10 Benefits of Eating Garlic On Empty Stomach

10 Benefits of Eating Garlic On Empty Stomach

In the modern day diet, there is an emphasis on ingredient education. One of the most used ingredients worldwide is garlic. This is because it contains numerous minerals, vitamins and immune system strengthening components. In fact, the way you eat garlic can have benefits that can change your life. Eating raw garlic, for instance, can help improve various aspects of your life from combating depression to purifying your blood. Let’s learn more about these benefits.

Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Garlic on Empty Stomach

The answer to the question, “is garlic good on empty stomach?” is a comprehensive yes. Eating raw garlic on an empty stomach has numerous great benefits on your health and general life. Here are some of these benefits.

1. Helps Weight Loss

Eating a couple of pods of garlic on an empty stomach for weight loss is extremely beneficial. Garlic contains components that help with burning bad and excessive fats in your body. Studies from numerous nutritional journals also claim that garlic can speed up your metabolism in general.

2. Helps Control Blood Sugar

Garlic is an extremely useful ingredient in a sugar friendly diet. It is rich in a compound known as allicin. This component is known for controlling and lowering blood sugar levels. Allicin is further amplified when you crush or chop a garlic pod. Eating crushed raw garlic pods twice a day can help improve your sugar levels immensely.

3. Combats Depression

Garlic is a great ingredient for physical and mental health. When consumed raw and on an empty stomach, garlic is known to have natural mood-lifting properties. It is also known that garlic is great at balancing chemicals in your body, and this includes brain chemicals. Depression is caused by an imbalance of brain chemicals, and as such, garlic can help fight depression.

combats depression

4. Prevents Cancer

Garlic is rich in anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and anti-carcinogenic properties. When you eat it raw on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, it can help prevent some forms of cancer. This is also in part due to the fact that garlic is very rich in detoxification and antioxidants.

5. Fights Infections

As mentioned above, garlic is a great natural antibiotic. Although it does not replace medication, garlic eaten raw daily can amplify medication functions. Eating it regularly also helps keep infections at bay for long periods of time.

6. Reduces Hypertension

Raw garlic on an empty stomach is known to help fight symptoms of hypertension. Doctors recommend eating garlic on an empty stomach every day as a preventive measure for those who may be at risk of hypertension.

reduces hypertension

7. Purifies the Blood

Eating garlic on an empty stomach is great for your blood. The detoxification agents in garlic help remove impurities in your bloodstream and can improve blood vessel health. The antioxidants, antibiotic properties and anti-inflammation properties all play a part in the purification of your blood.

8. Helps Digestion

Garlic is rich in antioxidants and pre-biotics and probiotics. These components help increase gut health. Garlic also has minerals and vitamins that play a huge role in improving liver, bladder and kidney health. This works in tandem with the anti-stress properties of garlic which stop the increase in excessive stomach acid to ensure a cleaner and more efficient digestive tract.

9. Improves Lung Health

Garlic helps clear the respiratory tract. Consuming garlic regularly can fight dangerous pulmonary diseases like – asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough and tuberculosis. It also helps ease lung congestion and improves oxygen levels in the body. Add to the fact that garlic has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties and it becomes the perfect food for the common cold.

improves lung health

10. Regulates Blood Pressure

It is a well-known fact that eating garlic on empty stomach for cholesterol and blood pressure is supposed to be immensely beneficial. This is because garlic has many immune system improving components and blood purification components, it is also because garlic is rich in elements that help cholesterol absorption in the body, this helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

How Can You Eat Garlic on an Empty Stomach?

You can consume garlic in numerous ways when on an empty stomach, here are a few.

  • Crush garlic and eat raw before breakfast
  • Chop bits of garlic, make tea with it and drink it with breakfast
  • Eat whole pods of garlic raw as snacks
  • Pan fry garlic with butter and mix it into your omelette
  • Add fresh diced garlic into chutneys and sambars and eat with idli or dosa

how to consume garlic


Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about garlic being consumed on an empty stomach.

1. Is It Safe to Eat Garlic on Empty Stomach Daily?

Yes, in small amounts, garlic is a great ingredient to consume daily. Be it cooked or raw, garlic is safe for your body and has numerous immune system boosting elements. It is important to moderate this however, as eating too much can cause constipation, blood pressure issues and can cause heartburn.

2. How Much Garlic Should I Eat on an Empty Stomach?

It is recommended that you eat garlic based on your overall dietary needs. However, it is important to note that you should at most consume 3 pods of garlic per meal at the most if raw. This can increase to one full clove of garlic if cooked.

Remember, garlic should never be the entirety of your diet. It can help your body immensely, but having a balanced nutrition plan is essential. Talk to your doctors about garlic being incorporated into your diet. Garlic does not replace any form of medication. If you are on medication, please follow your doctor’s instructions. Garlic is simply a supplement that immensely can boost the functions of your medication and body.

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