Try These Simple and Effective Tips on How to Clean a Fridge at Home

How to Clean a Refrigerator at Home – Easy Tips and Tricks

Cleaning your refrigerator may seem like a difficult task but it isn’t. Cleaning a refrigerator from the inside out is important. By following a few simple steps, you can clean your refrigerator like a pro. Try these simple tips and tricks and make your refrigerator look sparkling clean.

Steps to Clean Your Refrigerator

Here’s a step-by-step guide to clean a refrigerator. Just follow this guide whenever you want to clean your refrigerator. Clean it regularly to save time.

1. What You Will Need

  • Citrus surface wipes
  • Lukewarm water
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Regular baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Microfiber cloth

2. Instructions

Follow the instructions mentioned below to clean your refrigerator.

  • The first thing you will need to do while cleaning your fridge is to take out all the food from the fridge. The refrigerator should be completely empty. Place all the fruits, vegetables, meats, leftovers, and dairy products on the kitchen counter. You can store the veggies, meats, and leftovers in a portable cooler that’s filled up with ice cubes.
  • Unplug your refrigerator.
  • Next, take out the plastic drawers (if any) and shelves from the refrigerator and keep them in the sink. Soak them up in equal parts of water and a mild dishwashing liquid. Set aside any glass parts, leaving them at room temperature but don’t dip them in warm water since they may crack or break due to the sudden temperature change.
  • Get your citrus surface wipes or any mild natural wipes and start cleaning the insides of your refrigerator. Take your time and don’t rush if you want to clean your fridge thoroughly. If the stains are stubborn, you can use a non-abrasive toothbrush to scrub them off.
  • To eliminate odours, you can keep a tray of baking soda at the bottom-most part of the refrigerator.
  • To clean the grime and dirt settled in the refrigerator seams and rubber seals, you can dip your toothbrush in a cleaning solution (like a mix of baking soda and lukewarm water) and scrub it finely.
  • Once you’re done cleaning the insides, it’s time to clean the exteriors. For the door and the two sides of the refrigerator, soak a microfiber cloth in white vinegar, wring it, and wipe the surfaces. To give the surfaces a shine, you can pour a few drops of extra virgin olive oil on a cloth and rub them on the doors and two sides of the refrigerator. If you don’t want to use olive oil and white vinegar, you can substitute with any commercial stainless steel cleaning spray. Multipurpose cleaners work just fine.
  • Next, use a piece of dry cloth to clean the damp surfaces of the fridge.
  • Your refrigerator will look clean now.

A woman cleaning her refrigerator

Additional Tips to Follow to Keep Your Refrigerator Clean

Here are some additional tips to keep your refrigerator clean at all times.

  • To clean the coil of the refrigerator, use a coil brush. Avoid using any cleaning solutions to dust or remove the dirt and grime that collects in the coils.
  • For the condenser fan blade, you can use a mix of coil brush and a damp cloth to absorb and eliminate the dust and dirt.
  • You can clean the wooden floor or surface surrounding your refrigerator by using a rag, mop, or a vacuum cleaner.
  • Work your way from top to bottom while cleaning your refrigerator.
  • Don’t miss the inside of the refrigerator door when you’re cleaning.
  • Dry out the shelves, drawers, and refrigerator dividers before installing them back in place.
  • You can use an appliance glide to move your refrigerator to clean it from different angles, without letting it scratch the floor.
  • Clean the condenser coils and fans once every six months.
  • Never use the same cloth to clean both the insides and outsides.
  • Make sure to clean up any spills immediately.
  • Keep tabs on the shelf-life of your ingredients and replace or consume when they’re close to expiration to prevent them from rotting.
  • Clean the rims and bottoms of ketchup bottles, food jars, and jams to avoid them from staining the insides of your refrigerator.
  • Clean your refrigerator at least once a month completely and vacuum the coils occasionally.
  • Make sure to defrost the freezer every week.


Here are some frequently asked questions with regards to cleaning the refrigerator inside and out.

1. Should I Use Ordinary Kitchen Cleaning Products to Clean My Fridge?

You can use ordinary kitchen cleaning products to clean the insides of your refrigerator, but if you can find better alternatives try to use ordinary cleaning products as they might contain chemicals which can contaminate your food. You can use mild dishwashing liquids, soapy water, or natural wipes like citrus wipes. These products are gentle and natural.

2. Can I Use a Disinfectant to Clean My Refrigerator?

No, you should not use any disinfectants for cleaning your refrigerator. It’s a  bad idea because it may come in contact with the food and contaminate it. So, it’s best that you use specially formulated refrigerator cleaners or natural cleaners.

3. Can I Use Natural Products to Clean the Fridge? Do They Work?

Yes, you can natural products to clean your refrigerator. Natural products don’t leave any chemical residues and can be rinsed off easily.

By following these simple tips and tricks mentioned above, cleaning your refrigerator won’t seem like a chore anymore. After a thorough cleaning, you won’t have to clean your refrigerator regularly. You can clean it once a month or whenever you have time. But if it has been a while since you cleaned your refrigerator, don’t wait further. Let the cleaning begin!

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