Parents Watch Out! Your Kids Could Be Taking the Dangerous #SkullBreakerChallenge on TikTok!

Parents Watch Out! Your Kids Could Be Taking the Dangerous #SkullBreakerChallenge on TikTok!

TikTok challenges have allured a large number of users all over the world. What started off as a safe platform to lip-sync and dance to short audio clippings, has now become a matrix of challenges with varying levels of risks. One such TikTok challenge that has gone viral recently is the#SkullBreakerChallenge. Yes, it is as dangerous as it sounds!

The first-ever video of the Skull Breaker Challenge was shot and published in Europe not long ago, and it has been doing rounds on the Internet ever since. Several kids who have participated in the challenge have been severely injured.

The accessibility of the TikTok app makes it easier for such videos to trend and reach all parts of the world. So, what this TikTok Challenge exactly? Let’s find out.

What Is TikTok’s Skull Breaker Challenge?

This dangerous yet trending TikTok challenge is played on the one standing in the centre. First, the two participants standing on either side, jump together. Then, the one in the centre jumps, but, the other two kick both his/her legs so that he/she falls on the back. Watch the video below to know how it is done.

Why This Challenge Is a Big Concern for Parents

The Skull Breaker Challenge is a big concern for parents because of several reasons, the most important one being the unsuspecting fall that could lead to grave injuries. The one who’d take the fall may or may not be aware that the challenge is a prank. Either way, the impact and the chances of injuries that the skull breaker challenge may cause cannot be denied.

Also, children might be pursued with a false promise that the challenge is a fun activity or a contest to know who jumps higher.

What is worrisome is that some children may be bullied or forced to participate in the Skull Breaker Challenge. Several cases reported across the world have had teens ending up injured after they were pranked or bullied into the menacing challenge. The trend of tagging friends and family daring them to complete the activity could also lead to more casualties.

As a parent, you need to be aware of the dangers of the Skull Breaker Challenge for kids. Here’s a complete list of injuries that this challenge can cause –

  1. Serious Head Injuries – The sudden fall could lead to bruises or cuts on the head, a fractured skull, internal bleeding, etc.
  2. Back and Spine Injury – The fall could cause injuries to the lower and the upper back. These could include muscle sprains, bruises, swelling, tailbone injury or spinal cord injury.
  3. Neck Sprain/ Neck Strain – The impact of the fall could also sprain the muscles and the ligaments in the neck.
  4. Injuries to the Joints and the Limbs – The fall could lead to shoulder, elbow, and arm injuries too.

All the information may have you worried sick, but there are ways you can keep your kids safe.

What Parents Can Do to Keep Children Safe From Such Social Media Challenges

There haven’t been cases of this TikTok challenge in India yet, but the videos are trending on the social media app and could find their way into our cell phones. Here’s what you can do to keep your children away and safe from such challenges –

  • Find out if your kid has a social media account.
  • If he does, keep an eye on their activities on the account.
  • Keep yourself updated with the trending challenges on social media platforms.
  • Seek other exciting activities your kid can participate in. Most of the times, it’s boredom that leads to kids participating in such social media challenges.
  • If your kid insists on using social media platforms, educate him to help him differentiate between dangerous and safe challenges. Have open conversations with him about these challenges and always encourage him to participate for a good cause.

We hope you find this article helpful. The Skull Breaker Challenge may sound like another trending challenge, but it cannot be ignored for the risks it has for kids. Being approachable and having an open conversation can help you deal with such social media trends and keep your kids safe.

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