My Experience with Play-Doh Shape-A-Story

My Experience with Play-Doh Shape-A-Story

I am a mom of three-years old, highly curious twins who need something really creative and entertaining to stay engaged. I usually prefer involving them in different age-appropriate activities that ensure both fun and learning. Recently I tried Play-Doh Shape and Learn and found it as quite an interesting way to involve kids in open-ended play.

What I really liked about the Play-Doh is that it is soft, easy to use for the little fingers and all made of safe, non-toxic material. Both Aarav & Aarohi can actually play with it independently after learning once how to roll, flatten and cut using the shape cutters.

The Play-Doh variant that we tried ‘Shape A Story’ also includes two double-sided playmats that allow us to build a story and involve kids in a fun pretend play. It works really well to improve language skills, imagination and creativity in kids. A&A enjoy making their own baby with the doh, and then take him to the garden, put him to sleep, etc using the playmat. And they usually get engrossed for hours while playing with it.

I can easily say that Play-Doh is a highly engaging kit with some versatile activities that guarantee loads of fun to the kids as they learn different concepts and acquire new skills.

Disclaimer: The above blog is a personal experience of a Mom of a 3 yr old Kid. She is an active user of FirstCry Parenting.

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