Adopting A Cat? - These Factors Will Help You to Take Informed Decision

Things You Should Consider Before Adopting A Cat

For all the cat lovers out there! There are quite a few things that you need to keep in mind if you think you are ready to adopt a cat. There are various rules that you have to abide by; From its health needs to the organized process of finally getting a pet cat and taking her home – one has to be extremely ready for the responsibility. It is imperative to be mindful of both the financial and health-related steps in this entire course of action.

Benefits of Adopting A Cat

Other than the fun part of the process of adopting a cat, one might also like to be informed about the benefits of adopting a cat. Just like dog-lovers are assured of their safety when they have a dog at home, cat lovers might also want to know if any benefits might come as a bonus when they adopt a cat. Let us have a look at a few:

1. Health Improvement

Having a pet will always reduce the feeling of loneliness, but other than that, having cats has been said to have a positive impact in lowering heart issues. Stroking a cat can have a miraculous effect in reducing your blood pressure. And if you have children at home, you are less prone to allergies or respiratory issues with cats around.

2. Saving A Life

When you consider adopting a cat – you are most likely to go to a breeder or shelter where cats have been either abandoned or left for other issues. They might be depressed and aiming for no life at all – by adopting them, you are saving a life.

3. Your Dream Pet

The variety is what a shelter offers to you. There are plenty of sizes, shapes, colors to pick from, and you are also well informed about their different quirks so that you know which cat will be suitable for your home.

4. Saving Money

When you adopt a cat, it comes with basic health check-up packages, vaccination deals even spaying or neutering facilities. Therefore other than the fee of adopting it and its basic food and homestay facilities, there are hardly any expenses you have got to worry about because it is all covered.

5. Pest Control

Cats are an excellent way of getting rid of pests as they pounce on them at sight.

6. Being Inclusive

Once you adopt a cat from a shelter, you make way for other cats or kittens to be adopted too, therefore, saving more lives.

7. Low Maintenance

Cats are said to be highly particular about their self-grooming needs. Therefore they will hardly ask too much of your time in that department.

8. Doesn’t Expect Much

Compared to dogs, cats are way less maintenance. They can sleep for the longest time and wouldn’t care if you just let them be in their corner as they enjoy a nap.

What To Consider Before You Bring Cat Home

You have to be well informed on multiple factors when you are planning to adopt a cat and bring it home. You have to be responsible and be sure of what you are looking for because this cat will be there with you for the long haul.

1. Do Your Research

Look out for the cat’s characteristics and do your research well!  Be sure of whether you want a pedigreed cat or a mixed breed and the pertaining health issues of each so that you take precautions.

2. Finalize A Breed

This also requires research and attention, for different breeds of cats have different levels of energy. Therefore various traits like how feral or calm it is, its energy level, grooming needs, compatibility needs – all these have to be thought of, and you can only do that once your breed is finalized. This is a good way of learning about the cat lifestyle that you will be making arrangements for.

3. Age Matters

Decide the age of the cat based on the amount of time and commitment you can offer. Kittens are usually energetic and demand more of your time, whereas adult cats are calmer and typically keep to themselves. Take your pick.

4. Select A Gender

Deciding between a male or female cat can be quite taxing. But if you keep thinking about it well ahead of time, you are most likely to be sure by the time you go to adopt one.

5. Signs of A Healthy Cat

You can look out for some signs that will ensure that you are going for a healthy cat. Both the eyes and nose of the cat should be free of any form of discharge. Ensure the hair coat of the cats are clean, and they don’t have potbellies as that is a sign of intestinal worms – especially adopting cats for families with children would have to be free of any diseases it carries with it into the house as taking care of it becomes quite troublesome.

Process To Adopt A Cat

There are various helping guides present online that give you a quick and easy understanding of the multiple steps you need to follow if you are planning to adopt a cat from a shelter. The goal is to make potential adopting families or individuals ready for the process with full understanding so that the entire process gets completed efficiently.

Have a look at the prime steps that you are most likely to witness once you decide and approach a shelter to adopt a cat:

1. Concerned Application For Adoption

A cat adoption application is the most important of them all as it is a legal way, to begin with, the process. It also helps in having a record of the process. The application form consists of fundamental questions such as contact details, other members of the house, and any related information on other pets, whether you live in your own home or rented house, any restrictions that you might have regarding pet ownership, veterinarian contact.

2. Get To Know Your Cat

The most crucial step is to get your application approved, and once that gets done, it is time to have a meet and greet session with the potential cat you are about to adopt, see if it fits your requirements. There might be instances where professionals visit your home to see if it will be a suitable home for the adopted cat.

3. Finalizing The Contract

Once the decision of adopting seems to be ultimate, it is time to sign over the dotted lines on an official contract. Once the papers are signed, and the adoption fees are paid, it is time to take your cat home.

How To Take Care of The Cat For The First Few Days?

The first initial days can be extremely crucial because your adopted cat is exposed to an entirely new place. Therefore here are few tips that will help you be extra cautious and take care of the cat for the first few days.

  • It would be best if you understood that your adopted cat had spent most of its days in a confined area at the shelter. Exposing it instantly to a large area can be overwhelming for the cat. Therefore a quieter and smaller place is most advisable for the first few days.
  • Place all its necessities like the litter box, food, and water near the cat in the small room. Let it get adjusted to the fact that everything it needs is right there. Do not leave it lonely and keep checking up on the cat and see how children interact with the cat if you have any.
  • If you don’t know already, hiding places are loved by cats. Do not get alarmed if, in the beginning, the cat spends the majority of its time hiding in a cardboard box or under a piece of furniture. Give him/her those outlets to get used to it.
  • As time passes and the cat seems to be adjusting a little, you can slowly try to open up the more significant part of the house to the cat and let it feel more welcomed.

How Much Does It Cost While Adopting A Cat?

This aspect ultimately depends on your needs and budgetary constraints. The advantage of adopting a cat from a shelter is that it can save a lot of money on the cat’s health as the shelter provides its basic health necessities packages.

You have first to be ready with the adoption fee – it depends on how much you are willing to spend; the breed matters too.

How Long Does It Take To Adopt A Cat?

This might be a pertinent question, especially when you are adopting from a shelter. The time varies from shelter to shelter- the process of getting your application approved and contacting the references listed might take up some time. Then one must also think about instances when there might be home visits to ensure an adopting home is a safe place for the cat.

It usually takes a couple of hours to a couple of days in case of home visits, but it is to ensure the safety of the adopted cat, so it is all worthwhile.

Can I Adopt A Stray Cat?

To adopt a pet cat, you need to do all your research thoroughly and be extremely well aware. Especially when you are thinking of adopting a stray cat – you need not be scared as they can easily be trained to adjust to newer environments and thus can be adopted. However, get them checked by Vets early to ensure you don’t adopt a stray cat with any health issues.

On the other hand, adopting an adult cat can be quite dangerous as they are primarily feral and thus are not recommended. They are not used to socializing with people and hence are best to be left outside of their free will.

Thus adopting a cat is a matter of extreme responsibility, and you need to know the basics of the process before you are sure of your decision and approach a shelter for the same.

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