Marriage Changes You As a Person - These 5 Things Are Proof!

Marriage Does Change You As a Person and These 5 Things Are Proof!

It’s a proven truth that people change after marriage, but ever wondered what makes them change? Is it your new family, household chores, or new responsibilities? Here are some feelers on what changes a marriage may have in store for you.

The day you officially took your wedding vows of holding each other in a lifelong commitment, your life quietly underwent a major change. Marriage, that beautiful bond of togetherness, comes with responsibilities and considerations you may have never faced when single. It is normal to sometimes feel overwhelmed and a long way off from life as you knew it. Here are some interesting reasons which will help you understand and appreciate why people change after marriage.

Changes You’ll Need to be Wedded To

1. “I” Gives Way to “We”

When you’re single, you only have yourself to think about. You have absolute freedom to pick what you want to eat, where you want to go, and how you wish to spend your hard-earned money. Once you’ve joined the married bandwagon, it is imperative to keep your hubby in perspective. This may mean giving him company in watching Star Trek especially because he meekly sat with you for reruns of Sex and the City just the other night.

2. Watch Your Habits Collide

Once you’re married, watch out for colliding habits that lie bare in front of each other! You may like to keep everything spotlessly clean and tidy to the extent of driving your man bonkers. He could find digging his nose or listening to loud music a great evening stressbuster. Whatever the habit is, you will both learn to live with it in time. Talk about any habits that particularly displease you but remember that accommodating and adjusting to the pleasant and the not-so-pleasant aspects of your spouse is the essence of companionship.

3. Shift in Priorities

Your priorities definitely change after you tie the knot. You now have bills to pay, food to put on the table and children to take care of. Your late night dinners and weekend getaways with your girlfriends might suffer a bit of a setback because your family now is your top priority. Marriage teaches you to prioritise and place your spouse and your family’s needs at the epicentre of your living.

Changes You’ll Need to be Wedded To

4. You Gain a Spouse and Lose a Few Friends

No one said marriage was going to be easy! You have enough on your plate already trying to make time for two families – yours and his, and now you find little or no time for those lunch dates, midnight movie plans and worse still, the Friday and Saturday night outs or clubbing. It helps if you and your spouse have the same circle of friends but if not, God save you from the wrath of your friends. People change after marriage – it’s the hard truth and one that your friends will learn to understand and accept especially when they find themselves in the same boat.

5. Change in Sexual Activities

You’re now married and can’t wait to explore newer dimensions in your sexual activities. While the famous “honeymoon period” will be mesmerizing, beware of a lull when you get down to everyday life. For some couples, the very lucky few, nothing at all changes thanks to their libido. For many others, sexual activity tends to lessen and becomes more of a routine. A busy day at work and home takes its toll, so by the time you hit the bed you have no energy left for romance. This dip in lovemaking doesn’t mean that all love is lost. Go the extra mile to initiate intimacy and revive your passion every once in a while.

Life is a continual learning experience, full of changes that may initially cause confusion and stress. With time and patience, you will learn to assimilate these changes and adapt them to your life. Marriage, which brings to you companionship like never before, does so at the cost of the added responsibility of a spouse and two families to tend to. However, for this sort of timeless togetherness, it really isn’t asking for much to accept and embrace a few changes to your erstwhile lifestyle.

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