Things you Need to Change in your Home More Often

Please Replace These 5 Household Things Now!

Out with the old and in with the new. Yes, no matter how hard it might be to get rid of things, it’s necessary to do so. There are items you need to replace in your house more often than others. It’s a difficult task, yes, but certainly doable!

Wondering what you need to get rid of to de-clutter your home and give it a fresh zing? Well, a closer look around will help you identify them.

5 Things at Home that Need to be Replaced

1. Broken furniture

An old dining table or chest of drawers that is lying unused in a corner of your home needs to be removed. Give it to charity or sell it in a garage sale. However, if you don’t want to get rid of it because of sentimental reasons, at least make it a point to fix it. Give it some new paint, polish or a dash of colour.

2. Unused linen

Faded linen draped on your bed can be a real eyesore. Take out old linen from the cupboard and get rid of it. Don’t use them to a point that they bring down the entire look of your bedroom. Torn linen is among the many things you need to change in your home now!

3. Dead plants

Plants can make a house look quaint and spacious. However, dead plants can make it look like an unkempt greenhouse. Dead plants will not magically spring back to life with a little water (if only!). Get rid of these in the compost and move on to ‘livelier’ plants.

4. Old technology

If you have blank CDs from when you were a teenager, give them away to your kid for his art project. Defunct tablets and laptops or even MP3 players can be given to charity. Remember this thumb-rule: if it does not serve your purpose, that appliance has no business being at home. Dated technology is definitely among the items you need to replace in your house.

5. Extra cleaning supplies

A cupboard full of extra cleaning supplies can be too much to handle. If you have four toilet cleaning products and use just one of them, give the others away. If you have four packets of washing detergent, combine them in one bottle. There is no use hoarding bottles and cluttering space. You can use the extra space for something more productive – like a larder of cookies for the kids!

Once you’re able to get rid of old and rickety items at home, you can make space for a modern upgrade. The trick is to make a list of things you don’t need. Of course, you could also give some of these items a facelift (like an old cupboard) to avoid spending money on a new one. Good luck!

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