Amazing Benefits & Uses of Camphor (Kapur) Everyone Must Know

Incredible Uses and Benefits of Camphor You May Not Know About

Camphor, scientifically called cinnamomum camphor is a commonly available organic compound obtained from an identically named Asian tree. It can provide a plethora of benefits ranging from curing a stuffy nose, cough, insect bits, warts to getting a beautiful skin and gorgeous crowing glory. It is taken advantage of during religious rituals too. The useful material is generally present in nature stores as wax-like tablets or an oil. The nose-tingling combustible solid possesses a strong, piquant menthol-like smell which is quite liked by most people.

Amazing Benefits and Uses of Camphor

What is camphor used for? Here is a sneak peek into the remarkable uses of camphor.

Camphor Health Benefits

Camphor has multiple health advantages. It can bring considerable relief in an array of health issues. Some of the camphor medicinal uses can be:

1. Lessens Gastric Troubles

Improper eating habits or a diet high in processed foods can make people vulnerable to gastric difficulties. Camphor can come to your rescue in the occurrence of such a dilemma.

How This Works

Camphor can act as a stimulant for boosting the functioning of the digestive system thereby helping in easing intestinal gas and flatulence.

2. Relief From Pain

Camphor is present in numerous rub-on sprays and balms for minor burns, insect bites and stings, haemorrhoids.

How This Works

It functions as a painkiller to extend respite from pain when used on the skin owing to its anti-inflammatory abilities. Camphor oil is particularly useful for tackling back pain.

3. Aphrodisiac

It can play an important role in improving your sex life by enhancing your libido.

How This Works

Therapies which include camphor in acceptable concentration can aid in activating those portions of the brain which stimulate sexual urges and desires. Camphor oil when applied externally can treat erectile dysfunction.

4. Anti-neuralgic

Camphor can assist in the painful instance of neuralgia wherein limbs go numb or pain due to nerve damage or inflammation of blood vessels around the 9th cranial nerve.

How This Works

Camphor oil can perform mild analgesic action to generate relief in the manifestation of neuralgia due to its anti-inflammatory qualities. It can help contract the blood vessels and diminish the pressure build-up surrounding the nerves.


5. Alleviates Cough

Most cold rubs and balms contain camphor as one of the essential ingredients.

How This Works

Camphor’s lingering powerful scent can be an effective decongestant. It can be rubbed on the throat and chest to help lighten congestion of lungs and nasal tracts thus decreasing coughing bouts.

6. The Remedy for Diarrhoea

It can make for an effectual treatment in case of diarrhoea.

How This Works

Camphor can pose as a stimulant for the normal working of the metabolism and intestinal system thus preventing severe conditions like diarrhoea and gastroenteritis.

7. Healing for Arthritis

People suffering from conditions like arthritis, gout can gain from the use of camphor.

How This Works

Camphor oil can enhance blood circulation which may help reduce inflammation. Its soothing aroma can foster relaxation which may aid in lessening acute pain and discomfort.

8. Antispasmodic

Cramps and spasms which may happen any time without any warning can cause extreme pain. Camphor oil can be a wonderful therapy for such painful encounters.

How This Works

Regularly massaging with potent camphor oil can be a good technique to calm and soothe the muscles. Its sedative properties can neutralise the pain sensations thus fetching relief.


9. Good for Asthma

Camphor steam inhalation can work wonders for initiating breather in severe asthma.

How This Works

Consistent inhalation of camphor’s tangy odour can mostly mitigate respiratory complications and particularly asthma.

10. Combats Chronic Anxiety

Camphor can deliver anaesthetic function by numbing sensory nerves thus minimising the intensity of chronic anxiety and nervous disorders.

How This Works

There are some spiritual benefits of burning camphor. It can facilitate the relaxation of the mind and body. Its sharp fragrance has a rejuvenating influence on the mind and can promote a decent night’s sleep.

Skin Benefits of Camphor

Camphor can be magical for your looks. It may prove more efficient than all the costly cosmetics put together. Some of the great skin benefits of camphor may include:

1. Respite From Skin Itching and Irritation

Camphor can be a brilliant solution for skin related issues like itching and irritation.

