Let Your Non Dominant Hand Paint Your Nails Perfectly

Painting Your Other Hand’s Finger Nails Simplified

Smooth and polished nails are a mark of a well-groomed lady. However, it’s easier said than done at home, and rushing to the salon every time is just not practical. Learn how to paint your nails perfectly with your left hand and master the tricks.

Ladies, if your husband helps you paint your nails (even if it’s sloppy), that’s one of the cutest things he could do for you! But, if you have to struggle with painting them yourself, you need to learn some simple techniques to create flawless nails each time.

Unravel The Secret to Painting Nails with Your Non-Dominant Hand

1. First Things First, Prep!

Prepare your nails by trimming them before applying nail polish. Get the paint consistency right. It should neither be too thick nor too runny. Use acetone to thin out paint that’s gone a little thick. Tip: Store nail varnish in a cool and dry place like the fridge to get the consistency right.

2. Try to Keep Your Hands Steady

One way to paint your nails perfectly with your left hand is to keep the right one steady. A shaky hand equals uneven coats of nail polish and unwanted paint on your fingers. Place your hands on a table or a desk instead of the couch to provide a firm base for your nail job.

3. Hold The Brush Properly

Place the brush between your thumb and the side of your index finger. Keep your pinkie straight or slightly curved and tuck your ring finger under the rest of your fingers for a solid grip. Once you put the brush down to paint, move it in a straight line to coat the entire nail evenly.

4. Three Strokes Are All You Need

Run the brush from the left, the right, and finally down the centre. You can also go left, centre, right. The trick to getting the sides properly coated lies in putting a little extra pressure on the brush so that it widens like a fan. Repeat the brush strokes for a second coat and maybe a third to get an awesome finish.

Paint from Pinkie to Thumb

5. Paint from Pinkie to Thumb

Work from your little finger towards your index finger when applying nail polish. Then, turn your hand 90 degrees so that your thumb is placed perpendicular to the edge of the table. Do the same with your other hand and you’re done.

6. Handle Spills Calmly

One tip for painting nails with your left hand is to apply a ring of petroleum jelly around the cuticles. Use a toothpick, an orange stick, or a cotton bud to wipe spilled paint easily. Dip it into remover and run it over the spillage.

7. Practice Your Way to Perfection

Practice painting your nails flawlessly by putting tape around them so that you don’t accidentally paint beyond the edges. Try to focus on getting three even strokes to ace the job. With time, you’ll master the different ways to do your nails at home.

The next time hubby isn’t home and you want to colour your nails, you know what to do. No more running to salons to get perfectly painted nails. Just keep these pointers in mind and you’ll do just fine.

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