Popular Italian Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

Italian culture, especially the sculptures and medieval art forms like painting and literature, is prominent in world history. Similarly, Italy has offered some of the best art pieces that still caries value to the modern-day millennium. Italy has one of the world’s oldest cultures tracing its significance from the Roman Empire. In modern-day Italy, names have thoughtful meanings like describing the will, power, and strength of Roman gods like Hercules. But, most names in Italy have values from elements of this universe like Celestial bodies and popular stars.


Naming Tradition in Italian Culture

Since human civilization, naming a person or thing has been a popular social convention. In modern-day Italy, Names consist of Nome (The first Name) followed by Cognome (The Surname), which is different from the Ancient Roman Naming Convention wherein a three-worded name was followed, nome followed by Cognome, and a hereditary name in any order.


Over time, naming a baby has become an essential part of parenthood. As a result, we put a lot of thought into names. After all, it will be what they will be called for in their life. So, In this article, we’ll discuss a few of the most popular baby names and their thoughtful meaning, especially those originating from Italy.


Popular Italy Baby Names for Boys

Modern-day Italian baby boy names now usually have two words having a given name followed by a surname, unlike three-word names in the ancient roman culture like Leonardo da Vinci. Here are some of the most popular boys’ names that You could find with strong meaning for your little loved one. 

1. Amadeo

Drive from the Latin word Amadeus meaning “love to god/loves god.”


2. Alphons

A germanic origin meaning “Noble Brave,” “Ready for battle.”


3. Bevenuto

It is a very popular name in Italy, meaning “Welcome” especially became quite popular owing to Laura Pausini’s 2011 song titled the same.


4. Baccio

It means an act of kissing.

5. Calcedonio

Calcedonio is an Italian given name, and notable people with the word are Italian Mafiosi.


6. Cirillo

It is the Italian form of the name “Cyril” and derived from the ancient Greek word “Kyrillos,” which means “Lordly, masterful.”

7. Derek

Ruler of people or Nation


8. Daniele

Daniele resembles from English name “Daniel.” It means “god is my judge.”

9. Elladio

Elladio means “One from Hellas or Greece.”


10. Ecca

It is a popular Italian name that means “only one”; “born to help others.”

11. Fiorenzo

It is an Italian given name meaning “Florent/Flowering” and nicked as “Enzo” sometimes.


12. Furio

An Italian origin name means “To be Furious.”

13. Galasso

It is an Italian surname and a given name as well. Notable people with the name are Galasso I Pio and Galasso Galassi.


14. Gastone

Gastone is a trendy name during the mid-20th century. Notable peoples are Gastone Moschin, an Italian actor, and Gastone Dare, an Italian fencer. It means “Gastony.”

15. Geppetto

Geppetto is the creator of Pinocchio in the novel 1883, and in many subsequent films, the name earned popularity from these cultural impacts.


16. Guarino

Guarino is an Italian name meaning “to guard.”


17. Ippolito

It is the Italian form of the name of the saint “Hippolytus of Rome.”

18. Isidro

The meaning of Isidro means “gift of Isis,” This beautiful name could be a perfect fit for your adventurous little one. 

19. Lacopo

It is a given Italian name, an Italian variation of Giacomo, and also it may refer to the Lacopo empire. 


20. Ippazio

It is an Italian given name and drives from Ancient Greek, meaning “at the top, highest, best, the supreme one, eminent.”

21. Liberato

Liberto is a personal name and surname, an Italian variant of the Latin name “Liberatus” that means free man, referring to an enslaved person who was freed, described as “One who gets freedom.”


22. Livio

Livio means “envious,” It is the Italian version of the ancient roman Livius, with an inevitable meaning that is quite popular in France

23. Marcantonio

It means he-man, hulk of a man.


24. Manilo

It is an Italian and Spanish name derived from the Roman family name “Manlius” and has meaning from the Latin word mane, which is morning.

25. Vitorrio

It means victorious.

Popular Italian Baby Names for Girls

Are you looking for cute names for your little girl? Well, this is the right place to pick from. Whether you have a keen interest in Italian culture or have a past heritage, the names listed below range from the ancient Roman empire to modern-day Italian literature, you can find thoughtful Italian names for baby girls from here.

1. Adelasia

Adelasia is an Italian girl, and the meaning of this name is “noble and serena.”


2. Adamo

It is an Italian name meaning “earth.” 

3. Antonina

Antonina is a trendy name in the European sub-continent used in many western countries like Antonia in Israel, Vietnam, and Bulgaria, meaning “Praiseworthy.” It also means priceless.

