11 Ways Pets Try to Communicate With You

11 Ways Pets Try to Communicate With You

Just like new moms, pets too care for their young ones and feel emotions like happiness and sadness. Although kitties and puppies can’t speak to you in your mother tongue, they do put their feelings out there and expect their owners to interpret them. Being a loving pet parent starts with bonding successfully with your furry family member.

How Cats Behave and What They Mean

Who doesn’t like those shiny green eyes, pink nose and long and white whiskers?! Having cats comes with its own share of communication problems as they are fairly more difficult to read than dogs. Here are some common cat behaviours and what they mean:

1. Purring = Don’t Stop!

One of the most common actions cats do, purring, is a sign of contentment. Sometimes, when you pat its head or stroke its belly, your cat will purr to show that it’s enjoying the moment. Your kitten may also purr if it’s scared or injured.


2. Meowing = Look at Me!

Miaow miaow all day long! Cats use meowing for a variety of reasons- for food, water, attention, or a hug. It’s just the way they express their different feelings to their owners. But, it’s different for every cat, so it’s up to you to figure out what your pet has been trying to tell you.


3. Closed Eyes While Sitting = I Like You!

You can close your eyes and relax when you’re with your partner, right? Closed eyes mean you’re letting your guard down; it is a sign of trust. Cats do that too, to people they like. Why not return the compliment when your kitty closes its eyes the next time?

Closed Eyes While Sitting

4. Arched Back With Hairs Standing = Leave Me Alone!

Just like you, kitties have days when they’re feeling sleepy or irritated. And if you go to your cat when it’s angry, expect big eyes and also some hissing. Give your furry friend some space till it comes running to you on its own.

Arched Back With Hairs Standing

5. Rubbing Against Your Leg = You’re Mine!

It feels nice to have your feline rub against you and go around your feet, doesn’t it? Cats do this to declare their love for you and mark you as theirs. It also means that they want a tight hug from you.

Rubbing Against Your Leg

6. Tail Talking = This is How I’m Feeling

Cats are capable of effectively communicating using their body – specifically their tails. While a tail with relaxed fur means your pet is happy, upright fur indicates anger or fear. When they tuck their tail under their hind legs, you should stay away as they are probably feeling anxious at that moment.

Tail Talking

How Dogs Behave and What They Mean

Doggies use both their face and tail to express their emotions. They aren’t that hard to read, so communication problems don’t arise very frequently. However, do take out time to observe your canine friend, as doing this will only make your bond stronger.

1. Fetching Toys = I Want to Play!

This one is quite obvious. When your doggy brings back the stick or ball you threw to it, it’s in a playful mood. But, when your pet fetches you its favourite toy, think of it as a gift to you!

Fetching Toys

2. Raising a Paw = Give Me Your Attention!

When your pet raises its paw to shake your hand or touch you, you should give it some attention. That’s because puppies try to make you notice them by waving their paws in the air.

Raising a Paw

3. Wagging Its Tail = I’m Happy to See You!

When doggies need their me-time, they usually become quiet and retire to a safe corner of the house. So, when you next see it wagging its tail at you, safely assume that your happy furry friend is back. Besides this, doggies use their tail to communicate a range of emotions from “on-high-alert” to “feeling scared”.

Wagging Its Tail

4. Eyes Looking into Yours = I Trust You!

Just as prolonged eye contact means liking and trust for humans, it is the same for animals! When your doggy keeps making “puppy eyes” at you, it’s an indirect way of saying, “I love you.” If your puppy has been avoiding eye contact, it’s either uncomfortable or has done something wrong.

Eyes Looking Into Yours

5. Exposing Its Belly While Down = Give Me a Belly Rub!

Call it animal instincts or something else, but dogs don’t usually expose their belly to humans as it makes them feel vulnerable. So, the next time you see your pet turning over on its back, just give it a belly massage!

Exposing Its Belly While Down

Although efforts are being made to translate pet thoughts, success still is a long way off. Till then, these pet behaviour tips might come in handy!

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