120 Cute & Funny Nicknames for Sisters With Meanings

Top 120 Nicknames For Sisters

If you have a sister, you know how special you are to have her in your life. The relationship that you share with her can’t be put in words, and you love it that she understands what’s going in your mind without you having to say it. But in your childhood, you must have had a love/hate relationship, and called each other nicknames that your parents wouldn’t have approved of. Now you have kids who are the best siblings ever, but when they argue or fight, they might be having special names for each other.

But if they are looking for some funny or cute nicknames, we have listed them down in this article! (Even you could use some of these names for your amazing sister.)

Cute Nicknames for Your Sister

This comprehensive list of the best nicknames can inspire you to choose one of the cutest nicknames for your sister.

1. Adorable

You can pick this name for your cute little, kind-hearted sister.

2. Amazon

It’s a name that your sister would love!

3. Angel Eyes

‘Angel eyes’ is the perfect name for your sister if you think she has the most beautiful eyes.

4. Angel Face

This name is for that sister with a cute and pretty face.

5. Apple

If your little sister is the ‘apple of your eye,’ Apple would be a perfect name for her.

6. Apple Pie

If you think your sister to be as sweet as this dish, Apple-Pie can be her name.

7. Baby Bear

This name will work for your cute baby sister whom you adore.

8. Baby Cake

This name is for that sister who loves to eat cake.

9. Baby Doll

A cute term of endearment for your baby sister.

10. Baby Face

For a sister who looks younger than her age.

11. Bambie

This name is for a sister as cute as a baby deer.

12. Barbie

For a sister who looks like a Barbie doll.

13. Beanie

For your sweet sister.

14. Boo-Boo

This one is given to an adorable baby sister.

15. Button

For a cute and tiny sister.

16. Chatterbox

If your sister is talkative, this name would suit her just fine.

17. Choco-Pop

For the sister who loves choco-pops.

18. Cinderella

Cinderella suits a sister who’s as fashionable as the fairy-tale character.

19. Cutie Head

This nickname is a funny variation of ‘cutie.’

20. Cutie Pie

For a sweet and adorable sister.

21. Dimples

For a sister who gets dimples on her cheeks when she smiles.

22. Donut

For a sister with a chubby face.

23. Duckling

For a playful sister.

24. Firecracker

For a sister who is quite hot-tempered or has fiery red hair.

25. Fluffy

For your little baby sister.

26. Freckles

If your sister has a freckled face, you might just want to call her one playfully.

27. Giggles

For the one who’s always laughing and smiling.

28. Grumpy

If your sister gets irritated easily, you can call her your little grumpy sister.

29. Half Pint

Most suitable for a short younger sister.

30. Hermanita

Hermana means sister in Spanish.

31. Happy

If you have a sister who is always smiling, no matter what the situation is, you can nickname her happy!

32. Jelly Bean

Jelly beans are small bean-shaped sugar candies that would indicate your love for your sweet sister.

33. Jewel

Jewel literally implies that your sister is ‘the jewel of your heart.’

34. Kiddo

This nickname applies to a kid sister.

35. Lucky Charm

If you think your sister to be your good luck charm, name her like this one.

36. Marshmellow

Marshmellow is a sugar confectionary that would rightly describe your sweet little sister.

37. Newbie

This name is a perfect nickname for a newborn.

38. Plum

A term of endearment for a sweet sister.

39. Poodles

This nickname is ideal for a sister who loves dogs.

40. Sweetheart

A common term of endearment for a loving sister.

Nicknames for sisters

Funny Nicknames for Your Sister

Calling your sister by her first name may not be enough to prove your love for her. You need funny nicknames to tease and irritate her. Well, we have a list of funny nicknames that you can choose from for your adorable sister.

1. Ace

This name is perfect for that sister who is good at everything she does!

2. Atom

An atom is the smallest unit of matter. If your sister is small and attractive and loves science, this is a name she would love!

3. Bag of Tricks

It applies to a sister who is full of awesome surprises.

4. Boss

If you have an elder sister who loves to boss around, you can call her bossy!

5. Brainiac

For your intelligent and super-smart sister Brainiac.

6. Champ

This name is suitable for a sister, who is an athlete and loves to win.

7. Chunky Monkey

This name is suitable for a chubby sister.

8. Copycat

Ah! A perfect name for a younger sister who copies everything that her elder brother or sister does.

9. Crazy Pants

A funny name for a sister whom you love to tease.

10. Diva

This name is apt for a sister who behaves like a diva.

11. Drama Queen

This describes a sister who is quite dramatic.

