15 Easy DIY & Cute Holiday Hairstyle Ideas

Simple and Beautiful Holiday Hairdos You Can DIY

Holidays are the time for the best clothing and accessories to look our festive selves. Hence, we should not miss out on hairstyles to complete the ensemble. Be it a casual, formal, or large-scale trendy occasion – your chosen holiday hairstyle can make or break your look.

Cute Holiday Hairstyle Ideas

Holidays are a special time of the year for attending parties, clicking selfies, and getting dolled up to feel extra special. In this process, our hairstyle can frame our faces and make us look younger during a festive occasion – be it holiday party hairstyles or beach holiday hairstyles. Whether you go to a stylist or choose to DIY a new hairstyle at home, it is sure to lend a fresh makeover. However, a great haircut can pick your pocket yet fall short of expectations. So, it just makes more sense to take time out to don a new hairstyle when the holiday season is around the corner.

Here are some of the most non-fussy and easy holiday hairstyles that can magically transform your appearance and make you feel more confident to take on the world.

1. Red Velvet Hair Bows

A red velvet hair bow is one of the season’s most classic accessories that is sure to get the party started. Comb through your defined curls to loosen and blend the hair. Create two loose twists on each side, secure with an elastic, and cover it with the bow.


2. Sparkly Pin

A little sparkly pin can accentuate a loosely pinned hairstyle and add to a fancier look for a holiday party or a simple statement look in winter.


3. Red Undertones

Red undertones with light auburn or natural red can give your hair that warm and luxuriously dramatic look that can complement any winter party outfit.


4. Braided Beauty

Braids are the most popular and chosen hairstyle for any festive event around the globe. Elegant in their simplicity, they are highly effective for maintaining your hair’s luster and can be easily morphed into a wide range of outputs.


5. Chignon Hairstyle

Chignon refers to a classic hairstyle achieved by pinning the hair into a knot at the nape of the neck or back of the head. There can be many variations of this magnificent hairstyle.


6. Topknots

All you need to do is pin your hair into a chic bun to get this beach holiday hairstyle look right. Both cocktail and ethnic dresses would go well with a stylish topknot.


7. High Ponytail

A high ponytail is one of the most effortless yet highly gorgeous holiday hairstyles for long hair. Just gather all your hair and secure it with a sturdy band to go with your western or bohemian dresses.


8. Bubbled Ponytail

A small ribbon tie at every notch can give your bubble ponytail a super glam touch. A glitzy accessory with pearl and rhinestone design added to each section can transform into one of the most glamorous holiday hairstyles for black hair with a little extra holiday flair.


9. Black Velvet

There’s no better way to spruce up your holiday look than by wearing a black velvet headband with your holiday hairdo. Padded for volume, a plush satin version stays perfectly in place.


10. Braided Hair Wreath

This stunning hairstyle is created with two low braids that crisscross each other at your nape and wrap themselves around the top of your head. Deck your braid with boughs of holly to lend it a festive touch.


11. Pearl Dust

Sprinkling pearl hair accessories will give your classic hairstyle a hint of magic that’s perfectly synched with the holiday spirit.


12. Soft Wavy Bob

Wavy hair is perceived as a very feminine feature. Even though you have medium-length hair, you can rock those romantic wavy locks on a special occasion. Brushed-out ringlets and sculpted waves add subtle movement to shorter cuts.


13. The Great Gatsby Look

“The Great Gatsby Theme” of a party calls for a glossy re-enactment of the roaring twenties on movies that feature flipper hair-dos and gregarious headbands.


14. Deep Side Parting

If you want to flaunt your long and voluminous hair but are conscious of your broad forehead, go with this classy holiday hairstyle. You can easily twist your medium-length hair into a nice bun with a deep side parting to enjoy the event in a hassle-free way.


15. Icy White Curls

When it’s time to celebrate, turn up the volume of your bleach blonde curls in a super fun way. Simply change their color to icy white to perfectly match the winter holiday season.


A gorgeous hairstyle is an investment for your happiness. If you are unsure of the trendiest styles, look at the hairstyles that celebrities are sporting for the season to get inspiration. What are you waiting for? Get ready to wow everyone with your elegant and glamorous hairstyles this holiday season.

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