Best Places To See Fall Colors in The World

Top Destinations to See Fall Foliage in the World

One of the most beautiful things about autumn is what nature itself gives. The trees change their green cloaks to beautiful shades of gold, bronze, orange, and crimson. If you like to travel and are planning a memorable family trip this fall, you will want to choose your destination carefully. Here are some of the best places to see during fall with family.

Best Places to See Fall Colors With Your Family

Enjoy a change in scenery at some of the most colourful places this fall with your family:

1. Denali National Park

This gorgeous mountain park is a picture-perfect site for summer activities. You can enjoy the wildlife and the changing colours of the leaves to your heart’s content here.

Area/Region: Alaska

Best Time to Go: September to late October

2. Shenandoah National Park

This national park cannot be missed if you’re looking for beautiful fall views. The peak of Shenandoah fall foliage in 2020 was in late October. So, try around the same time if you want to follow the leaves.

Area/Region: Virginia

Best Time to Go: October

3. Smoky Mountains

Smoky Mountains are the best to enjoy gorgeous red maples, scarlet oaks, sweetgum, sugar maples, hickories, and other types of native trees. Nature puts put on quite a show during fall here!

Area/Region: Great Smoky Mountain National Park bordering North Carolina and Tennessee

Best Time to Go: Mid-October to early-November

4. Catskills Mountain

When different hues of gold and red light up the landscape, you know its fall in the Catskills. You can enjoy many attractions, activities, and plenty of magical sceneries here.

Area/Region: South-eastern New York

Best Time to Visit: The first half of October

5. Poconos Mountains

Due to the unique landscape, there are three colour zones here, which means you get to experience the peak colours three times in one season!

Area/Region: Pennsylvania

Best Time to Go: Late September to mid-October

6. The Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway runs from Virginia to Cherokee in North Carolina. You will have the joy of driving through some of the most scenic views.

Area/Region: North Carolina

Best Time to Go: October

7. Adirondack Mountains

Adirondack fall foliage comes in different shades of red, orange, and yellow. It fills the mountain view, and will provide you with many photo opportunities.

Area/Region: North-eastern Upstate New York

Best Time to Go: Late September to the end of October.

8. Aspen

It is the perfect place to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle and welcome in the golden autumn.

Area/Region: Colorado

Best Time to Go: Between mid-September to mid-October

9. Minnesota’s North Shore

Here, the water reflects the beautiful colours of the leaves, making the sight even more eye-catching than it usually would have been. You can enjoy the fall views all the way from Lake Superior to the base of the tallest waterfall in Minnesota.

Area/Region: Minnesota

Best Time to Go: Between mid-September to mid-October

10. The Ozarks

This mountain region is covered with a thick blanket of beautiful trees. When fall arrives, these trees burst into a flurry of beautiful autumn colours that will take your breath away.

Area/Region: The Ozarks cover Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri.

Best Time to Go: Late October to early November

11. Brasstown Bald

When you follow the trail at Brasstown Bald, you will be able to see the forest full of trees and shrubs that are bursting into the colours of autumn.

Area/Region: Georgia

Best Time to Go: Mid-October

12. Lake Placid

You can enjoy the beautiful fall colours of the Adirondack Mountains from the shores of Lake Placid. The colourful mountains and earthy tones of the lake contrast each other beautifully and make for a wonderful holiday spot.

Area/Region: New York

Best Time to Go: From late September to late October.

13. Taos

You may not think that the dessert can offer good fall foliage, but the dessert of Taos proves that it can. Drive along the Enchanted Circle to enjoy some incredible fall views that the southwest has to offer. In addition, there are many other activities that you can get involved in, such as the Taos Fall Arts Festival, Oktoberbest Celebration, and more.

Area/Region: New Mexico

Best Time to Go: October.

14. Amicalola Falls State Park

This state park is where the tallest waterfall in Georgia is located. It is surrounded by pretty foliage that changes to its beautiful autumn colours once the season begins.

