DIY Sensory Bottle

Magic Sensory Bottle

Ready to tickle your toddlers senses with this sparkling magical bottle?

Children are always amused by shiny and sparkly objects. These magical sensory bottles will be fun to create and admire afterwards too. They are really easy to create and sharpen your toddler’s sensory skills too.

You Will Need

  • Glass or plastic bottle
  • Water
  • Glycerin of baby oil
  • Glitter

Step-by-step Instructions

1.Add water to the water bottle

2. Pour about 20 drops of baby oil or glycerin into the bottle.

3. Add the glitter to the bottle and shut the bottle tight.

glitter to the bottle and shut the bottle tight

4. Shake the bottle and observe the magic!

Messiness Score


Parental Involvement


Level Of Difficulty


Skills Enhanced

Sensory Skills

You Will Observe Your Child Doing

Shaking the bottle vigourously to observe the bubbles forming.

So, go on make the magic happen with this sparkling sensory bottle!

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