Unique Bay Window Decor Ideas for Your Modern Home

Unique Bay Window Ideas For Your Modern Home

Open your soul to breath-taking views all day long, right from the comfort of your home via a masterpiece of architecture, the bay windows. Bay windows are generally units of windows that bulge away from the house, creating a “bay” within the bulging space.

Ideas for Bay Window Decor for Your Home

A classic characteristic of Victorian architectural style, the bay windows add additional beauty to the exterior of a building and create a statement for a house’s interior. Are you wondering how to style your bay windows elegantly? We come bearing good news as the below list gives you contemporary yet functional bay window design ideas…

1. Sunrooms 

One of the most efficient large bay window ideas is to convert your space into a sunroom. By strategically placing seating arrangements and using nil or minimal covering for the windows, you can soak in the warm rays of the sun to the most!


2. Revamp your bathroom nook

What’s more romantic than decorating the bay windows at the bathroom with a bathtub nook? Create a beautiful nook for yourself by placing a bathtub right beneath the bay windows. You can also add white, thick, and translucent curtains for privacy and light to enter in! Hang a chandelier for added classiness.


3. Charming Banquette style

Banquette seat styles are a brilliant way to add more seating into a compact area. Instead of limiting the seats, a customized banquette in a bright pop of color with a dining area can be a great idea to spend some quality mealtime with your loved ones. It can also be styled with just a coffee table for a pleasing space to assemble.


4. Kids play area!

Let kids experience the beauty of nature, the chirping of birds, and the fresh smell of morning air right from their bedrooms. Convert the area around bay windows to a seating area where you can snuggle with your kids and gaze through the window all day long! Turn the underneath of the seating area into a spacious storage area to store your kids’ toys and books too!


5. Private space for private conversations

Place two comfortable armchairs or a cozy sofa matching your room’s décor near your bedroom’s bay windows. You can instantly transform the space into an ideal area for private conversations and cozy cuddles with your spouse!


6. Comfort corner

Feeling the blues? Want to be left alone with just your favorite book and a cup of hot cocoa? We all have been there! You can turn the bay window area into a cozy corner by arranging plush pillows and cushions along with a soft mattress!


7. Kitchen bay window

Merging the best of both, this is a perfect idea if you love gardening and cooking. For making a small kitchen bay window, you can add functionality by attaching a sink beneath it. Adorn the rim above with edible flowers and herbs, and keep your fresh edible greens handy!


8. Showcase your prized possessions!

A clever way to make your guests behold your most valuable possessions is the showcase bay window idea! Create a frame to showcase your favorite items and sovereigns around the seating space, which is a smart way to style your bay windows.


9. Monochrome look

If you are a fan of simple things, the monochrome look is undoubtedly your ideal style. You can opt for a single color from the curtains, valences, furniture, and décor items to get a no-fuss yet elegant look.


10. Live life Queen size

Transform your ordinary living bay window space to a royal palace with just a few changes. The key lies in choosing rich hues, thick fabrics for curtains such as velvet, and ornate furniture to supplement the look. But of course, the chandelier is a must!


11. Reading corner

If your idea of a fun evening involves a book, this look is sure to bring you joy. Utilize the space around your bay windows and convert it into a peaceful reading corner. Use the adjoining walls to create bookshelves, and you are all set to be lost in a fantasy world.


12. Farmhouse style

Farmhouse bay window designs stand apart in this modern world. You can achieve it with ease by using wooden flooring, bamboo shades, jute planters, matching cotton carpets, and some greens here and there. What a classic makeover!


13. Storage redefined

One of the most preferred and functional bay window treatments is the window seats with storage space. This style involves having a chair with customized storage solutions to match your requirements.


14. Your own home office

Thanks to the boom in small businesses and budding entrepreneurs, home offices are increasingly becoming popular these days. If you prefer working from the comfort of your home or are saving up to make work-from-home office space, you can convert your bay windows into a home office by installing a table and shelves. And voila! Your DIY home office bay window is ready.


15. Room in a room

Too many people, too little space? Or your siblings annoy you? Or you need some ‘me time’ to relax? Achieve all these goals by skillfully dividing your room and the area around the bay windows with high curtains. You can have cushioned chairs or attached sofas along with shelves or even a bed to get a feel of a separate room.


16. Daybeds for power naps

Fix a daybed with plush cushions and pillows and make that window seat a perfect area to curl up in a throw and Netflix or to take that much-needed power nap. Wake up to the sounds of birds or gaze at the stars; the choice is yours!


17. Executive bay windows

Wondering what to do with all the space around your office bay window? Combine functionality with innovation and customize the area for an entire team by placing multiple laptops near the bay window space.


18. Rustic feel

If the woods are your calling, but you are stuck in the city, bring the bucolic freshness of the outdoors right inside your home! Placing raw but good quality wooden planks or wood shades are great rustic bay window ideas to feel like you’re in the woods…


19. Dine fine

Another popular way of using the bay window space is to make a dining area out of it. You can use this as a place where you and your family can merrily dine or casually communicate before heading into a busy day.


20. Modern exteriors

If you love the idea of contemporary looks, give your bay window an ultra-chic and posh exterior look using full glass sans panes for the windows set against complete wooden exterior walls.


Bay windows add a magnificent charm to any room and pose as an innate décor to your home. They also bring luscious natural light and space to your room. Living room bay windows are the usual style, but bay windows are also constructed in bedrooms, dining areas, or the porch! Make the best of it and indulge in the delight of bay windows fully.

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