Way to Strengthen Relationship Post Sex

Post-Nooky Snuggle Sessions Essential to Strengthen Relationships

Sexual relationships and compatibility quotients can be greatly heightened by indulging in cuddling after sex. It aids the release of the hormone oxytocin that makes you feel good. The next time you’re making love, indulge in a little snuggling and see the bond between you and hubby strengthen.

According to experts, post-nooky snuggling is a good way of improving your relationship. If your hubby’s the type of person who prefers to sleep after sex, you have a good reason to keep him awake! Find out how and why snuggling after lovemaking can help.

Post Coital Cuddle and Why You Should Do it

1. What Do Studies Say?

According to a study in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, “kissing, caressing, and loving talk” post-intercourse, are all linked to healthier relationships. It’s said that the bonding hormone oxytocin is probably what drives this phenomenon. It’s no wonder then that oxytocin is often referred to as the love hormone. In fact, it’s released as an after-effect of getting intimate and is known to increase attachment.

2. Communicating Nonverbally is Important

What is post coital closeness? What does it do for you and yours? Post coital refers to after sex and the closeness you share whether for minutes, half an hour or more impacts your marital bond. If you’re looking for the best ways to strengthen your relationship post-sex, don’t get up and get going; remain physically close to him to encourage nonverbal communication. Along with helping you relax and even inhibiting lingering sensations of pain, this closeness helps in reinforcing that you’re totally committed to your partner.

3. Cuddling Equals Sex Satisfaction

It’s not just a better emotional connection that you build by cuddling after sex. In a study conducted by the University of Toronto Mississauga, people who insist on snuggling post-sex reported higher satisfaction with their sex lives. It’s not only because of all the lovemaking, but also because they took time out to get closer on another level.

Cuddling equals sex satisfaction

4. It Improves Your Immune System

Oxytocin in women and men goes beyond being a love hormone; it’s also responsible for boosting your immune system. Along with giving you a feel good factor that promotes better health, you could also be less irritable and all geared up to enjoy lovemaking all over again. So, in a way, if you happen to be frequently sick, maybe there isn’t enough cuddling in your life!

5. Post Coital Cuddle Lowers The Risks of Cardiac Diseases

When talking about how cuddling lowers the risk of heart diseases, we refer to all those factors that directly or indirectly contribute to causing heart problems. Think stress, anxiety, high blood pressure–things that we’re so used to but are indicators of poor health. Since more cuddling makes you happy, you could begin dealing with the issues in your life in a more positive way. Nervous about an upcoming presentation? Make love and snuggle. Having financial troubles? Make love and snuggle. It may not bring you money but it sure will lift your mood.

Post-nooky cuddling sessions are indeed essential, especially if you’re looking towards strengthening your relationship and having satisfying sexual experiences. Remember, the physical effects of cuddling can be amazing and the emotional benefits even more so. The next time you’re feeling stressed out, just go ahead and snuggle!

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