Suprisingly 20 Houseplants That Are Hard To Kill

Top 20 Plants That Are Hard To Kill

Do you like plants? Well, who does not, but most of us are not blessed with green fingers like others who can magically keep any potted plant thriving? If that resonates with you, then welcome aboard, you are not alone, and there are many on this bandwagon. Nurturing a plant is no rocket science. However, it requires constant care and attention in most cases, but the good news is that some species of plants are literally hard to kill, and even a novice can grow them with the least amount of effort and care! If we got you interested, browse this post to know about some plants that don’t die easily!

Plants That Are Nearly Impossible To Kill

Most of us often shun the idea of keeping house plants, thinking that they require constant care and may have even shifted to the idea of having artificial plants at home, however, this may come as a blessing for those people that there are some varieties of plants that are difficult to kill! Here are some hardest to kill houseplants:

1. Begonias

This plant is grown for its delicate blooms and beautiful foliage. These green beauties bloom that grows very fast are available in various forms, shapes, sizes, and colors.

2. Rubber Tree Plant

This is one of the plants you can’t kill because this plant is a toughie in the true sense. However, this plant can rot in the presence of too much water and thus should only be watered when the soil appears dry. Keep this beauty a bright spot where it can get some filtered sunlight!

3. Peace Lily

This plant purifies air by filtering toxins from the air and thus makes for a great house plant. However, if you are wondering that you will forget when to water it, don’t worry that as in the dearth of water, the leaves will start drooping, and that indication is hard to miss!

4. Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

If you are looking for some indoor plants that are hard to kill, well, this plant will surely be one of the toppers on the list! Ideal for amateur or beginner level gardeners, this plant can survive best if kept in a place with indirect sunlight. You have to water it occasionally or when you see the topsoil too dry!

5. Mother In-Law’s Tongue

It may sound like a weird name for a plant but don’t go by the name as this is a stunning plant with tall leaves. It is ideal for making the indoors look lively and green. This plant is so low maintenance that it can go almost a month without water, and it likes occasional direct sunlight.

6. Jade Plant

This succulent plant has adorable tiny leaves and fairly easy to grow as they require minimal watering and care. It stores water in the leaves; therefore, it is okay if you do not water it for days at a stretch. Make sure to refrain from over-watering as it may rot the roots of the plant.

7. Golden Pothos

One of the most loved plants for its quality to purify the indoor air, golden pothos is a plant that anyone can grow. This plant can thrive in high temperatures and need indirect sunlight!

8. Aloe Vera

Apart from being used in various natural remedies, Aloe Vera is one of the plants that cannot be destructed easily. This succulent plant requires indirect sunlight and very little water. Mixing vermiculite with potting soil will help ensure better drainage, which will be beneficial in keeping the plant healthy.

9. ZZ Plant

Known by various other names such as Welcome Plant, Cardboard Plant, Zamioculcas, etc. ZZ plant is a very resilient plant. It thrives perfectly in low light conditions and also does not need regular watering. Apart from all these pluses, this plant is a great option if you are looking for plants that are great air purifiers too!

10. Spider Plant

This plant gets the name because of the tiny plants hanging from the end of leaves. one can turn these tiny plants into new plants. Available in green, light green, and even white colors, this highly adaptable plant is easy to take care of as it requires bright indirect sunlight and occasional watering!

11. Boston Ferns

This plant can perk up your study, verandah, or deck with its dangly and frilly leaves. This beauty thrives better in humid conditions and is fine with not being exposed to direct sunlight. The leaves may go droopy in winters. However, placing them in sunlight for a few days will do the trick!

12. Philodendron

This tropical plant comes in many sizes and shapes and can be a perfect addition to your home décor. After placing it in your home, you can literally forget about the plant as it requires very little care. Just water it once a week, and it is good to go!

13. Air Plant

If you have space constraints to grow plants, this will be a perfect addition to your indoor space as you can place it on a dish or even hang it in a terrarium, and it will just grow! It does not need soil to grow but needs a lot of air to survive, so make sure it is well ventilated. Just spray it with some water once or twice a week and refrain from exposing it to direct sunlight.

14. Ponytail Palm

With a bulb-like trunk and curly leaves, this indoor plant is gaining more and more popularity. You can easily take care of this plant as it stays healthy in most conditions. It would help if you fertilized it one to two times a year and water it sparingly during colder months.

15. Ox Tongue Plant

An ideal indoor plant can tolerate even the most shaded places in your house; this plant is a variety of succulent and thus requires little watering. This plant thrives better in dryer conditions.

16. Prayer Plant

Apart from exuding positive vibes with its name, this stunning indoor plant thrives well in low-light places. This plant requires humidity and well-drained soil and thus can be placed in bathrooms and other such places. It is a non-toxic plant; thus, no worries about pets or children tend to fiddle with the leaves.

17. Chinese Money Plant

Delicate and skinny stems with pancake-shaped green leaves make this plant an absolute delight for the eyes. This plant is not only a visual treat but also requires minimal care. This pet-friendly plant needs to be watered once a week only.

18. Asparagus Fern

Well, not exactly a true fern, but this dainty-looking plant will make for an attractive addition to your interiors. This plant can tolerate high temperatures and require regular spraying or misting.

19. Zebra Haworthia

This tiny plant with a striking appearance will brighten up the dull corners of your house. The Zebra Haworthia stores water in its leaves, thus it does not require water regularly, and it is also fine with direct sunlight!

20. Strings of Heart

This succulent plant is one of the best hanging plants that are hard to kill and makes for a delightful addition to your living space. The fine strands of the plant with tiny heart-shaped leaves can grow really long. This plant enjoys bright sunny places in your house!

Now that you know some of our top picks in plants that are not only easy to maintain but practically hard to kill, you can plan to get some of these beauties to your home to make your living space greener and happier!

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