Super Brain Yoga: Benefits, How to Do & Precautions

Super Brain Yoga – A Simple Exercise To Boost Your Mental Health

Staying mentally sharp and having an amazing memory is what all children all wish for. However, there is actually a way of making these wishes come true. This is possible with Superbrain Yoga or yoga for optimal brain health. We’ll tell you how it works and its benefits.

What Is Super Brain Yoga?

In simple terms, Superbrain Yoga is a type of yoga which stimulates the acupressure points in your earlobes. This sends electrical signals to the brain, thus stimulating it and boosting cognitive clarity. The result is a sharper and calmer mind, reduced ADHD, better performance in school and anything else that involves learning, retention, and recall.

How Does It Work?

Superbrain Yoga, for kids and adults alike, boosts electrical activity in the brain and gets it up and running. Your brain is like a muscle and essentially, this type of yoga stimulates it and gives it a workout. It’s gentle, easy-to-do, and it doesn’t take a lot of time either. Any energy locked away in your lower extremities gets channelled upwards, going right to your brain and boosting its functioning.

What Are the Benefits of Super Brain Yoga?

If you practice Superbrain Yoga every day, you will begin to experience these benefits:

1. Increases Creativity

From drawing, painting to any activity that requires creative thinking, your child’s performance will be better than before. She’ll pick up new skills a lot faster and need to put in less effort to get more things done.

2. Calms the Mind

Does your child struggle to sit in one place and pay attention to her classes? If yes, then Superbrain Yoga will help. It’ll calm her mind, de-stress her, and ease anxiety. And really, that’s the best you could ask for.

3. Improves Cognitive Function

Since it’s yoga for the brain, she’ll able to recall and remember more. Her brain will be much sharper and she’ll get used to ‘thinking on her feet’.

4. Lowers Stress

One of the biggest benefits is that it lowers stress. More cortisol affects the quality of life negatively but with Superbrain Yoga, you don’t have to worry about that. Less stress also means she’ll be able to focus better, relax, and let go – leading to learning and performing cognitive or physical tasks with confidence.

5. Eliminates Depression

If you’ve been feeling depressed a lot lately, you’ll find that practising Superbrain yoga every day will help. It also helps to tackle conditions like mood swings, ADHD, OCD, and any mental health problems which are reversible.

Benefits of Superbrain Yoga

6. Improves Balance

The physical benefit of Superbrain Yoga is that the sense of balance improves. This means you won’t be prone to falling or slipping on the ground since your feet will be well-grounded when walking or running.

7. Boosts Sex Drive

A heightened sex drive is one of the best benefits of Superbrain Yoga. And who doesn’t want better sex? It also revitalizes your kidneys and helps to combat adrenal fatigue.

8. Cleanses Emotionally

Emotional blockages or negative energy in the body manifests physically. If you’ve got any blockages in your life, it’ll show up sooner or later in the form of disease, injuries, physical trauma, etc. When you do Superbrain Yoga correctly, it will help to release the blockages and circulate positive energy throughout your body. This will leave you feeling good and also improve your productivity in all spheres of life.

9. Improves Energy Levels

Your child’s metabolism gets a boost, she’ll feel more energized, and won’t get tired easily.

10. Changes Perspective

This type of yoga makes you a more positive person and emotionally healthier. The way you look at life and how you do things change completely.

How To Do Super Brain Yoga?

Performing Superbrain Yoga isn’t that difficult. You just have to know the right steps. Here’s how to do this brain exercise:

  • Start by standing erect on the floor with your head facing in the direction of the east. If you don’t know which direction is east, that’s fine; just make sure you stand in the Tadasana pose.
  • Lift your right arm and fold it at the elbow. Get the index finger and thumb and connect them to your left earlobe, making sure the thumb faces away from your face.
  • Now take your left arm, fold it at the elbow and do the same for the right earlobe. Use your index finger and thumb of your left hand for this.
  • Your tongue should touch the roof of your mouth and press against it throughout the duration of this pose.
  • Keep your feet apart and squat down. Inhale and hold your breath for a few moments; stay in this position for a while.
  • Exhale and get up slowly.
  • Repeat this process about 15 to 20 times to reap the benefits and make the most of it.

Superbrain Yoga

Tips To Consider While Doing This Yoga Exercise

Here are a couple of tips to consider when you do Superbrain Yoga or try it for the first time:

  • Your posture makes a big difference. Make sure your back and shoulders are straight, and your torso, spine, and neck erect. Your feet should stay flat on the ground and your shoulders must widen. If your posture is not correct, you won’t be able to make the most of this exercise.
  • The tongue resting against the roof of your mouth by pressing actually activates the relaxation response in your body. This makes you more mindful when performing the pose.
  • Make sure you perform the pose in a quiet well-lit room that’s free from noises or distractions. This is because it’ll take a bit of practice to get the form and pose right and you don’t want to be disturbed when you’re working on it. You can also do this pose in your backyard or a quiet outdoor space with a lawn to feel more relaxed and grounded.
  • Avoid putting on jewellery, fashion accessories, or tight clothing. These would distract you and get in the way. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and stay hydrated before performing this exercise.
  • There are no evidence-backed studies which claim that Superbrain yoga will change your brain or give results instantly. The results take time to show up. If your child practises this exercise regularly, you’ll notice her recall capacity and attention span improving.

Try doing Superbrain Yoga with your child every day and unlock your brain power.

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