How To Make Your Home Smell Good Naturally In 22 Simple Ways

How to Make Your House Smell Good Naturally in 22 Simple Ways

A home that smells good all the time creates an inviting and optimistic atmosphere. One can not deny the luxurious and cozy vibes that a delicious and sweet smell in the house can bring about. Though there are many air fresheners and deodorants that can make your room smell good, they can also be hazardous to your health. Many people are allergic to some of the ingredients in these artificial fresheners, which could cause them respiratory issues and other health complications. Today, we provide you with solutions to keep your house smelling good all the time by using natural ingredients and products.

22 Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Nice

People have different notions of what a “good” smell means to them. Some like the minty fresh smell, while others go for floral aroma or spicy scents. Whatever your choice of fragrance, there are a few basic things that need to be in place for any effort to work. Let us begin with the basics required for a fresh-smelling house, and then we will go on to the next steps.

1. Open your windows

The old, musty air inside your home must escape recreating a fresh space. So this is a less-effort and big-gain technique to prime your house for a beautiful smell. Open windows in more than one room and turn on your fans. You could also place table or box fans near windows to draw in the fresh air.

2. Get rid of the culprits

The main culprits of a stinky house are your fridge, damp laundry, gunky garbage disposal, pet beds (if you have them), and dusty places. Once a week, you must go through these areas and clean them to remove any unnecessary stink. One helpful hack is to leave an open box with baking soda in the refrigerator, which will absorb all foul odors.

3. Crockpot to deodorize

Using your crock pots to eliminate odors might be a novel idea to you, but you can do it easily:

    1. Fill your crockpot with some water.
    2. Put three or more tbsp of baking soda in it.
    3. Switch on the crockpot on low mode, with the lid off.
    4. The concoction will work its magic in some time.

4. Essential oil diffuser

An oil diffuser can harness the smell of your favorite essential oil magically. It is easy to use the diffusers, filling your house with a subtle and mild fragrance. You could put drops of more than one essential oil in the diffuser for that heavenly smelling house. Oil diffusers also come in stunning designs, which can add charm to your home’s decor.

5. Keep a vase of eucalyptus

A vase of eucalyptus will not just fill your house with a lovely smell; it also makes for a chic and sleek bouquet. You could stick the vase just anywhere; your bathroom, bedroom, or living room, and enjoy its sublime smell all through the day.

6. Smoke out the smell

Candles and incense are other potent weapons against bad smells. They have a strong fragrance and can fill your house with exquisite aroma instantly. A word of caution, do not overstuff with these smells as they might stifle you. Stick to one type of fragrance or use the one which complements each other.

7. DIY room spray

If your room needs a quick freshening up, then a homemade room spray comes in handy.

    1. Fill a spray bottle with half a cup of distilled water.
    2. Pour in half a cup of witch hazel.
    3. Add in 20 to 30 drops of essential oil of your choice.

8. You should deodorize carpets regularly

If carpets haven’t been cleaned for a long time or if you have pets, then they could emit a weird odor. They are also dungeons for molds, bacteria, dirt, and pollen:

    1. Grab some baking soda,
    2. Add some drops of essential oils to it.
    3. Sprinkle this mix all over the carpet.

9. Baking something delicious

If you are in the mood for some chocolate cookies, you can bake delicious snacks while keeping your home smelling heavenly. Though this is a temporary fix, you could add this to your regime and enjoy freshly baked goodies.

10. Buy an air purifier

An air purifier has many purposes. It not only removes household odors but also removes pollen and dust from your rooms. Those who are allergic would benefit immensely from purchasing an air purifier.


11. Musty towels could have an offending smell

A moldy towel smell can greatly jeopardize the freshness of your house. An easy way to get rid of that is to soak your towels overnight in hot water with 1-2 cups of vinegar in it. You could keep them either in a bathtub or washing machine (do not run it) and wash them in the usual manner the next day. Say bye to the moldy smell in your house!

12. Shoes need some freshening up

You might not even be aware of how your shoes might be contributing to that funky smell in your house. A quick fix is buying a Shoe-Pourri, a blend of essential oils (you could make your own too), and spray it inside your shoes. You could also spray dry shampoo inside your stinky shoes.

13. Diffuser sticks work magic

Diffuser sticks layer your house slowly with a lovely fragrance. They come in a myriad of scents in the market, or you could make your own with a container, essential oil, bamboo skewers, alcohol, and baby oil.

14. Keep potpourri at different places

You get a ready-made potpourri of dried flowers and other scents that look decorative and give out a pleasant smell. You could also make your potpourri blend with a multitude of flowers (pansy, calendula, scented geranium, etc.) by drying them.

15. Do some laundry

Freshly laundered clothes can count amongst one of the freshest smells in the world. Always keep a small load unwashed that you could tumble into with a scented dryer sheet.

16. Cotton balls as perfume bombs

You can soak cotton balls in your favorite oil or cologne and keep them tucked all around the house. Some of the places you could keep these balls so that you get a whiff of their smell walking around the house are:

    1. Between cushions
    2. In the A/C panel
    3. Behind furniture

17. Make a potpourri on the stovetop

A stovetop potpourri has a versatile smell and is super easy to make, which can keep your house smelling heavenly for hours. There are many options for creating a potpourri, depending on the vibe you wish to generate. Some popular ones are using cinnamon, rosemary sprigs, cranberry, orange slices, etc.

18. Some vanilla in the oven

An easy hack for a delicious smelling house is pouring two capfuls of vanilla extract in an oven-safe container and baking it for an hour at 300°F.

19. Box fan with dryer sheets taped on it

You can quickly conjure an air freshener by making your cheap diffuser. Simply tape scented dryer sheets to a box fan and then turn the fan to its full speed. You will feel an instant rush of fresh air filling your room.

20. Use your lightbulbs as diffusers

This is an old realtors’ trick for a fresh-smelling home. Turn off all lights till they are cold. Now place a couple of drops of any extract, like vanilla or cinnamon, on the light bulbs. Once the lights are flipped on, the heat generated by the bulbs would gently diffuse the scent through your house. This trick is better applied on incandescent bulbs as they generate more heat than CFL bulbs.

21. An inexpensive stovetop fragrance

If you don’t want to shell out money for expensive diffusers or candles, then you can create a home fragrance with just a few things. Take a bunch of lemon and orange peels and put 1-2 cups of water in it. Simmer this mix for a while (a few hours) and keep adding water as necessary. Your pot and the air in your house get freshened up in just one single and simple step. You can use the same trick with other ingredients, like cloves, cinnamons, or any herb of your choice.

22. Keeping a constant supply of fresh fragrant flowers

Using fresh flowers at different spots in your home can also be an effective solution. Changing the water regularly can make the flowers remain fresh and fragrant for longer, reducing the frequency of buying fresh flowers. You can also grow your own flowers, using them to decorate and keep your home smelling fresh

Who doesn’t want a house full of a fragrance that gives out positive vibes? But sometimes, you lack the idea or do not wish to get into lengthy procedures for purifying your home. This article has many easy-to-follow hacks for a house that smells fresh all the time.

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