12. Elf

Elf refers to a ‘small mischievous fairy.’ Name your little sister as Elf if she helps you around.

13. Flash

For a sister who is a fast runner.

14. Free Holly

This name might be suitable for your baby sister, which is commonly given to Christmas girl babies, referring to the holly tree.

15. Funny Hunny

For a sister who always makes you laugh.

16. Giggle Monster

For the sister who likes to laugh at most times.

17. Gold Fish

For a sister with a remarkably short attention span.

18. Goof

This is an endearing name for your cute little sister.

19. Grasshopper

This is a name that is sure to irritate your sister.

20. Gummy Bear

If your sister loves the cartoon Gummy Bear, you can call her Gummy Bear.

21. Hershey Kiss

Hershey kisses being bite-size pieces of chocolate, you call your cute sister by this name.

22. Hissy Sis

This is a comical name for your sister, which we bet she won’t approve of. So be careful, when you call her this name!

23. Hollywood

For a sister who is destined for fame.

24. Khaleesi

For a sister with beautiful blonde hair.

25. Kiddo

An affectionate term used for a younger sister.

26. Legs

For a cute little sister who has long legs.

25. Minion

For an obedient sister.

28. Munchkin

Suitable for a cute little sister.

29. Ninja

A fitting name for a skilful sister.

30. Odd-Duck

A funny nickname for your unconventional sister.

31. Panda

If you love giving your sister a bear hug, name her Panda.

32. Pimples

Call your teenage sister with pimples by this funny name.

33. Pooh Bear

A cool and funny pet name for your cute sister.

34. Radical

Good for a sister with weird and unusual ideas.

35. Shadow

Shadow is a suitable name for your sister, who also happens to be your partner in crime.

36. Smallie

A popular option for little sisters.

37. Squirrel

The right name for an energetic sibling.

38. Sugar Puff

For a sweet and tiny sister.

39. Turtle

For a sister who takes too much time in doing things.

40. Wee-One

If you are looking for a cute name for your sweet little sister, you can go with this one.

Nicknames for sisters

Nicknames for Your Sister in Different Languages

If you’re looking for foreign nicknames that are unique and appealing, then here a list of names for sisters, in different languages.

  1. Surella-Corsica
  2. Chwaer-Welsh
  3. Dada-Swahili
  4. Hermana-Spain
  5. Irma-Portugal
  6. Kakak-Malaysia
  7. Māsa-Latvia
  8. Moter-Albania
  9. Schwester-German
  10. Sestra- Czech, Bosnian, Slovak, Croatia, Slovenia
  11. Opa-Uzbekistan
  12. Siostra-Poland
  13. Sisko-Finland
  14. Soeur-France
  15. Sorella-Italy
  16. Soror-Latin
  17. Suster-Africa
  18. Syster-Sweden
  19. Systir-Iceland
  20. Zus-Dutch

Mean Nicknames for Sisters

Sisters are someone with whom we share an honest relationship. A relationship between siblings is pure and full of love, so it’s natural for them to tease each other. On days, there are pillow fights, sibling rivalry, and what not! On such days, we need funny or mean nicknames to irritate our siblings. If you’re looking for some mean names (okay, maybe not, so mean), we have them for you!

1. Adopted

A nickname to tease your sister.

2. Blackship

Mostly used as a trouble maker or odd one in the family.

3. Brat

A name for an incredibly pampered sister.

4. Chicken

For a sister who’s mostly coward.

5. Clone

For a sister who looks just like you.

6. Dwarf

For a short sister.

7. Evil Twin

Fitting for your evil twin sister.

8. FLK

This implies a ‘funny looking kid.’

9. Giganotauraus

For an extremely big sister.

10. Hairball

For a hairy sister.

11. Loony

For your odd little sister, whose behaviour you adore!

12. Menace

Menace applies well to someone who causes a lot of chaos.

13. Nut

For a crazy sister.

14. Piggy

For a cute little sister.

15. Pschyo

For a sister who acts crazy.

16. Runt

For someone who is small and weak.

17. Scrooge

A sister who hates sharing her things.

18. Sumo

For a sister, who loves to wrestle with you.

19. Wombat

For a sister who drains your energy.

20. Zeal

For a sister who is enthusiastic about everything.

There may have been countless arguments with your sister overdoing the household chores; mean insults hurled exchanged, or instances when your sister breaks or loses your favorite belongings. Despite all of this, she is the only one we can turn to after our parents for seeking help, support, or advice. She is the one with whom we learn to share and care. Hence, good nicknames for your sister will remain as gems hidden in our hearts that would shine with time and remind us how much our sister means to us as a true pillar of strength.

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