Mini Kanchipuram Idlis Recipe

South Indian cuisine is known for its sour and spicy combination. If you love idlis, a popular South Indian breakfast, how about you try mini Kanchipuram idlis? These idlis are steam-cooked mini idlis, which are served hot with tasty sambhar and coconut chutney. Mini Kanchipuram idlis taste delicious and can be made easily. They are worth the efforts as your little one will enjoy eating them. The generous amount of spices and ghee is what makes this dish rich and enhances its taste. Its nutrient value makes it a wholesome meal idea for lunch or dinner too. Find out how you can easily make Mini Kanchipuram idlis.


Cooking Time

Type Time (hh:mm:ss)
Preparation Time 00:10:00
Cook Time 00:20:00
Total Time 00:30:00

Cooking Method


Gas Stove, Induction

Type of Meal


Suitable For

Toddlers above 15 months of age

Meal Schedule

Breakfast, lunch or dinner

Recipe Type

Main dish



For the Mini Kanchipuram idlis, you will need:

Type Quantity
Raw rice ¼  cup
Idli rice ¼  cup
Urad dal ½ cup
Salt As per taste

For seasoning

Type Quantity
Mustard seeds ¼  tablespoons
Black peppercorn ¼  tablespoons
Cumin seeds ¼ tablespoons
Urad dal ½  tablespoon
Salt As per taste
Chana dal ½ tablespoon
Ginger ½ inch
Coconut (finely sliced and grated) 3 teaspoons
Cashew nuts (crushed) 2 teaspoon
Green chillies 1
Asafoetida A pinch
Curry leaves ½ teaspoons
Sesame oil 1 tablespoon
Ghee 1 tablespoon


To learn how to make Mini Kanchipuram idlis for babies, just follow this simple step-by-step guide:


For seasoning

  1. Finely chop the ginger and green chillies and keep aside.
  2. Heat a pan and add 1 tablespoon of sesame oil to it.
  3. Now add ¼ tablespoon of mustard seeds in the oil and wait until they splutter. Add in the asafoetida along with urad, chana dal, black peppercorn, cashew nuts, and pieces of coconut.
  4. Roast the mix until it turns golden brown.
  5. You can now add ¼ tablespoon of cumin seeds, grated ginger, curry leaves, and finely chopped green chilli. Roast and turn the heat off and let the mixture cool.
  6. Make this tempering when your fermented batter is ready.

For the mini Kanchipuram idlis


  1. Take idli rice, raw rice, and urad dal in three separate bowls. Wash at least twice and soak them in water for at least 2 hours.
  2. Rinse and drain the water and transfer the contents into a grinder. Now add water and grind to get a thick batter.
  3. Transfer the batter in a bowl. Add salt and mix well.
  4. Let this batter ferment at room temperature for 12 hours or overnight.
  5. Now pour the seasoning over the fermented batter and mix it well.
  6. Grease the mini moulds with ghee. You can use regular idli plates, tumblers, or small bowls.
  7. Fill in the mini moulds with seasoned batter up to the brim. Place them in the pressure cooker for about 10 minutes. Take off the whistle from the lid and steam for about 10 to 12 minutes.
  8. Allow it to cool then remove the idlis from the moulds using a wet spoon. Garnish with ghee and serve hot with coconut chutney and sambar.



The preparation time does not include 12 hours of fermentation time.


Recipe Tips

Follow the below tips to make sure you make tasty Mini Kanchipuram idlis:


  • Make sure the consistency and texture of the batter is similar to that of regular idli batter and not very smooth like of pancake batter.
  • To grease the moulds, you can use ghee or sesame oil. But make sure they are properly greased.
  • Always make sure that the ingredients you are using are already introduced to the baby before, to avoid any allergic reaction.

Nutrition Information (Per 100 Grams)

Type Value
Calories 50 kCal
Carbohydrates 8.2 grams
Protein 93 grams
Fat 12 grams
Fibre 1.2 grams
Vitamin A 10.5 mcg
Folic acid 7 mcg
Calcium 7.6 milligrams
Phosphorus 29.2 milligrams
Potassium 47.7 milligrams

Health Benefits

The ingredients used to make Mini Kanchipuram idlis are very healthy and can offer various health benefits to your baby. Read on to know how these idlis with so many healthy ingredients can be healthy for your little one:


  • Urad dal is rich in magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, and calcium. All these nutrients play an important role in improving the baby’s bone density and overall health.
  • Rice is rich in folic acid, magnesium, as well as vitamin B, which helps the body form new cells.
  • Ghee is full of healthy fat that helps to break down the protein and gives the body the much-needed energy.

Buying Guide

Tips to source ingredients for Mini Kanchipuram idlis:


  • Buy only branded and organic rice, idli rice, and urad dal as they are free from any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Mini Kanchipuram idlis are a staple food of South India. They taste delicious and are a completely satisfying meal. So go ahead and try them – your little one will surely enjoy eating these idlis!


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