10 Best Pop Songs for Children

Popular Pop Songs for Kids

Children love songs and even if they cannot relate to the lyrics, they would still listen to the song for its melodic hook, beats, and the chord progressions. If you are looking for some pop music for kids with child-appropriate lyrics, check out the following collection!

Well-Known Pop Songs for Children

Switch to mainstream tunes with clean lyrics, with some of the best pop songs that kids will love!

1. “Happy”- Pharrell Williams

About the Song:

Just like the title suggests, the happy tune of this song will get you and your family dancing crazily around the room. Moreover, if your children love the minions from the Despicable Me movie, then they would definitely love to watch the official video and dance around the house!

2. “Count on Me”- Bruno Mars

About the Song:

While Bruno Mars is not popular for children-appropriate songs, this one is definitely an exception because it is about friendship and counting on the people you love.

3. “Firework”- Katy Perry

About the Song:

The song sends a beautiful message reminding everybody about how special they are and how they should throw away their insecurities. This is a wonderful, kid-friendly pop song.

4. “Brave”- Sara Bareilles

About the Song:

The song “Brave” is all about courage and how we should learn to speak up about everything instead of bottling up all our sorrow and anger. It really sends an empowering and a wonderful message and, no matter how old you are, you will definitely enjoy the song.

5. “Can’t Stop the Feeling”- Justin Timberlake

About the Song:

This song was recorded for the animated movie “Trolls” and is one of the best Justin Timberlake songs of all time. Moreover, it was the best-selling song in 2016 and is definitely worth making your children listen to.

6. “Fireflies”- Owl City

About the Song:

While a lot of songs out there are about overcoming obstacles, empowerment, or simply being there for each other, ‘Fireflies’ is a bit different. It is a simple, fun song complete with dream-like images, making it worth listening to while watching the video.

7. “Thunder” — Imagine Dragons

About the Song:

This upbeat and invigorating song will inspire both kids and adults. The lyrics are all about shattering people’s expectations and achieving goals. Kids may not like the official video, but you can show them the lyrical video below which has beautiful illustrations.

8. “Airplanes”- B.o.B (Featuring Hayley Williams)

About the Song:

Even if your children are too little to understand the rap in a few verses, they will definitely love the tune and the main chorus of the song. This is a wonderful pop song appropriate for school-age kids.


9. “What Makes You Beautiful”- One Direction

About the Song:

Every family must definitely have at least one enthusiastic teenager who would love this ever-popular song of One Direction. Once this beautiful song is hitting the speakers of your party, you are sure to hear some excited squeals from your guests!

10. “Fight Song”- Rachel Platten

About the Song:

The theme of the song is about getting through the times you feel small and lost. It also has a wonderful tune and no matter how old your children are, they would love it.

Finding the right type of pop for kids can sometimes be challenging, as they may not have age-appropriate lyrics. However, there are some songs that kids can listen to and enjoy, without any fear. With this collection, your kids are sure to have a fun time!

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