4. Bridgetta

Bridgetta is the Italian version of the Irish name “Bridget,” which means “Being Strong.”

5. Catiuscia

It is not a very popular Italian name but has notable people who used it, like Catiuscia Marini, an Italian politician who served as President of Umbria from 2010 to 2019.

6. Costanza

The name Constanza is a girl’s name of Spanish origin, meaning “Constant, unchanging.”

7. Diletta

Diletta is an Italian name that means “beloved.”

8. Evangelista

It is an Italian name meaning “Bringer of Good News.”

9. Fabrizia

A woman who works with hand

10. Fortunata

It is an Italian girl’s name celebrated every year on the 14th of October in the memory of Fortunata, a 4th-century Christian martyr in Caesarea. The Roman Catholic church recognizes nineteen saints and saints bearing the name Fortunato and Fortunata. It means luck, fate, and wealth.

11. Gigliola

Gigliola derives its meaning from the Italian word “Giglio” which means young goat. 

12. Greca

It derives from the Latin “Graeca,” which operated as an ethnonym for someone of Greek ethnicity or born in Greece. In modern-day, It is most commonly used in Sardinia and specifically the Cagliari region due to the cult of Saint Greca.

13. Imelda

Imelda is a feminine Italian and Spanish name derived from the German form of Child, which refers to the Germanic deity Irmin, “Irman’s fighter, warrior woman.”

14. Ippolita

Ippolita is a feminine name related to Hippolyte. Hippolyte was believed to be the Amazonian queen in German mythology. 

15. Irene

Irene, in Greek mythology, is believed to be the goddess of peace.

16. Irma

It is derived from the German word “Irm,” meaning world, universal.

17. Lisa

It is short of Elisabeth, Melissa meaning God’s Promise

18. Livia

Wife of Augustus and the most powerful woman figure in the early Roman Empire.

19. Loredana

The name first appeared in the 1833 novel Mattea by french author Lucile Aurore Duplin and was later used in my publication. It is believed to be inspired by a real-life Venetian surname Loredan

20. Mirko

Mirko is an Italian name meaning a “peaceful one.”

21. Ninetta

Ninetta is a Spanish and Italian name meaning “Little Girl.”

22. Paoletta

A variation of Paula and Paul meaning “Small.”

23. Pina

Pina means to add or increase. However, Pina is vulgar slang in Hungary.

24. Rossella

A Latin and French origin meaning “rose.”

25. Simonetta

The name Simonetta is a girl’s name of Italian origin, meaning “harkening.”

Gender Neutral Italian Baby Names

Gender Neutral or unisex Italy names have not been so popular but are getting popular among millennials who prefer it. However, we’ve picked a few of your favorite unisex names that will push the boundaries for gender-neutral name trends in Italy and worldwide. 

1. Ambrosi

Ambrosi comes from Ambrogio’s family and is of Italian origin. This name is also related to the Latin “Ambrosia,” which means “Immortal.”

2. Aria

It means a “Melody song” in Italian

3. Andrea

It is a gender-neutral name that resembles “Andrew, Andreas.” It means strong and manly.

4. Diamante

Means diamond

5. Domani

A person looking for tomorrow

6. Essenza

A Latin name meaning “Essence of life.”

7. Felice

In Latin, Felice means happiness

8. Fede

A gender-neutral name means “Having faith.”

9. Flavio

It means blond, yellow.

10. Fiore

Used in ancient poets means “Flower.”

11. Inizio

Meaning Beginning

12. Lana

A surname meaning “Lance.” It also means a wool jacket.

13. Marconi

Marconi is the best-known surname for Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian electrical engineer and inventor credited for the invention of the Radio.

14. Pia

It means pious.

15. Ricci

A man or a woman with curly hair.

16. Luceio

Meaning light and illumination.

17. Lupo

Derive from Latin Lupus meaning “Wolf.”

18. Sevaggio

The Italian name for an unruly or uncouth person also means wild.

19. Valente

Italian and Portuguese nickname means “Brave Valiant.”

20. Verde

An Italian word meaning “Green.”

21. Volpe

It means “Fox” in Italian.

22. Volta

Volta means “Turn” and resembles from English word volatile.

23. Sole

It is an Italian unisex name that has the bright meaning “Sun.”

24. Zelante

Spiritual one. It means zealous too.

25. Zappa

Italian surname Zappa means “Hoe” or “mattock” from Italian Zappa, probably denoting someone who worked in farming.

Finding cute names is something all parents want. So go to the above list and find a great name for your child. 


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