How to Get Rid of Motion Sickness: Home Remedies, Medications & Tips

How to Get Rid of Motion Sickness – Remedies for Instant Relief

Going with the flow or motion is good. But if you stay in motion long after the flow ends, then the queasy feeling you experience is something that you should pay attention to. Motion sickness can happen to anyone and doesn’t last long. Yet, the experience itself is annoying and unnerving. And after it ends, you just wish it never happens again.

What Causes Motion Sickness?

Motion sickness occurs when the brain gets conflicting information from your eyes and ears. To keep it simple, your ears may talk of motion but your eyes are unable to process it. Taking a boat or a cruise ride can be exemplary, where your ears can sense motion but not your eyes. But there is also another type, where motion can be felt or seen but the brain fails to process it. Anything that has a centrifugal force can create this sensation.

What are the Common Symptoms of Motion Sickness?

You can understand motion sickness from the following symptoms:

  • Excessive perspiration
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Rise in salivary secretion
  • Pale skin
  • Loss of appetite
  • Too much yawning

Who Is More Prone to Have Motion Sickness?

Anyone can get affected by motion sickness. However, some are more prone than others.

  • Women feel it often, especially, when they’re menstruating or pregnant. Women undergoing hormone therapy may feel it too.
  • People with migraines.
  • Children from age 2 to 12.
  • Some medications such as asthma medicines, some antibiotics, antidepressants, narcotics, and medicines like ibuprofen or naproxen can worsen this condition.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Smoking or drinking.
  • Lack of ventilation.

Easy Tips to Get Relief from Motion Sickness

Do these easy things while travelling to avoid motion sickness.

1. Drink Water

Many avoid this essential step to prevent having to visit the toilet. But sipping cool water often can make you feel relieved.

2. Take a Nap

Closing your eyes for a bit can distract you from the experience. You won’t feel motion sickness if you are not aware of it. Hence, you can always plan a trip where your chances of falling asleep are high.

3. Eat Minimum

Eating a small amount of food can help you get rid of nausea, but eating heavy can increase the problem. In fact, being hungry all the time while on the trip is a sure sign of motion sickness.

4. Sit and Look Forward

Choosing a seat with a straight view of the front can lessen the impact of motion sickness. Looking at the horizon can be soothing.

5. Plan Stops in Between

It may delay the arrival time, but it would surely break the effect of motion. A very long stretch of a drive can get you motion sick. Regular stops make the travel less monotonous.

6. Stay Away from Strong Smells

Anything with a strong smell can trigger motion sickness. Be it the odorous lavatory or a sweet, yet strong perfume, avoid any seat that can make your brain overwork.

Tips for Motion Sickness

Home Remedies to Cure Motion Sickness Naturally

There are some natural travel sickness remedies that can help you without triggering any side-effects.

1. Find Your Pressure Points

In acupressure, nei-guan is a point that is on your wrist. Putting pressure there can give you instant relief. The point is under the index finger between the wrist tendons. Apply pressure on your left wrist with your index, middle and ring finger of your right hand. Hold the pressure for 4-5 seconds.

2. Aromatherapy Can Cure

Ginger, lavender and mint are essential oils that you can always try. They are known for their ability to reduce the chance of getting nauseated. You can have an essential oil bottle and sniff it from a bottle while travelling.


3. Drink Chamomile

Chamomile tea has properties that relax the stomach muscles and lessen the impact of acidity. You can always prepare some beforehand and carry it along. Drink it cold or hot, your choice.

4. Pop a Liquorice Root Lozenge

Liquorice root has stomach soothing properties. It can reduce ulcer pain, acidity and help in digestion. Popping one into your mouth can ward off nausea and prevent you from vomiting.

Licorice Root Lozenge

5. Have Ginger

Eat ginger in small amounts with a gap of at least 30 minutes. Chewing on it can reduce the chances of falling sick.

6. Take a Lemon with You

You can always carry a lemon while you are travelling. Its acidic nature relieves you of acidity and helps in mitigating nausea. Motion sickness can also be cured by the citrusy smell of lemon. You can either suck half or keep smelling one while travelling.


7. Sip Pickle Juice

Pickle juice can correct the imbalance in your body by increasing the electrolyte count and balancing the pH level. Nausea is caused by the disturbances in electrolyte level. That is why having 1 or 2 teaspoons of it can soothe your nerves.

8. Take Vitamins

Vitamin B6 and B12 have motion sickness curative power. So, having egg, milk and other foods rich with these two vitamins can help you get rid of motion sickness for good.


Medications to Treat Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is a disease that needs an immediate solution. Hence, keeping these medicines in your bag for that can be handy.

1. Dimenhydrinate

This is a medicine that can prevent nausea, vomiting and other symptoms from taking place. Take it at least an hour before your travel starts. As a side-effect, your mouth can go dry, but it is manageable.

2. Scopolamine

It is a transdermal patch that can prevent nausea and vomiting. If used longer than 3 days, it can trigger withdrawal symptoms.

Take medicines only as a last resort or when you need immediate relief. It is always better to use herbal remedies.

Can You Prevent It?

It is always better to prevent motion sickness from happening than waiting for a cure. Motion sickness may not seem that daunting but those who are susceptible can only answer the best.

Car motion sickness is pretty common and most of us have experienced that when we were young.

Motion sickness on a bus for a short or a long trip is quite common. Many fall prey to that as sometimes the sickly smell of diesel can be nauseating.

Frequent flyers are quite aware of motion sickness on an aeroplaneYes, that is why a paper bag is always kept at the back of your front seat, in case you need it to vomit. If you are first-time air traveller, then take measures accordingly. And if you are flying abroad, then the routes are often too long, which increases the chances of feeling motion sick.

You do want to have your cruise rides as picture-perfect as your destination. Now if you are wondering how to get rid of motion sickness after a cruise ride, then consider these measures as prevention tips. These tips would also help you with other modes of transportation.

  • Stay relaxed. If you are too worried about what’s coming, then the chances are higher that you would trigger motion sickness. Stay relaxed and avoid straining your body too much.
  • Reading, writing, or typing can also spur motion sickness. While on the go, keeping your focus static can trigger an imbalance by straining your eyes and other organs.
  • Stay away from alcohol, especially if you are about to go on-board.
  • Avoid smoking. Smoking has an adverse impact on nerves which can instigate an unwanted response and cause motion sickness.
  • Fresh air always has a good effect on the body. The more you breathe in, the more your body relaxes and wards off the effects of motion sickness.

Journeys are always enriching. And the more you travel, the better your experience will become.

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