How to Get Rid of Honey Bees from Home?

Practical Ways to Remove Honey Bees From Your Home

When you sit in a garden or a lawn, you may hear the bees buzzing around and it may seem to be soothing to your ears. However, the same may not hold true if you see them hovering in or around your house! There is no doubt that bees do make us feel scared because it is thought of the painful sting that may send chills down our spines. But does that mean that we should just kill them? The answer is a big no; no matter how threatened you feel in their presence, you should make efforts not to kill them because bees are an important part of our eco-system. Unlike other pests that infest your house, bees may not create that kind of a nuisance. So, what other option do we have? Well, we suggest that you look for ways to get rid of them rather than killing them.

What Steps Should You Take When You See a Beehive at Home?

There is no doubt that bee removal from your house can become very challenging. However, here are some steps that you should take as soon as you notice a beehive in or near your house:

1. Find the source.

The first thing that you should do is look out for the source. As soon as you see bees pouring into your house like uninvited guests, try and find out where they are coming from. However, if you spot the hive, do not make attempts to block their exit because they might find another one and this could mean escaping to other areas in your house.

2. Refrain from provoking them.

Bees are tiny but when provoked they can actually become very nasty. It is our natural instinct to feel scared; however, do not make any kind of move that can make them feel threatened or provoked. It is important to remember that bees will most likely sting when they feel threatened, so stay away from the hive until you think of a viable solution.

3. Do not use traps or insecticides.

You may feel the need to use a trap for the bees or use insecticides, but we suggest that you refrain from doing so because it can terribly go wrong. You may not know how to dispose of the angry bees or you may end up killing all of them. Again, the pesticides may not always work on the bees and you may end up provoking them, putting you in danger.

Don't use insecticides on bee hives

4. Keeps children and pets away.

Small kids and pets are very susceptible to bee stings because they may unknowingly provoke these little insects. Therefore, if you spot a hive inside or near your house, we suggest that you isolate the area and keep it out of bounds for pets and kids.

5. Call for professional help.

In the cases the hive is not that big, you may be able to remove it yourself. However, if the hive is massive, you should call for professional help. There are many pest control services that specialize in the removal of beehives. Get in touch with one at the earliest. It may seem like a small task but beehive removal actually requires professional pest management services.

6. Get rid of all the traces and mend the damages.

After the hive is removed, you must ensure that the walls, attic or any place that you removed it from is thoroughly cleaned. Sometimes, residue may attract other insects or pests. Also, make sure you seal the area or the entry point from where the bees entered your house. Doing all this may help you get rid of any last traces of the bee infestation in your house.

By following all the above measures, you can help your family stay safe and not get stung by the bees in or around your house.

How to Remove Honey Bees in or Near Your Home Easily?

Where some traditional beliefs support that a beehive in your house or close to your house fetches you good luck, well, when something threatens us, luck flies out of the window and the only thing that remains in our mind is how to get rid of it. Here are some things you can use to get rid of honey bees naturally or some effective and practical ways of honey bee hive removal:

1. Vinegar Mixture

You are sure to have vinegar in your kitchen and it can help you get rid of annoying bees in your house too. All you need to do is take one tablespoon of vinegar in three-quarters of water, pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it on the hive. However, keep two things in mind – using a spray to get rid of bees will require you to do it by yourself close to the hive, so take protective measures accordingly. Also, this mixture is strong enough to kill bees, rather than just repel them, so use the spray judiciously and only if absolutely necessary.

Vinegar and water spray

2. Mothballs

Yes, mothballs can be used to get rid of bees also. The strong smell of mothballs can repel bees. You need to take some mothballs and put them in a soft muslin cloth or a sock and hang it close to the hive. Soon, you may notice the bees disappearing.


3. Garlic Powder

Bees do not like strong or pungent smells and garlic is something that may help do the trick. Take ample amounts of garlic powder and sprinkle it generously over the hive.

Garlic powder

4. Sweet-Smelling Fruit

Bees get attracted to sweet things and they have a strong sense of smell too. Cut a ripe mango or pear and place it 20 to 30 feet away from the hive; you’ll notice bees gathering near it. Keep moving the bait a few feet every day until the bees set up a new nest close to it and are far away from your place.

Hang sweet-smelling fruit to lure bees away

5. Citronella Candles

This is one of the best ways of getting rid of bees. Light candles around the hive and bees will start avoiding the area as the smell of the candles will repel them.

Citronella candles

Once the bees leave their hive, you can carefully remove it. Make sure to clean the area thoroughly thereafter.

How Can You Prevent Bees From Entering Into Your Home?

Well, the age-old saying states that prevention is better than cure and it holds true in this case too. Think – what is it that you may be doing that may be attracting honey bees in your vicinity? Well, most of us may not be aware but honey bees can actually travel miles from their hives in search of food, and apart from nectar from flowers, there are many household things that may be attracting them. One of the major attractions for bees is sweet food items or beverages. If you wish to see no more bees in or around your house, make sure you do not leave such food items out in the open. Also, make sure you empty your trash bin on a regular basis. To prevent carpenter bees, make sure your patio furniture or furniture in your house is varnished or painted on a regular basis. This is because these bees find it tempting to build their hives in wood, and unpainted wooden furniture would suit their purpose.

Removing bees from your house can get tedious and risky too. Therefore, it is important to exercise caution and care. Also, if there are bigger hives or the hives that you cannot seem to get rid of, call for professional help.

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