Go Beyond Just Communication in Marriage

Only Communicating won’t Save your Relationship: Go Beyond

You fight over the wet towel on the floor and nag him for his untidy cupboard. Sounds familiar? While you may think talking is one of the best ways to save your relationship, it’s sometimes the small non-talkative gestures that fix and deepen your bond.

Ever felt that despite talking out differences after a conflict, you still feel disgruntled as a couple? Is it because you aren’t communicating well or is it something else? Well, the answer is simple. Communication in a marriage alone wouldn’t work if you aren’t doing enough to otherwise make your relationship strong, fulfilling, and gratifying. Find what these non-talkative methods are, which will keep your relationship alive and keep your troubles away.

Connection over Communication to Solve Marriage Problems

1. Come clean

If you’re working on saving a troubled relationship the first step would be to realise with your heart that you’re on the same team. You both want to feel accepted and connected to each other because of the love you share. To do this, you have to feel comfortable enough to share your fears, insecurities and vulnerabilities with each other. Be ready to have a transparent open communication.

2. End the blame game

One of the best ways to save your relationship is to go beyond the blame game and understand why your partner did what he did. Realise the fact that no one is born perfect and no one’s going to be how you want them to be. We’re all born different and we make mistakes. Letting go of the hurt, accommodating your partner’s flaws and forgiving is the key to make a relationship work. If there is love, don’t let a small fight ruin your chances of an otherwise great relationship.

3. Speak to each other

One of the biggest reasons for discontent and frustration in a relationship is the fact that men and women are born emotionally different. While women like their silence to be heard, men respond better to direct requests. How to save your marriage through this confusion? Rather than telling your partner how your best friend’s husband is taking your friend for a holiday, tell him directly you’d like to go on one. Don’t play with words and drop hints. Instead, say what you have to. This way you wouldn’t build imaginary expectations in your head and burden your clueless husband with illogical anger and arguments.

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4. Time’s a great healer

While everyone is looking for quick shortcut answers to every problem when it comes to relationship issues the only thing that works is giving it time. A quick solution would be like sticking a band-aid on a fatal gunshot wound. It might make it look better, but the wound will fester inside. For instance, if you don’t like your partner’s smoking habit, stop the constant bickering and give your spouse time to figure the problem in his head too. Don’t nag, lest you make him lie to you. You don’t want him to be smoking behind your back just to please you, right? In time, he would realise your support and would want to quit to make you and the relationship happy.

5. Keep the touch alive

Sometimes the best way to say “I love you” in spite that fight last night is not a talk on the couch, but a steamy session in bed. Depriving your relationship of sexual intimacy would be doing your relationship more harm than that trivial fight you had over the dinner table. Sex connects your bodies and souls. It makes you overlook the bad times and is a great way to build a relationship. So, if you really want to know how to save a relationship, take the time to make love and not war!

When you entered into the relationship, it was because of the joy and sense of completion that you felt with your partner. Over time, burdened with responsibilities of work and family, both of you could have lost touch with the person you married. You need to take a step back from all the chores and reconnect with each other at all level. While communication in marriage is necessary, connection is paramount!

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