7 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day If Food Is Your First Love

7 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day If Food Is Your First Love

We all love our spouses, no doubt. But some of us just can’t deny the fact that we love food a bit more! Trust us- we totally understand what you’re going through if you’re cheating on your spouse with food! But then again, George Bernard Shaw rightly said, “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” So if you’re reading this, you obviously haven’t come here for tips on how to make this V-day special for your partner. In fact, you’re in the right place if you’re looking for some unique food ideas to food in every possible way, this V-day! So irrespective of whether you’re married, single or looking for some great treats for your kids, here’s a bunch of ways in which you can celebrate Valentine’s day with food, food and more food!

Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day If You Are a Foodie

Here’s how you can celebrate Valentine’s day if food is your first love:

1. Treat Yourself

Obviously, if you want to make this day special, you’ve got to treat yourself with your favourite food. And we mean real treats – why settle for a pastry when you can have an entire cake? Or a small bucket of fries when you’re capable enough of consuming a large? Look at this day as your major cheat day, and don’t let your new year resolutions come in the way of enjoying with your one true love. Think about nothing but food. If food is truly your first love, then make sure you do justice. Treat yourself with every single thing that comes to mind – wine, sweets, or even street-side chaat!

2. Step out of Your Comfort Zone

If you’re truly a foodie, make this day special by adding more favourites to the never-ending list of food you love. What we mean is, go out fearlessly and try variations of your favourite food. For instance, if chocolate ice-cream has been your single favourite all these years, then show some courage, walk into that parlour, and get a scoop of a flavour that isn’t even remotely related to chocolate. You could even try food that you have never had before. Korean, Japanese, Burmese – think it and you shall have it!

A heart-shaped pastry

3. Experiment with Your Favourite Food

This is yet another exciting challenge! When we think of treats, few of our favourites pop in mind and we eventually tend to settle for one of those. But you can experiment this V-day with your favourite food! Here’s an example: if you like fries as much as you like ice-cream, pair them up! Ditch ketchup and dip hot, crispy, salty fries in freezing ice-cream. Make weird combinations of your own and enjoy all the food you like, in pairs! Go ahead, give it a try. You might actually find new favourites this way! And what better occasion than Valentine’s day to fall in love with food all over again?

4. Cook for Yourself

Hands down, most of us foodies are excellent cooks! We enjoy the art of – let’s just call it – ‘creating love’. So to celebrate your love for food, what better than cooking up delicious treats? Numerous dishes top our list of favourites, but we refrain from cooking them at home solely because they are a bit more work. Give up on this habit this Valentine’s day, and cook yourself something nice. Sweet, spicy, sushi – your day, your wish! Cooking something for yourself will literally allow yourself to spend an entire day with your beloved – food!

Valentine's Day Breakfast

5. Hunt for a Food Carnival

Most couples step out to celebrate their love for each other on V-day, which is why you’ll be surprised to see the number of events that happen all over the country. With a little bit of hunting, we’re sure you will succeed in finding a food carnival in your city! What is a food carnival? An event with multiple stalls selling a variety of exotic food and drinks! That surely is a place for foodies. It’s not just the food; fests like these also have fashion and retail stalls along with live band performances! There’s a whole lot for you to eat and enjoy at food fests. It’s just another way of treating yourself to a variety of good food!

6. Indulge in a Buffet

Speaking of variety, a buffet too is worth considering. You need not hunt for this one; buffets are readily available at a bunch of decent restaurants. Think about salads, soups, delicious mocktails, a couple appetisers, an exotic main course and heart melting desserts! Isn’t that something all foodies want every day? To celebrate your love for food, you can look for some high-end buffets – something that is a little out of the budget, but worth the try. Five-star restaurants always have these buffets running at prices that you wouldn’t imagine. But leave those thoughts for regular days. On Valentine’s day, you have a clean chit to go overboard! Besides, good food paired with luxury is a pretty great combination. Spend on your cravings; it’s never disappointing!

A Lavish Buffet

7. Spend the Day with Another Foodie

Double the love this V-day by spending it with a foodie just like you. You could enjoy each thrill mentioned above with someone who is equally crazy about food. After all, the more, the merrier! This day can truly turn out to be a food expedition for you – something you’re looking for when food is all you can think about. Cook, order in, eat out – all of it can be all the more fun when experienced with your food-twin. Plus, you’ll have the ideal company on the day of love.

So this Valentine’s day, instead of cooking up expectations, cook some delicious food! It’s not something to be ashamed of; know that love for food is the purest of all. Go ahead and eat to your heart’s content this Valentine’s day, because it is totally worth it if it makes you happy. Besides, food is not for the stomach, it’s for the heart! Happy eating!

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