19 Vastu Tips for Keeping Money Plant at Home

Vastu Tips to Ensure That Your Money Plant Attracts Wealth

A money plant is good for your home and can affect your financial health positively. But you have to make sure you take care of it right. We’ll cover some tips below on how to use and take care of it in this post.

Tips for Caring for Money Plants as Per Vastu to Become Wealthy

Here are a couple of useful tips on taking care of your money plant and how to use it right to get wealthy below.

1. It Should Face the South-east Direction

A Vastu Shastra tip for money plants is that they should be located in the south-eastern corner of your home. This helps in attracting prosperity and keeping negative energy away.

2. Water it Often

A dry and withering money plant will bring you bad luck and misfortune. And by misfortune, we mean bad financial health. Make sure its leaves stay in good health and don’t dry or wither. Don’t let the plant touch the floor. You can prune and cut its stems and leaves if they wither away or dry up but make sure to maintain it well.

3. It Should Never Be Kept in the East-west Direction

Keeping your money plant in the east-west direction is said to invite troubles into the house. If you’re married, this could lead to arguments and messy moments so make sure the money plant doesn’t face in this direction.

Money plants should be kept in the right direction

4. Grow it Indoors

A money plant works best when it grows indoors. Keep it away from direct sunlight and grow it in a pot or glass bottle.

5. Keep it at the North Entrance

Keeping your money plant at the north entrance is said to invite new sources of income and multiple career opportunities. It will also bring you good luck.

6. Say No to Red

Don’t keep any red-coloured items in the kitchen or place the plant on any red surfaces such as near red washing machines, dustbins, mixer-grinders, etc. The kitchen and these objects tend to take away your wealth and bring you bad luck.

Money plants in pot

7. Use a Green Vase or a Blue-coloured Bottle

You can attract more wealth into your life by keeping a money plant in a green vase or a blue-coloured bottle. You can also use a scenic painting as a backdrop to amplify the flow of positive energy into your home.

8. De-clutter Your Home

De-cluttering your home is so important to prevent any negative blockages or disruptions in the flow of energy. Make sure you are able to go from room to room without getting roadblocked and see to it that the plant has enough space and is not holed up in a corner.

9. The Greener, the Better

A money plant symbolizes wealth and how you take care of it matters. In general, the greener the leaves, the better off your finances will be.

Green leaves on money plant

10. Do Not Let Others Cut/Prune It

When the leaves are drying up or it’s time to cut some stems off, don’t let others cut your money plant. This also means not allowing friends, family members, or neighbours to do it. If you let them cut it, it’ll symbolise giving away your wealth to someone for free.

11. Go for a Large Pot

Whether you’re choosing to plant it in a vase or a pot, make sure to get a large container for the plant. This is because money plants tend to grow haphazardly and not uniformly, in different directions.

12. Check the Soil

Ask your gardener about the type of soil that works best for your money plant if you’re not sure. Aerated soil is said to be good for money plants.

Check the soil

13. Keep the Use of Fertilizers to a Minimum

If it’s winter, we suggest not using any fertilizers for your money plant. In summers, you can give the plant a liquid nitrate based feed, occasionally. Homemade fertilizers would be a better option for your money plant.

14. Regular Pruning Works Too

You don’t have to go overboard when it comes to caring for the plant. Just regular pruning and protecting it from harsh weather conditions are enough to keep the leaves in good shape.

15. Choose a Plant With Heart-shaped Leaves

When you’re shopping for a money plant, make sure the leaves are heart-shaped. This attracts wealth, prosperity, and fosters healthy relationships.

Money plants with heart-shaped leaves

16. Keep the Plant in Partial Shade

Avoid exposing your money plant to direct sunlight. Areas with partial shades are the best.

17. Mist it Every Few Days

Misting should be done every two to three days if the humidity in your area is too low or the plant is in a place which is air-conditioned.

18. Check the Water

If you’ve made sure everything’s alright and you water the plant regularly but the leaves are still turning yellow, then it could be the water that’s the problem. Water your plant with filtered water and try to avoid using fluoridated or chlorinated water. Overwatering is also known to lead to the yellowing of leaves.

To ensure that your money plant helps improve your financial health, follow the above tips and do let us know how they work out for you. Remember to give it plenty of time to take effect!

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