little more belly is visible as the pregnancy weight also increases.

24 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Cannot fit in my denims. Is it ok to be all day in my PJ’s? Yes, it is, because your baby is now roughly the size of a cantaloupe.


25 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

And the stretch marks are growing. Just like my baby. As the bump grows further, you could also experience back pain due to the bump.

26 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Clothes! Mommy needs new clothes. We are nearing the third trimester. The baby is approximately 14 inches.

27 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

The skin is glowing, and mommy is waiting for her little one’s arrival. The belly won’t appear much bigger than what it was in the 26th week.

28 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

The tummy looks like a melon. A large melon! The belly also hangs down as the baby is now preparing to enter the world.


29 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Baby’s kicking up a storm inside, and the belly button pops out as the baby has now grown about 16 inches long.  

30 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

The nursery is ready. Should I paint it blue or pink? It’s time to pace work on the child’s nursery, but with caution. Your belly measures 28 to 32 centimetres and needs you to slow down to avoid accidents.


31 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

The scan shows baby as big as asparagus (a little over 16 inches). Wonder why mommy is getting so big!

32 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Feels like carrying a watermelon! The belly now hangs a little lower, and the size is substantially bigger than the past few weeks (32 to 34 centimetres).


33 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Baby is now as big as a Napa cabbage. Mommy’s tummy is much bigger, too!

34 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Hey, bestie! Can we please go shopping for bigger clothes? That’s because the expectant mother’s belly now measures 32 to 36 centimetres.


35 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

The baby is now as big as butternut squash!

36 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Need to rub my belly with some almond oil. It is stretched and itchy! The baby is now approximately 19 inches long.

37 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Yay! I can’t stop clicking pictures of my journey to motherhood. The belly won’t seem any bigger now, because the baby is preparing to enter the world.

38 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Baby’s coming anytime now! The baby is approximately 35 centimetres and weighs roughly 3.3 kilograms.

39 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

We are closer. Hope I reach the delivery room on time! The baby’s weight has increased a bit (approximately 3.6 kilograms) and measures about 21 inches long.

40 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

Waiting to hold you in my arms! The baby is now about 22 inches long.

Mommy-to-be will feel the stomach tightening as early as the first trimester when the uterus starts expanding. The baby bump will start to show from 12th to 16th week of pregnancy. As the baby develops, it needs more space in the belly. The skin around your stomach will stretch to accommodate the little one.

How Can You Love Your Pregnant Belly?

There are many ways you can show your love to your pregnant belly and the baby growing on the other side. It may be difficult to accept your growing size but remember that you are bringing life into this world! Here are some ways you can show your love to your growing belly:

  • Massage your baby bump
  • Try out an aqua natal class or go swimming
  • Try out yoga
  • Practice hypnobirthing
  • Keep a picture of your baby’s scan nearby
  • Take pics of your pregnant belly

The size of the baby bump depends on many parameters like height and build of the mother, the development of the baby, multiple fetuses, etc. Although in the article above, we have mentioned the approximate weight and size at certain weeks, your baby may not weigh or measure as much, but still, be healthy. You must get all your checkups on time to confirm your little one is doing absolutely fine inside your womb. Then all you have to do is enjoy each phase as you are greeted with smiling faces and priority treatment. Click a lot of pictures of your journey towards motherhood, too, and share them with your loved ones and other mommies to be.

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