How This Works

Applying camphor paste on the affected part can lessen burning and itching sensations because of its anti-inflammatory and cooling properties.

2. Cures Sore Skin

Many skin ointments and lotions have camphor for care and upkeep of the skin.

How This Works

Smearing camphor on sore skin and insect nibbles can instantly subdue the pain as it contains antiseptic and soothing abilities.

3. Pacifies Burns

Camphor may not only prove successful in treating minor burns but can also help in dissolving the burn scars.

How This Works

Simply mix a little camphor with some water to form a thin paste. Spread it on the burnt portion to see camphor work its charm. Its cooling and calming properties will heal the skin along with lowering the pain.

4. Remedies for Acne

You can eradicate stubborn acne by applying the miraculous camphor to get a blemish-free and healthy skin.

How This Works

The components in camphor help in bringing down the skin redness and swelling thus arresting the development and expansion of acne. Its anti-inflammatory qualities can thwart the skin’s tendency to break into acne and pimples.

remedies for acne

5. Corrects Eczema

Camphor can be an antidote for skin conditions like eczema and its related symptoms like itching and inflammation.

How This Works

Camphor’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory makings can stop eczema from flaring up and curing skin irritation and tenderness.

6. Amends Nail Fungus

The growth of fungus in toenails can be very painful and upsetting. Moreover, it has the disposition to resurface.

How This Works

Camphor’s anti-fungal and antiseptic potential can be a panacea for nail fungus. Camphor can both treat nail fungus and curtail the chances of its reappearance.

7. Rectifies Cracked Heels

Camphor can be a corrective answer for cracked heels. It can help in softening and maintaining nourished heels.

How This Works

Just steep your feet in a mix of enough water and camphor followed by gently scrubbing them. Camphor’s cooling and antiseptic talents can help restore skin’s moisture to avert the development of cracks.

8. Fixes Skin Rashes

Camphor can be a potent resolution for skin rashes which arise because of excessive perspiration and heat. Repeated use of camphor can make skin rashes vanish in no time!

How This Works

You can credit camphor’s anti-inflammatory abilities to cure skin rashes so fruitfully.

Camphor Uses for Hair

You can say goodbye to bad hair days by considering camphor oil to address all your hair woes. Some of the camphor uses for hair are:

1. Promotes Stronger Hair

Camphor oil can be a boon for curbing hair fall.

How This Works

Applying camphor oil to the hair can strengthen the hair roots. Combining camphor oil with yoghurt or egg can provide hair with much-required nutrients thereby encouraging hair growth.

2. Advances Hair Texture

Hair tends to become lifeless and dull due to environmental reasons. Camphor oil can smoothen and soften the hair along with controlling the damage.

How This Works

Camphor oil has elements that can improve hair texture thus leaving hair shiny and radiant.

advances hair texture

3. Fights Hair Loss

Camphor oil can be a curative means to reduce hair loss.

How This Works

Massaging the scalp with amazing camphor oil can limit the falling of hair.

4. Eliminates Bugs and Lice

Try camphor for your itchy scalp to get freedom from lice and bugs.

How This Works

Camphor oil works as an excellent disinfecting and cleaning agent killing lice and foiling infestation.

Other Benefits of Kapur

Some other benefits of kapur can be:

  • One of the benefits of burning camphor in the house may be that it can efficaciously keep moths, cockroaches and other insects from invading your wardrobe.
  • Camphor seeds can prove an ideal insecticide and germicide in preventing insects from attacking the food grains.
  • Camphor oil can be tapped for aromatherapy by combining it with essential oils like lavender, basil.
  • Camphor is at times included in sweets for it can keep ants at bay.
  • It is also brought into use while making perfumes and fragrances.

Are There Any Side-effects of Using Camphor?

Camphor if employed in moderate measures is safe. Take care not to apply it on open wounds and cracked skin as it can lead to poisoning. Be sure to inhale it in limited quantities to avoid any toxic problems later on. Also, exercise caution in case of children and pregnant women.

Camphor has tremendous medical abilities to naturally and effectively handle several health problems. However, some people may be allergic to camphor. It is always advisable to do a patch test before putting it on the skin.

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