How to Plant, Grow & Care "Orchids Flower" at Home

Step by Step Guide on How to Grow Orchids at Home

Orchids have no equal in beauty. These breath-taking and delicate flowers have a long life with a long bloom period. So it’s no wonder many people want to enjoy the thrill of seeing orchids bloom in their homes. Here are growing and caring tips to grow orchids at home.

About Orchids

Orchids are the largest flowering plant with over 25,000 naturally growing species. They are found in most parts of the world except Antarctica. Every orchid variety has a characteristic petal or highly evolved lip protruding in a blossom of three petals and sepals. Orchids can either be terrestrial ( earth-growing) or epiphytic (air-growing).

Benefits of Orchids

Some benefits of orchids are:

1. Increases immunity due to Vitamin C

2. Antioxidants present to promote healthy skin

3. Cure Ulcers

4. Relieve stress

Varieties of Orchids

Some popular varieties of orchids are:

  1. Cattleya
  2. Cymbidium
  3. Dendrobium
  4. Paphiopedilum
  5. Oncidium
  6. Angranthes grandalena
  7. Brassavola nodosa
  8. Miltoniopsis santanaei
  9. Odontoglossums
  10. Phalaenopsis gigantean

How to Plant Orchids?

Orchids are generally sold in bark or sphagnum moss pots. Carefully tease the roots of your orchids, free to re-pot them in your own container. Fill the new orchid container halfway with potting mix. Fill in around the roots of the plant in the container with the mix. Be careful not to bury the leaves or stems.

Easy Steps to Grow Orchids

Easy Steps to Grow Orchids

Some easy potting tips to grow orchids at home:

  1. Select the variety of orchids that can be easily grown at home
  2. Choose the appropriate soil
  3. Make the potting mix and add water.
  4. Take a new pot.
  5. Fill the pot with stones, chips of bark, or tree fern
  6. Plant the orchid in the pot.
  7. Add the potting mix.
  8. Water the pot

How Long Does It Take to Grow Orchids?

Earlier it used to take seven years for an orchid to bloom from the seed stage. Now with modern cloning technology and cultivation techniques, it takes two years to grow orchids.

Steps to Take Care of Orchids

Few steps to take care of orchids:

  1. Maintain the right temperature
  2.  Make sure the light is adequate
  3.  Regular watering
  4.  Fertilize every week
  5.  Maintain the humidity level
  6.  Check for pests, diseases, and withering leaves

Common Pests and Diseases That Affect Orchids

Though Orchids are generally pest-free plants, there are few pests and diseases that may affect them. These are:

  1. Aphids
  2. Mealybugs
  3. Leaf spots
  4. Thrips
  5. Snails and slugs
  6. Root rot

Facts About Orchids

Here are some interesting facts about orchids:

  1. Orchids are found all over the world and are one of the oldest flowering plants in the world.
  2. The vanilla orchid is the only orchid plant that is commercially grown and harvested.
  3. With more than 25,000 species of orchids, they are the largest flowering family.
  4. Orchids can live long, almost up to 100 years.
  5. Do many people wonder how big do orchids grow? The largest orchid weighs around several hundred pounds, and the smallest is the size of a dime.
  6. As orchids mature, they grow upside down.
  7. Every orchid flower is symmetrical in shape.
  8. Orchid has the tiniest seeds.


Some common FAQs asked about orchids:

1. Are Orchids Difficult To Grow?

It is not difficult to grow orchids indoors when one takes care of the potting mix, watering, and other conditions to grow them.

2. Are Orchids Fragrant?

Most orchids are fragrant. However, some orchid varieties may have an offensive smell.

3. How Much Do I Water An Orchid?

Water once a week throughout the winter and twice a week after the weather warms up and becomes dry.

4. When And How To Repot Orchids?

After your orchid plant has flowered and its roots trail out of the pot, it’s time to re-pot it. To re-pot your orchid, first, carefully remove it from the existing pot. Inspect its roots, and cut off the damaged ones. Then plant it in a new pot.

You can easily grow orchids at home following these growing tips and enjoy a long blooming period of this beautiful flower.

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