What to do If You Miss a Workout Day?

Making Amends for Cheating on your Way to Fitness

If you diligently follow a fitness regimen to stay healthy, you might hate the idea of missing a workout. But there are times when you’re faced with such a situation – especially as a busy mom. The good news is that if you skipped a workout day, there are ways to make amends.

You have made staying fit a priority. Apart from counting calories and eating a healthy diet, you have a fitness regimen chalked out that you follow without fail. But what if you’re faced with an unforeseen circumstance and had to miss a workout? Well, no need to start going on a guilt trip. You can easily make up for that missed session.

What to Do if You a Miss a Workout for Whatever Reason

1. Consider Missed Day as Rest Day

No matter how strict you are about your fitness programme, you would have allotted a rest day for yourself during the week. So, if by any chance you miss out on your workout on a particular day, treat that day as your weekly rest day. You can exercise on the day that you had planned not to work out. It’ll take some perseverance from your side, but it will definitely make up for your missed workout and save you from the guilt.

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2. Work Out More at the Next Session

Another great idea is to make up for your missed workout by exercising more at your next workout session. However, it’s important that you have enough time to do this. You should also make sure that your body is up to it. Don’t push yourself if you can’t. You’ll just end up hurting and stressing your body more, which could lead to missing more workouts.

3. Start from Where You Left Off

If you’ve designed a workout schedule with different exercises for different days, skipping a workout would mean that you have to miss out on a particular regimen for a whole week. However, you can make up for this by continuing with your schedule and shifting the whole routine by a day. This won’t harm your regimen in any way.

4. Just Miss a Day!

Though this is probably a definite no-no for fitness freaks and fitness trainers, even the best laid plans can fail. Don’t worry too much about the missed day and take it easy. But ensure to not make it a habit otherwise you’ll find it tough to get back to the grind!

Ill health or work commitments can sometimes force the best of us to skip a workout day. If you do happen to miss more than one workout in a week, don’t let this spoil your whole routine. Bounce back to your regimen the following week and keep going with renewed gusto and enthusiasm. You’re only human, after all, and a busy woman at that!

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