Top 10 House Plants That Are Safe for Cats

Top 10 Pretty Plants That Are Safe For Cats

It can be challenging to brighten your home with greenery when you have a curious feline running around, nibbling on everything it can find! However, you can always try to ensure that the plant is out of your cat’s reach because plants tend to cause vomiting and diarrhea among cats. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has an extensive list of plants that are and aren’t toxic to your cats that you can refer to when making a green purchase for your house. Here is a list of 10 gorgeous cat-safe house plants.

Gorgeous Houseplants That Are Non-Toxic For Cats

With numerous options available at nurseries, finding the right plants that will brighten up your home and not give your pets any trouble can be challenging. Here is a list of 10 lovely and cat-friendly house plants that you can get:

1. Moth Orchid

Orchids are a common houseplant because of their colorful and mesmerizing look. Otherwise known as Phalaenopsis Orchid, the Moth Orchid is an easy plant to grow as it requires low to medium amounts of light and needs to be watered every 7-10 days. It thrives in high humidity, and its stunning white flowers can truly brighten up your home. Orchids also don’t take up too much room but can grow quite tall.

2. Boston Ferns

Boston Ferns are safe for cats as well as dogs and are a classic houseplant. They are leafy and versatile and are used to fill up any space, whether a tabletop or a windowsill. Boston ferns thrive in high humidity, so they are ideal for your bathroom. Indirect sunlight and moist soil are excellent, so if you are looking for cat-friendly indoor plants, these are perfect.

3. Bamboo Palm

Bamboo palm, i.e., Chamaedorea Seifrizii, can grow to be stunning statement pieces that will give your home a fresh look. They are cat-friendly and only need to be watered 2-3 times a month. They thrive in bright places but not under direct sunlight.

4. Air Plants

The easiest way to keep plants out of your cat’s reach is by hanging them up on a wall. Air plants are an excellent substitute for wall hangings and paintings and can be displayed in small planters or terrariums. Air plants don’t need too much soil but make sure to hang them in a bright place, away from direct sunlight, and mist them daily.

5. Echeveria

Native to semi-deserts in Central America, these rose-shaped succulents are popular houseplants because of their simple and elegant aesthetic. They require bright, direct sunlight and don’t need to be watered frequently.

6. African Violets

If you are looking for a mesmerizing centerpiece, Saintpaulias or African Violets are a great choice. They also come in different varieties, the flower color ranging from pink to purple and having differently shaped leaves. These plants thrive in warm, humid, and sunny places.

7. Spider Plants

These popular houseplants are some of the best indoor plants safe for cats. They are easy to take care of as they need low and indirect light and infrequent watering. They also sprout baby plants, allowing you to expand your plant collection.

8. Polka Dot Plants

Also referred to as Hypoestes Phyllostachys, these plants have vibrant leaves with freckled patterns and various colors. These plants are not toxic for cats but can result in diarrhea or vomiting if eaten in excess. In addition, they require bright light for the leaf pattern to develop.

9. Areca Palm

Areca Palms are safe plants for cats and are great for larger spaces in your home. They are also called Butterfly Palm and have a tropical look.

10. Rattlesnake Plant

Otherwise known as Calathea Iancifolia, this is one of the best low-light indoor plants safe for cats. The snake plant will be a peculiar yet beautiful addition to your collection with its vibrant colors, crinkly leaves, and unique texture. It does not require direct sunlight and weekly watering is sufficient.

Cats, by nature, are curious and love to nibble on everything, even plants! Therefore, it is of utmost importance to ensure that your place is safe and not home to any plants that can be toxic for your cat. However, you don’t have to choose between keeping your feline and having some greenery if you opt for one of these non-toxic yet aesthetic plants.

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