Anger Management - 12 Effective Tips That Will Calm You Down Instantly

How to Control Your Anger – Try These Ways to Calm Yourself Down

There are so many things that can trigger anger and we all can get upset and angry over different things. Anger is a normal emotion and it’s okay to express it once in a while. But if you have observed that you are getting angry over trivial matters or for no reason at all, then you need help. It is important to control this emotion in time before it manifests into some medical condition.

Why You Should Control Your Anger

Where some people may not exhibit their anger others may become extremely violent and show intense emotions. However, no matter how you react, it is important to get rid of this emotion because of the following reasons:

  • Getting angry on a regular basis may take a toll on your health and it can even lead to health problems. You may experience digestion problem, insomnia, headaches, depression, and other such issues.
  • Overcoming anger is important as it can destroy or strain your relationships. Anger can make you do irrational things, say hurtful words, or do other such things that affect your relationship with the other person. When people are angry, they might say certain things to someone that might upset them and it could affect their relationship. Hence, it is important to control anger and think twice before speaking when you are upset or angry.
  • Anger can make you lose your focus, which can adversely affect your work.
  • Ageing is a natural process but being angry most of the time can take away years from your face and make you look older than your age. Happy and cheerful appearance makes a person look younger and a frown on the face makes you look more than your age.
  • Anger can take a toll on your image too. If you do not let go of your habit, you may be labelled as ‘angry bird’ by your colleagues, friends or even our family members.

Anger may have physiological, emotional, social and physical effects on you. Therefore, it is important to tame your temper at the right time. In the following section, we shall be discussing some effective tips on how to deal with this emotion in the best possible manner.

Tips to Control Your Anger

Given below are some effective anger management tips that you can try if you get angry over trivial issues.

1. Show Your Anger

If there is something that is making you mad, you should express it because bottling up your feelings may harm your health. It is very normal to be upset or angry over something but what is more important is to channelize those emotions in a positive way. This may help you in feeling better and not blaming others for your feelings.

2. Sweat it Out

One of the best ways to control your anger is by working out. Indulging in some physical activity is one of the most effective ways to vent out negative emotions from your system. Whenever you get upset over something, try some stretching exercises, practise yoga, or run.

A woman running

3. Think Before You Speak

Hurtful words can do more harm to a person than any kind of physical harm. Therefore, no matter how mad or angry you are, make sure you collect your thoughts and think before you utter something bad. This can help you control your anger and don’t lose it out on someone.

4. Count Till 10

If something or someone has upset you, no doubt, you will be angry. Bu this outburst of anger usually lasts up to two seconds only. If you don’t want to show your anger, count till 10. It may actually put aside your anger and can help you think sanely and do things rationally. This is a great way of not doing things in the heat of the moment. You can teach this habit to your children as well to help them control their anger.

5. Breathe

When you are angry your heartbeat increases. However, if you control your breathing or get it back to normal levels, you will be able to manage your anger well.  Deep breathing exercises are great for calming down because they can help you get your breathing back to normal levels. Focusing on breathing also helps in channelising the energy, which in turn can help you relax.

6. Spend Some Time Alone

Sometimes life gets so stressful that our frustration turns into anger. However, if you take out some quiet moments to be on your own or to relax, it can help you a great deal in managing your anger issues and stress. Take out some time, think about what you need to do then plan it out accordingly.

Here taking a break means to take some time off the situation and think what you can do about it. Walking away from the scenario and thinking or mulling over it can help you regain your perspective and deal with what may be putting you off earlier.

7. Find a Solution

Most of the times anger can result in a dearth of a probable solution. Therefore, the best way to let go off this emotion is by establishing possible solutions to the problems that may be cropping up the anger in the first place. If a messy room is what is causing you to go crazy, clean your room or ask someone to do it for you.

8. Let Go of the Grudge

When someone hurts you or has done wrong to you, no doubt you will be angry. Chances are that you won’t even talk to that person. But if you think sanely, you will realise that not talking to that person might not be making you happy. You will be upset. So let go off the grudge or any ill-feelings because these feelings are doing no harm to the person you are angry with rather affecting you. Therefore, the best thing to do is forgive and forget.

A woman upset with her husband

9. Do Not Blame Others

Almost all of us tend to criticize or blame others for our own faults and direct our anger towards them. However, this does not solve the issue, rather it aggravates it. So, learn to accept your drawbacks or faults. Stop being angry or yelling at others for your own mistakes. Be on your own for some time and look for solutions.

10. Try Relaxation Methods

Everyone feels calm or relaxed doing certain activities. Find out what makes you happy and whenever anger strikes you, try and invest your time doing your favourite activity.

11. Talk About Your Anger

It’s okay if you get angry. You don’t have to feel guilty about it. It is a normal human emotion that can sometimes get out of control. In order to control this emotion, it is important to accept it first. Accept your anger and instead of yelling at someone, be quiet for a moment and share your feelings with your loved ones.

12. Sleep

Get ample sleep through the night and rest during the day if possible. Sometimes lack of sleep and rest can make your emotions go haywire, which can also lead to anger issues. Getting enough sleep is one of the ideal ways of dealing with anger in pregnancy.


Here are some FAQs on anger issues:

1. How Can Your Overcome Anger in a Relationship?

Anger can destroy healthy relationships; therefore, it is important to deal with it at the earliest. The best way to do it is by talking to your partner about what is making you mad. Talk in a calm manner as yelling won’t solve the problem. Do not give a silent treatment or opt for violent resorts like slamming the door or locking yourself up in the room. Never involve any third person. Sometimes the best approach can be to overlook the issue if it is small.

2. What Are the Signs of Anger?

If you occasionally get angry, it does not mean that you have anger issues. It is the trend of your emotional and physical symptoms along with your behaviour that helps the mental health care experts in establishing whether or not you are dealing with anger issues. Where some emotional signs or symptoms include anxiety, irritability or rage, the physical symptoms may include heart palpitations, headaches, tingling, experiencing pressure in the head, high blood pressure, etc.

Try incorporating these simple ways to overcome or control your anger!

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