8 Ways Social Media is Ruining Your Relationship

8 Ways Social Media is Ruining Your Relationship

In the age of smartphones and social networking apps, all of us are leading two lives; one online and the other offline. The way we communicate has changed, and more ‘virtual’ than real conversations are taking place these days. Most of us like to upload and share our everyday moments and give likes to get likes. There’s no doubt that social media apps like Facebook and Instagram help foster friendships, but they can also affect your relationship with your spouse for the worse.

How Social Media May Be Putting a Strain on Your Marriage

Though the apps you have on your phone might seem harmless, they have the power to interfere with your marriage. We talk about a few things social media makes a couple do that can have an adverse impact on their well-being.

1. Checking Your Spouse’s Social Media Activity Secretly

A few apps like Instagram have a feature that lets you check your spouse’s social media activity. If they’ve liked pictures of their opposite gender friends, you may become suspicious and find it hard to place trust in your partner. And in case you go on to question them about it, they may become defensive and avoid the topic.

Checking Spouse's Social Media Activity Secretly

2. Posting Couple Pics Just for Likes and Comments

Some married couples tend to post their pics on social media just to get likes and comments. While it’s okay to declare your love on social media sometimes, seeking external validation all the time is a sign that partners don’t make each other feel appreciated. Also, fewer likes than expected and unfavourable comments may make you question your choice of a partner and think whether going for another person would have been better.

Posting Couple Pics Just for Likes and Comments

3. Making Vacation Plans Because of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Social media apps are full of friends and acquaintances sharing all the fun they are having. This might make you feel that you’re missing out on experiences, thus prompting you to make similar plans without first asking your partner, or forcing them to accompany you against their wishes. Not asking your partner about their choices and opinions would definitely prove detrimental to your marriage.

Making Plans Because of FOMO

4. Comparing Yourself to Other Couples

It’s a fact that reel lives are often exaggerated. Even then, you look at your friends’ photos and go, “Oh, look how happy they are!” You may get down to comparing your relationship with your friends’ on the basis of looks, money, talents, kids, etc., leading to jealousy and dissatisfaction with your long-term relationship.

Comparing Yourself to Other Couples

5. Placing Unrealistic Expectations on Your Partner

Partners who place importance on fitness may expect their significant other to work out and have a physique similar to models on social media. However, due to health and time constraints, doing exercise may not always be a realistic expectation. This will only reduce one partner’s interest in the marriage.

Placing Unrealistic Expectations on Your Partner

6. Not Paying Attention to Your Partner

You open a social media app, and wham! your finger can’t stop scrolling through all the interesting stuff that comes up. However, while looking into your smartphone, you may have stopped paying attention to your partner’s words and emotionally withdrawn from the conversation. Such behaviour is sure to make them feel sad and unwanted.

Not Paying Attention to Your Partner

7. Being Hesitant to Upload a Couple Profile Picture

Let’s face it- people who don’t like social media may not keep a profile picture, or will not be fussy when it comes to changing it regularly. If your partner is showing an unwillingness to upload your couple picture, naturally, you may suspect that they still want to seem unmarried and available. Furthermore, it can also make you anxious and disappointed, and put a strain on your relationship.

Being Hesitant to Upload a Couple Profile Picture

8. Making You Overspend to Show-off

Social media posts and stories are likely to be influencing your buying behaviour. By looking at how much money your friends spend and the things they splurge on, you may want to do the same. When one partner spends without a second thought, it may lead to arguments about financial issues.

Making You Overspend to Show-off

Social media apps are a great way to keep in touch with relatives and friends, but they can also become an interference with your married life. One way to prevent this is to ‘unfriend/unfollow’ those friends who are negatively influencing your life. We should remember that posting photos is not necessarily a sign of a healthy relationship. Instead of capturing moments, be in the moment to keep your marital relationship healthy and alive.

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