12 Stunning Walk-In Shower Ideas With Designs

Stunning Walk-In Shower Ideas for a Luxury Bath Experience

Whether you are planning to renovate your current bathroom or entirely build a new one for your home, remember that the size of the bathroom never matters. When you want to make the room look and feel luxurious, designing and creating an attractive walk-in shower is what you should focus on. This is one place that most people come to jumpstart a long day and to de-stress after a tiring one. And the best thing is, you would not have to break your bank to bring luxurious walk-in shower designs to fruition. Many affordable options will save you money without compromising on the style.

Gorgeous Walk-In Shower Ideas

Check out this endless collection of walk-in features and design options to create your ideal walk-in shower!

1. A Barndoor for a Farmhouse Vibe

A Barndoor for a Farmhouse Vibe

Source: Pinterest

Many people usually incorporate the farmhouse style in the bathroom by including a clawfoot tub, but you can get a little creative and use a barn door for the shower instead! The barn door can be of any color – from rustic brown to modern white, depending on the bathroom’s theme. However, a barn door closure can instantly transform any regular bathroom into a chic farmhouse luxury bathroom.

2. A Flush Shower Tray

A Flush Shower Tray

Source: Pinterest

Go for a flush shower tray if you want to create a wetroom feel in your bathroom. This way, there is no need to worry about waterproofing the floor of your shower as you would typically do with other ideas. Moreover, to create a stylish space, you could further include a crittall shower screen, a rustic pink wall, some gorgeous floor tiles, and some copper bath equipment.

3. A Small One for Your Pet

A Small One for Your Pet

Source: Pinterest

If you have leftover space even after fixing a tub and a walk-in shower, you could create a small walk-in shower for your pet! Of course, this would be necessary only if you have a dog or a cat at home, but if you do, then a small enclosed space with a drain and a handheld shower would help you during your pet’s bath time. You could even use tiles to save extra money and install a small shelf to place the bath time essentials.

4. Think Outside the Box!

Think Outside the Box

Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for huge walk-in shower ideas, then look no further! When you have a lot of space in your bathroom, you can design and create a huge walk-in shower in a different dimension right in the middle instead of pushing your walk-in shower to a corner of the room. Feature a double entry, marble shower walls with recessed shelving, and twin shower heads to elevate your bathroom’s style.

5. Go Bright

Go Bright

Source: Pinterest

While there are many neutral walk-in tile shower ideas out there, you can always try something different by going colorful on your shower tiles! Choose your favorite colors, mix them up to add personality, and create an enchanting shower space. You can also make pretty patterns with the colored tiles – no matter how small or large your bathroom is, this will surely help add a bit of life.

6. Alcoves and Eaves

Alcoves and Eaves

Source: Pinterest

If the space you allocated for a bathroom has alcoves and eaves, then don’t worry because you can use its different layout and dimension to your advantage! You can build your walk-in shower into a cavity or an eave and let the walls act as automatic partitions for the shower and the bathroom. Install roof windows above the bathroom, or the shower, to provide you with a sense of open space while welcoming some extra light.

7. Exposed Stone

Exposed Stone

Source: Pinterest

While you can choose from many beautiful master bathroom walk-in shower ideas, try something different and unique by creating an exposed stone bathroom with an open shower. Use local stones for the shower and the bathroom walls, besides copper showerheads and other fittings inside. For a more beautiful surrounding, you could add small lamps and lanterns along with scented candles on the stone shelves of the bathroom. An area like this will surely provide you with a fortress-like escape every time you enter the shower!

8. Tiling Can Do the Trick

Tiling Can Do the Trick

Source: Pinterest

Make everything feel bigger in your bathroom by getting creative with the tile patterns in your walk-in shower. Add in metro tiles in a vertical brick and block pattern on the walls of your walk-in shower and bathroom to make your space look more spacious. You could even add a window way above the sink for some natural light while simultaneously creating a sense of vastness. This is indeed another great way to trick the eye in smaller bathrooms!

9. Add a Small Step

Add a Small Step

Source: Pinterest

Define the walk-in shower area specifically by placing it a small step above the rest of the bathroom. This can also help you cover up some of the awkward plumbing below, which would otherwise require you to spend extra to move the plumbing. To add to the definition of the walk-in shower, you could include separate colored flooring tiles for the shower area and different patterned walls. Another option is to keep your entire bathroom monotonous except for the walk-in shower area, which can be the pop of color your bathroom requires.

10. Bringing in Nature

Bringing in Nature

Source: Pinterest

Instead of going for a traditional walk-in shower and bathroom, you could always add a splash of nature by getting clever with your space! For example, you could go for a pebble-floored walk-in shower with wooden slide doors and shelves to make it look like you are indeed relaxing in a nature-inspired spa. You can add to this idea by placing a beautiful holly olive tree in the middle of the bathroom along with a few potted plants to complete the natural space!

11. Glitz and Glamor

Glitz and Glamour

Source: Pinterest

Let your bathroom be the most stylish space in your home with a Hollywood-inspired bathroom- an all glitz and glam space without being overly decorated or congested. You can add mesh shower walls for an industrial feel in the shower area while using faded copper tiles on the floor to even it out. With dark ceilings, metal fittings, and industrial lights, you will be able to turn any ordinary bathroom into an attraction. If your bathroom is smaller than usual, then you could always add in a large mirror opposite to your walk-in shower to make your area feel more spacious.

12. Bigger Showers Without Tubs

Bigger Showers Without Tubs

Source: Pinterest

If you have a smaller bathroom where you cannot fit in both the tub and the shower, then ditch the tub and use the extra space to create a bigger shower! Removing the tub will save some space, providing you with more room to create the ultimate walk-in shower. This is one of the best small bathroom walk-in shower ideas since your shower would be larger than usual without a tub to overwhelm the space.

There are many unique ways to make a gorgeous walk-in shower. So, feel free to get a little creative and mix and match these ideas to build your ideal space!

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