Area/Region: Georgia

Best Time to Go: October and November

15. Franklin

Here, you will get to see beautiful maples, poplars, oaks, and hickory trees all change to their autumn colours.

Area/Region: Tennessee

Best Time to Go : Early November

16. Staten Island Greenbelt

One of the most beautiful forests in the New York area, it is filled with beeches, oaks, tulips, hickories, and maple trees. Watching the fall colours here is a delightful experience.

Area/Region: New York

Best Time to Go: Late September to mid-October

17. Cape May

This charming seaside town is a great location to enjoy the beauty of fall along with its historic lighthouses.

Area/Region: New Jersey

Best Time to Go: Mid-October to late November

18. Wisconsin Dells

The Wisconsin Dells is located near the Wisconsin River. It is a beautiful gorge formed by a glacier. The Dells are awash with the most beautiful colours during autumn.

Area/Region: Wisconsin

Best Time to Go: Late September to late October

19. Massapequa Preserve

This picturesque park is known for being one of the prettiest parks in the region. It is the perfect place to go for long bike rides with the family.

Area/Region: Massapequa, Long Island, New York

Best Time to Go: Late October to Early November

20. Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest

There are some lovely trails to hike through here to enjoy some of the prettiest fall views of your lifetime.

Area/Region: Washington

Best Time to Go: September and October

21. Bar Harbor

This quaint fishing town provides some of the best fall foliage. During the day, you can experience the beautiful and vibrant fall colours, and at night, you can enjoy the beautiful night sky.

Area/Region: Maine

Best Time to Go: October

22. Columbia River Gorge

Though the area provides beautiful scenery all year round, the stunning show that the trees put on during autumn is a sight to see! You can drive along the river, go hiking or opt for some river activities for the perfect family outing.

Area/Region: Oregon

Best Time to Go: Late September to mid-October

23. Vermont

With many maple trees in the area, Vermont experiences a very colorful fall. Here, you can visit several scenic locations, ride your bike, or even pick apples in orchards!

Area/Region: New England, United States

Best Time to Go: Mid-September to late October

24. White Mountains

Drive through the scenic views along Kancamagus Highway, and visit Crawford Notch and Franconia Notch state parks. Not only will you be able to enjoy the fall scenery, but you will also catch a glimpse of the beautiful North American moose.

Area/Region: New Hampshire

Best Time to Go: Mid-September to October

25. Gatlinburg

Fall happens to be one of the best times to take a trip to Gatlinburg. The fall colours look beautiful here due to the dense woods, and the weather is perfect for an outing.

Area/Region: Tennessee

Best Time to Go: Mid to late October

26. Laurel Highlands

There are so many things to enjoy as you travel to Laurel Highlands during fall. You can take a scenic drive along the Byway, stop at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater or go on a hike to Ohio Pyle State Park.

Area/Region: Pennsylvania

Best Time to Go: Early to mid-October

27. Finger Lakes

The vineyards and hillsides at Finger Lakes start to light up and provide the perfect opportunity for those who want to take in the beauty of fall in a beautiful natural setting.

Area/Region: New York

Best Time to Go: October

28. Bishop Creek Canyon

Though located on the west coast, the forests located inland are what make up the beautiful fall scenery at Bishop Creek Canyon. Here, you can experience the change in the colour of the leaves, right from the top and all the way down the mountain.

Area/Region: California

Best Time to Go: Late September to November

29. Agawa Canyon

The pretty hardwood forests turn to gold and crimson during the colourful autumn season. Looking upon the remote landscape brings a sense of awe as the colours of fall dance in the form of falling leaves.

Area/Region: Northeastern Ontario, Canada.

Best Time to Go: Late September to early October

30. Lake Louise

During fall, there are many beautiful trails that you can take to enjoy the full extent of the colours here. There is even a hot spring in the area that will make your visit complete.

Area/Region: Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada

Best Time to Go: September and October

Beautiful fall weather in a different setting can make all the difference if you want to spice things up for family bonding time. With so many different options to choose from, you will definitely be able to find something that will suit all of you.

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