How to Get Rid of Gnats: Effective Tips & Prevention

Quick Ways to Get Rid of Gnats

Have you noticed tiny insects flying in and around your house? Well, there is a strong likelihood that you are experiencing gnat infestation! But, there is no need to hit the panic button as yet. We have some quick and effective ways that you can use to get rid of this annoying infestation. Read on to know how to get rid of gnats in the house!

What Are Gnats?

Before we talk about getting rid of gnats, let us understand what exactly we are dealing with. Well, gnats are very tiny bugs that you can usually see around dampness, and they are also attracted to sweet smells. This bug can lay hundreds of eggs in the decaying fruits or moist soil, and their larva thrives on these surfaces until they mature. So, if you do not remove gnats, they may cause a serious infestation issue in your house.

So, how do these annoying flying insects enter your home in the first place? Read on to know!

How Does Gnat Infestation Begin?

Well, they are so tiny that they can easily make their way through holes or cracks in the windows, doors, walls, etc. Once they get inside, they start infesting moist places such as trash cans, sinks, toilets, drains, rotten fruits, and other such places—there many gnats that include fruit fungus gnats and drain flies.

What Causes Gnats to Enter the House?

These insects thrive in warm, musty, and moist environments. Here are some of the  causes that can attract gnats into your house:

  • Decomposing Organic Matter: Leaking or faulty drains or pipes leading to the accumulation of waste in the drains or soil become the perfect breeding place for gnats.
  • Musty and Moist Organic Matter: Fruits, vegetables, or any such eatables in the house with a sweet smell attract fruit flies. You can also see these insects flying around over uncovered fruits and other such food items in the house.
  • Moist Soil: If there is moist soil in or around your house, it becomes the perfect place for gnats to breed and thrive.

Ways for Getting Rid of Gnats

Here are effective ways to get rid of gnats:

1. The Candle Trap

This is a great way to trap and get rid of gnats and in the simplest way possible. Just place a candle in a container half-filled with water and then light the candle and switch off all the lights. The gnats will get attracted to the light source and will either burn or fall into the container filled with water.

2. The Vinegar Trap

You can get rid of gnats with a vinegar trap, and all you need in hand is some vinegar, sugar, dish soap, and water. Assemble all the ingredients and pour them into a bowl. Place this bowl at places where the problem persists, such as bathrooms, under the kitchen sink, etc., and leave it there. Gnats will get attracted to the sweet smell of sugar and vinegar, but the soap mixture will do the trick in killing them.

3. The Sprays

There are many chemical sprays that are easily available to get rid of flying insects; however, if you are worried about using any chemical-based solution, then you can make one at home, too. You can mix vinegar, water, and any lemon-scented dishwashing soap in a spray can and spray it at places of infestation. This may not work instantaneously but will work eventually to get rid of gnats.

4. The Red Wine Trap

Red wine works well as a trap for gnats. Take a glass container, fill some of it with red wine, and cover the top with cling foil. Make some holes in the foil for the flies to get inside. The sweet smell of the wine will attract gnats; however, they will end up getting trapped and thus getting killed.

5. Seek Professional Help

If none of the home remedies seems to work, the reasons could be many for the same! In such a case, your best bet would be to seek help from professional pest control companies to get rid of gnats in your house!

How to Prevent Gnats From Returning

After you get rid of gnats, you should make sure that they do not become an unwelcoming guest again. So, here are some ways that can prevent gnats from returning:

1. Clean and Clear any Damp Areas

If you notice any kind of dampness or there are areas in the house that are more prone to dampness, such as the area under the kitchen sink, under the dishwasher, behind the refrigerator, etc., make sure you clean them and ensure that these places remain dry, too.

2. Replace the Garbage Bag Regularly

The garbage can and garbage bag are some of the most targeted places in any household that attract these small insects towards them because of all the sweet-smelling food and moistness. Therefore, it is important to take the trash can out as soon as it gets full and make sure that you change the garbage bag regularly and wash the bin to get rid of any food smell and moistness. Keep the trash can covered at all times to keep gnats at bay!

3. Do not Overwater the Indoor Plants

Do not overwater the houseplants as they can become the breeding spot of gnats, and these are the kinds of places where fungus gnats prefer to lay their eggs. If you wish to prevent gnats in houseplants, then it is best to get rid of overwatered plants or ensure that you water them only when required.

4. Repair Worn-Out Doors and Windows

Any kind of old or worn-out doors and windows can become the preferred breeding ground of gnats, especially wooden ones. This happens because wood traps moisture in it, and once that happens, it becomes susceptible to moulds, which in turn attracts gnats.

5. Clean the Dirty Dishes

Do not keep the kitchen sink piled with dirty dishes, as the smell of rotten food is one of the many things that attract gnats the most! Clean the dishes as soon as you are done with your meals to avoid attracting these insects.

Keep in mind the above-mentioned tips and tricks to get rid of gnats from your house, and if they still refuse to go, do seek professional assistance to avoid getting the problem out of your hands!

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