How Well Do You Know Me - Questions for Couples 

How Well Do You Know Me – Questions For Couples

Whether you have been together for a few months, years or decades, it’s always nice to know how much your partner knows about you or takes efforts to learn more about you. To make it fun, here are some questions you can ask for your next ‘how well do you know me’ game.

Questions You Can Ask Your Partner to Know How Well They Know You

Here are some great questions for your next ‘how well do you know me’ test:

  1. What colour are my eyes? Answer without looking into my eyes!
  2. Name not thing that always cheers me up when I’m feeling low.
  3. If I get a bonus at work and decide to take a vacation, where do you think I would go first?
  4. Tell me the five things I like the most about you.
  5. Who is my best friend from high school?
  6. If I had the power to bring back one person alive from history, who would it be?
  7. What is the one thing that I would never admit to anyone anywhere?
  8. What is my favourite animal? And if I could be one, which animal would I be?
  9. What is the dress I am the most comfortable in, and what dress is it that I hate the most?
  10. How many cousins do I have, and who is my favourite cousin?
  11. What, in my opinion, is the best and the worst thing about me?
  12. If I had to choose between going for a hike and going to the beach, which one would I pick?
  13. Which feature on my face is the most attractive one, in my opinion?
  14. Tell me three things I love about you and three things you would punch you for!
  15. What is the most tell-tale sign that I am upset?
  16. What was the ridiculous wish I had when I was a child?
  17. What is the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning every day?
  18.  Of all the people I know in my life, who do I respect the most?
  19. Tell me three things you would want to change about me.
  20. If I got a tattoo, what would it be, and where might I want to get it?
  21. What, in my opinion, is the nicest thing you have done for me, and what is the meanest thing?
  22. Which are the three go-to dress I prefer when I have no time to dress up?
  23. Do I have regrets in life? And what is my biggest regret?
  24. Tell me three things that I find hilarious that others might think are offensive.
  25. What is that one event which had the biggest influence on my life?
  26. What is it that which is generally considered easy by most people, but I struggle with?
  27. What was my first pet, and what was his name?
  28. If I ask you to give me a new nickname, what would it be?
  29. What have I consciously changed for the wellbeing of our family since we first met?
  30. What was my ambition last year, and what is the biggest ambition in my life?
  31. What is my current fitness goal for the year?
  32. Would I prefer to live in a huge mansion in the suburbs, or would I choose a cosy apartment in the city?
  33. Who do you think was my role model in the past? Who do I look up to now?
  34. What is my zodiac sign, and how closely do I match its characteristics?
  35. What are some of the chores I hate doing and some that I love?
  36. Do I behave more like my father or like my mother?
  37. Would I rather spend a day with your parents or your friends from work?
  38. What was my least favourite subject in school, and what was my most favourite subject?
  39. Which music band do you think was my favourite when I was a teenager?
  40. Where would I want to retire when I grow older?
  41. How many siblings do I have? What are their names, and who is the oldest one of them?
  42. Who was my celebrity crush when I was a teenager?
  43. Tell me three places I have visited, and I would love to visit again.
  44. Which is the holiday destination that I never want to come back from?
  45. If I could board a plane for a random vacation destination, where would I go?
  46. If I had a superpower, what do you think I would want it to be?
  47. If I ever opened a restaurant, what kind of food would I want to serve?
  48. What do you think I prefer? Chocolate syrup or whipped cream on my ice cream?
  49. If I could have only one food for the rest of my life, what would it be?
  50. If I ever got stuck on a deserted island, do you think I could survive?
  51. If I could go on a date with a celebrity right now, who would I choose, and where would I go?
  52. If I could have lunch with a historical figure, who would that person be?
  53. If I could get travel back in time, what are all the places I would want to visit? Where would I travel first?
  54. Have I ever been mean moody and sent a meal back to the kitchen in a restaurant?
  55. If I was chosen to volunteer for charity work, where would I choose to serve?
  56. Do you think I am a generous person? If yes, what is the one incident that reminds you of my generosity?
  57. When was my first kiss, and where was our first kiss after we met?
