How to Clean Ceiling Fans - Easy & Smart Techniques

Safest and Effective Ways of Cleaning a Ceiling Fan in Your Home

For a lot of us, figuring out how to clean high ceiling fan blades in an easy manner seems like an insurmountable problem. A lot of us end up procrastinating and delaying the inevitable for as long as possible. But that results in the fan accumulating even more dust and begins to get grimy as well. The only solution might seem like disassembling the fan and cleaning each blade by itself. However, there are a few methods that are safe and effective in getting your fans cleaned in the best way possible.

Ways to Clean Dusty Ceiling Fans in Your House

With ceiling fans picking up dust over a period of time, cleaning them does become a necessity. However, before you set up a ladder to get started, there are a few alternative ways you can try out first. These are comparatively easier and can help you clean your fan within no time.

1. Using Duster to Clean Ceiling Fan?

Walk around a market and you’d be able to spot a duster with a good long handle with ease. This can be used to clean your fan in the following manner.

  • Try to opt for a duster that has a handle lock so that you can extend it to the length of your choosing and not worry about it sliding constantly.
  • There are magnetic dusters as well that use the magnetic field to hold the dust particles that are swept up while cleaning the fan.
  • All it takes to charge the duster is to rub it against a plastic bag. This generates static electricity and energises the duster to start picking up dust particles. Be careful around electrical connections, though.
  • Hook the duster around one blade and start cleaning it from the centre to the outer side. Go gently so that the dust doesn’t fall on the floor or all over yourself. Repeat with other blades.
  • Make sure you clean the duster at intervals so that it can keep picking up dust properly. Remember to change them after a few months if they no longer clean surfaces properly.

2. Using Vacuum Cleaner to Ease Your Job of Cleaning Ceiling Fan

The ability to try cleaning a ceiling fan without a ladder is one that is prized by many. While the aforementioned method of using a duster is a good one, using a vacuum cleaner for the same purpose makes things easier than before.

  • Your vacuum cleaner needs to have the right brush attachment. This should preferably be a long flat one that can slide over surfaces easily. If not, even a circular one can make do.
  • Attach that brush to the extension rod of the vacuum cleaner and plug it into the nozzle. Make sure it is fit tight enough to not fall off during the cleaning process. If your rod is shorter in length, you might need a small stool or a chair to elevate yourself.
  • Start from one end of the blade and continue right to the end. Then trace it back to the starting point to pick up any leftover dust. Do this gently so that the vacuum can pick up the dust effectively.
  • Once you are done with all the blades, run the vacuum around the floor beneath the fan or surrounding furniture to pick up any dust particles that have fallen off.

using vacuum cleaner to clean fan

3. Pillowcase to Clean a Ceiling Fan

At times, you may have to resort to using a ladder and hoisting yourself to clean the fan. But that doesn’t mean you can’t clean it off in a smart manner without creating a mess. All you need is a rough pillowcase and you’re good to go.

  • Hoist yourself up using a ladder so that you are comfortably close to the blades of the ceiling fan.
  • Wrap your pillowcase around the blade of the fan, just as you’d do it around your pillow.
  • With the blade fully covered, wipe down the blade gently, ensuring all the dust is collected within your pillowcase. Do this with each blade one after the other.
  • Finally, wipe down each blade with a clean moist cloth. As for the pillowcase, dust it outside by turning it inside out and drop it in your washing machine to clean it up.

4. Using Hands to Clean the Dust Off a Ceiling Fan

In some cases, cleaning greasy ceiling fan blades might require you to get down and dirty and use your hands directly. Even so, you can get this done without much trouble and in a mess-free manner.

  • A highly preferred way of cleaning your fan is to make use of dusting gloves. These fit your hand snugly and can give you a degree of flexibility to clean every area you want to. In case of unavailability, you can make do with a simple moist cloth as well.
  • Get yourself close to the fan blades with a ladder. Make sure the ladder is firmly set in its position.
  • If possible, spray the blades of the fan with a cleaning spray or vinegar. These not only help remove the dust, but also leave the blades with a slight shine.
  • Use your cloth and wipe down each surface gradually. Start from the top side and finish with the bottom one. Try keeping your movements as continuous and aligned around the length as possible.

cleaning fan using hands

Precautions to Be Taken While Cleaning a Ceiling Fan

Cleaning a fan may seem like the simplest thing to do. And although it is, it certainly helps to keep a few precautions in mind. These can help avoid repetitive cleaning and even untoward incidents and accidents.

  • Make sure that the fan cannot be turned on by accident. Tape down the button in the off position and turn off the regulator as well for added precaution.
  • Even after you know how to clean ceiling fans with vinegar and pillowcases, there are always chances that dust particles may fall down on the floor. Therefore, lay down a large bed sheet to cover the floor so that you can simply lift it up and carry it outside once you’re done.
  • Doubly ensure that your stool or ladder is firmly set on the floor. If possible, ask someone to hold it down while you’re cleaning the fan.
  • In some high-speed fans, the blades can be thinner than usual, causing the edges to be sharp. These can end up cutting your fingers while you are cleaning them. Take extra care when running the cloth around the edges.
  • Whether the fan is grimy or just has dry dust on it, you are going to be in close proximity to all of it. Therefore, it is necessary to keep yourself protected from accidentally inhaling it in. Make use of a scarf or a handkerchief to cover to nose, mouth and face. People with dust allergies should be extra careful and make use of a medical mask if necessary. Protect your eyes with zero glasses or safety goggles if needed.
  • Certain fans come with light installation on them. Be sure you clean around them carefully without much disturbance. Furthermore, if they have separate electrical connection, double check if that has been disconnected or turned off properly as well.

clean ceiling fan

When taking up such a task for the first few times, cleaning ceiling fans without getting dust everywhere might begin to seem like an impossibility. However, in good time, you’ll get the hang of things and begin to clean fans like a pro. You may find one method of cleaning better suited for you as compared to others. No matter which one you opt for, your fans and home can stay clean as long as its diligently done.

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