9 Ways to Express Love Without Thinking 'Log Kya Kahenge'!

9 Ways to Express Love Without Thinking ‘Log Kya Kahenge’!

Most of us have been taught from childhood to keep our romantic feelings private. Even after marriage, the fear of being judged keeps us from doing sweet things for our partner publicly. But sometimes, when you recognise and appreciate your partner’s efforts in public, it can make your bond stronger. But hey, that doesn’t mean you have to kiss them in public or do anything neither you nor your partner like!  You can show your significant other how much they mean to you without really indulging in explicit PDA, or giving a second thought to the senior folk looking disapprovingly too!

Cute and Romantic Gestures to Show How Much You Love Your Partner

Saying “I love you” is just one way of expressing your love – there are so many sneaky yet aww-dorable things you can do instead! Spice up your love language with these cute little gestures.

1. Praise Them in Front of Everyone

You’re proud of your partner and what they do for the family, so why not say it out loud in front of your children and relatives? Compliment your partner’s cooking or how hard they work at the office so they know you acknowledge them.

Praise Them in Front of Everyone

It’s highly likely that your partner will love being appreciated in front of others, so don’t think twice and thank them for the sacrifices they’re making for the children and family.

2. Lend Them a Hand in the Kitchen and Around the House

Some families don’t encourage the male members of the household to share the housework with their partners. So, the lady of the house goes on working, sometimes late into the night.

Lend Them a Hand in the Kitchen and Around the House

Don’t worry about what your parents will think and show your love by equally sharing the load of household responsibilities, be it in the kitchen or with the laundry. This way, you’ll also be setting a good example for your little one.

3. Wink at Each Other

Eye contact is one of the most powerful signs of a healthy relationship. Playfully winking at your significant other is bound to signal that you find them attractive and interesting as always.

Winking at Each Other

If somebody sees you, they’ll think you have a hidden secret and become more curious and jealous!

4. Play Footsie

While you’re seated at the dining table, you can tease your partner by playing footsie with them. It’s sure to be fun as they have to keep a straight face in front of others while also getting teased by you.


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Be careful not to end up playing footsie with the wrong person, though! If you do get caught, relax – it’s just an innocent game of footsie, after all!

5. Make Evening Plans Openly

You need not make your date-night plans in private all the time. If you live with in-laws, we’re sure they’d understand that you need to spend some alone-time too! It’s best that everyone at home gets used to the fact that as a couple, regular dates are completely normal!

Make Evening Plans Openly

This way, you can also have someone babysit your child without several questions about where you’re going and when you’ll be back!

6. Interlock Fingers

When you’re talking a walk together, you can hold hands with your partner and interlock your fingers.

Interlock Fingers

This non-verbal gesture sends a message that you love your partner and will always be there for them, no matter what.

7. Put Your Arm Around Their Shoulder

People may look, but don’t let that hold you back from expressing the love you have for your significant other.

Put Your Arm Around Their Shoulder

Your arm around their shoulder will speak for the support you’ll always provide in the marital relationship.

8. Link Arms

In ‘love language’, linking arms is a way of saying, “You’re mine and I’m proud to be yours!

Link Arms

So link arms with your significant other when they least expect it and let everybody see the perfect couple that you are.

9. Sit Close on the Bike

If you’re travelling by bike, don’t hesitate to sit close to your partner and initiate physical contact like placing your hand on your partner’s thigh or giving them a quick peck (sneakily, of course!).

Sit Close on the Bike

Who knows, you may inspire another couple parked beside you to do the same!

Logon ka kaam hai kehna! Everybody is free to express their opinion on love and relationships, but that doesn’t mean it should affect you. Both partners should always do what they feel is right and not worry too much about what society considers appropriate. Of course, you should be aware of where to draw the line when it comes to what is appropriate and what could be making a whole crowd completely uncomfortable. You can impress your partner any time you wish with these cute and romantic gestures to really make their day!

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