10 Signs You Chose the Right Partner

10 Signs You Chose the Right Partner

Relationships and marriages can be tricky. A healthy relationship is not synonymous with a box of chocolates or a bouquet of roses, although it may seem just like that in the initial years of marriage when most couples are smitten with each other. But there are also some couples who struggle to get along with each other, and often question themselves whether they married the right person, especially once the honeymoon phase has passed. Sometimes, being in a boring or unsatisfactory relationship for too long can also make a person adjust so much that they learn to find happiness in that relationship. However, things are different when you marry the right person and have been in a happy relationship for a while. But how do you figure out (in your own secret way) that you married the right person? Read this article to find out – we know you are curious!

10 Signs you are in a Great Relationship With the Right Partner for you

We know you have found your soulmate and couldn’t have asked for better (touch wood), but if you are looking for some confirmation and want to hear it from someone else, then read on. The signs mentioned below are a few common signs of how most happy couples work together, but these aren’t the only metrics to a successful relationship. Even if you don’t identify with everything you’re reading below, it’s quite alright – every couple is different! As long as you both are happy, that’s all that matters!

1. You and your partner discuss your future together.

A happy marriage or relationship is not always about taking an international trip every six months or having candlelit dinners in fancy restaurants – it is also about envisioning the future together and discussing future plans. If your spouse talks about your future together – perhaps they share with you that in the next three years you guys should be buying a house or that they want to enrol your child in lawn tennis classes next year – and asks for your opinion on such matters, be happy! You both are moving in the right direction.

A married couple talking to each other

2. You and your partner have productive arguments.

Love isn’t about agreeing with each other all the time. Arguments are bound to happen. And while it’s okay to have arguments in a relationship, it is not okay if these arguments turn ugly. As a rule of thumb, married couples, rather, anyone in a relationship should remember that arguments are a sign of a healthy relationship as long as they are not about winning or proving oneself right. Productive arguments are about finding the solution to a problem. You are with the right person if they argue with you about something, only to find a common ground and compromise with you (without disrespecting you)!

3. Your family and friends like your partner, and they like you together.

Close friends and family are usually never wrong; they say what they feel – without bias. And if they have something to say about your partner, you should listen to them. If your parents, friends, or a relative praises your spouse for something good they did, or think that they (your spouse) have made you a better person, silently thank God for bringing them into your life. We know that if your spouse is liked and appreciated by your family, you’re sure to feel happy. Similarly, if a close friend of yours sent you a text message after having a nice chat with your partner, just to let you know that they think that you’ve found the right person, we know you’d be on the top of the world. When a close friend speaks good about something or someone, you know you can trust them.

4. Your partner doesn’t give away your secrets; neither do you give away theirs.

Sharing normal secrets (you know, the ones that evoke laughter and initiate conversations) with your friends or family members is quite alright, but letting out the big secrets is not. We all have a few deep secrets that we share with a few close ones only, and we expect them to keep those secrets to themselves, right? If your spouse respects your privacy and keeps your secrets to themselves, it shows that they respect you. Yep, you couldn’t have asked for better!

5. Your partner makes you a good person, and vice-versa.

If your partner inspires you to be a better person and you do the same for them – it’s a sure sign that you’re in the right relationship. For instance, if your health-conscious partner has inspired you to practise yoga or give up sugar, it means that they’ve motivated you to prioritise your health through their actions – and not through criticism. If you have also inspired your partner to start journaling or meditating like you do every morning, then that’s great! Improvement should always happen through inspiration, and you both know that!

A couple doing yoga together

6. You have set financial goals.

Discussing finances is a big problem that many couples face. Many couples don’t face reality and don’t share their true financial situation with each other – and this is just a small problem that becomes the root cause of impending problems. But strong couples don’t keep their problems (even their financial burdens) bottled up. If your partner shares their financial goals with you and you do the same with them – you both are headed on the right path.

7. You spend time together.

Married couples who make time for each other and talk things out are usually happier in the long run. If your partner has started listening to classical music just because you like it, it shows their love for you and their willingness to do the things that make you happy. Similarly, if you have started playing video games because your spouse likes it and needed a partner to play with, you are doing the right thing; after all, it’s all about compromise. Spending time together doing the things that your partner likes is a sign of being in a healthy relationship. But if you both have found a thing that you both enjoy doing, that’s even better!

8. You spend time apart, doing the things you enjoy.

You know you’ve married the right person if they trust you and don’t ask you too many questions every time you head out by yourself or to meet someone. Everyone needs some ‘alone time’, and some time with their friends (yes, even couples devoted to each other). If you and your partner spend time apart doing the things you enjoy individually, like watching a movie with your gang or playing cricket with your colleagues, then you are in a secure relationship. Understanding that your spouse needs time alone for doing the things they enjoy is also important for a successful marriage.

9. You and your partner make a good team, but you maintain your individual identities too!

If you have been together for a couple of years now, there might be some things that you probably don’t need to say to your partner for them to understand – for example, without even needing a reminder, they pay the bills or buy the weekly groceries. Similarly, there must be certain things that need to get done only your spouse can help you with, and when they help you, you get those things done in no time. Being in a happy relationship must have made you realise that the two of you make a great team, but at the same time you and your partner have retained your individual identities as well. If you maintain your identity, pursue your own goals, and encourage your partner to do the same, your relationship is strong.

A married couple having fun

10. You and your partner have your own share of friends and common friends too.

For a relationship to be strong, a couple need not always hang out with each other every single minute of the day. Finding a healthy balance is important. Most married couples have a few common couple friends and they spend time with them. But at the same time, they also make time for their own gang and are on cordial (if not friendly) terms with each other’s friends. Mature couples know how to find a balance between their social circle, their partner’s social circle, and their common circle. And if you and your partner know this, you both are doing just fine!

These are some telltale signs of being with the right partner or in the right relationship – but these are just a few signs that would make you realise how truly blessed you are. There might be many other things that your partner does for you that make you value and appreciate them all the more. Share with us that moment (or moments) that made you realise that you have met your perfect match!

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