  58. If I could choose between ice cream or pastry, which would I choose without a second thought?
  59. Would I rather have a lot of money and few friends or family, or less money but a lot of friends and family?
  60. If I could choose a meal of the day every week, what meals would I choose?
  61. If I were the one asking the questions to you in this game, what would be the first question I would ask you?
  62. Which one of your friends annoys me the most, and who is my favourite among your friends?
  63. If I won a million dollars in the lottery tomorrow, what is the first thing I would buy?
  64. If I had to give away a million dollars, would I give it away to my friends, family, or to a charity?
  65. What is the most trouble I got into as a teenager, and how did I get out of it?
  66. What is the one experience that you think I am the most bitter about from my childhood?
  67. Who is my oldest friend, and what do you think about that person?
  68. Do you think I am good at choosing friends, or do I make poor decisions when it comes to my company?
  69. What do you think is my greatest weakness, and what is my greatest strength?
  70. If we could go on a double date with a celebrity couple, who would I want it to be?
  71. What is the one thing I have always wanted to do but never had the courage to?
  72. What is the most obvious gesture I make when I feel uncomfortable or repulsed by something?
  73. What is the one vice that I have which makes you annoying to me?
  74. What is the smartest thing I think you have ever done?
  75. Would I prefer a long drive in the evening, a walk on the beach, or just snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie?
  76. What is the one thing that makes me lose my temper?
  77. Would I prefer to live in a country with four seasons or live in a country where it is the same weather all the time?
  78. Do I like cloudy weather with rain, sunshine with heat or a bit of both with some snow?
  79. Do you think I would love store-bought gifts or handmade ones?
  80. Would I prefer to watch a movie in the theatre or to watch it at home cosily on the couch?
  81. Which is my most favourite Vampire series, and who is my all-time favourite vampire?
  82. If I had to learn a different language, which language would it be?
  83. If I had to permanently move to a different country, never to come back home, where would I go?
  84. If I had to learn a musical instrument, which one would I pick? Which one would you rather have me learn?
  85. If I could have a best friend celebrity, who would I choose?
  86. What is the nicest thing I have done for you or for your best friend?
  87. What is the most embarrassing incident that ever happened to me in public?
  88. Do I wake up when the alarm sets off in the morning, or do I snooze a few times before I finally decide to wake up?
  89. If I could pick an exotic pet animal, which animal would I choose?
  90. If I had children someday, would I want a boy or a girl?
  91. Do I like exploring touristy places when I go on vacations, or do I go off-beat and explore what is relatively unknown?
  92. Do I prefer to holiday in the cold north or the hot equatorial destinations?
  93. Would I rather spend a night on a coastal destination partying in a club or relaxing on the beach?
  94. If I picked a different colour to wear every day of the week, which colour would I pick for Wednesday?
  95. If I could sail the ocean on a boat and had the option to take a friend with me, who would I take?
  96. Do I like watching the night sky? Which is my favourite star?
  97. Do I prefer cars or motorbikes? If I had to choose only one, what would I choose?
  98. If I’m ever stuck on a sinking ship, what might be the first thought that would cross my mind?
  99. Which is my favourite ice cream flavour? Do I prefer old flavours, or do I like to explore what’s new?
  100. Where did I grow up as a child? Do I like cities or the suburbs?
  101. How many people have I dated before you?
  102. What is something I secretly love to do but never admit, even with close friends?
  103. What was my favourite subject in school?
  104. What is my most favourite childhood memory?
  105. Would I ever kiss my celebrity crush?
  106. What, in my opinion, is the biggest flaw in humans?
  107. If I had to choose between an aeroplane ride over the island or a jet ski, which one would I choose?
  108. If I could go and live on another planet in the solar system, which one would I choose?
  109. Which one of your friends do I think is the cutest?
  110. Do I think looks are more important than personality?

These questions are sure to help you know how much your partner knows about you. You can also have another round of the activitiy to answer the same questions and prove how much you know your partner. Some of these questions are serious while some are funny, but if the activity is taken in the right spirit, you can have a fabulous time with your partner!

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