How to Wrap a Christmas Gift: Tips & Ideas

How to Beautifully Wrap Christmas Presents

A beautiful and thoughtfully chosen Christmas present feels all the more desirable when it is neatly wrapped with crisp corners and smooth edges. So, learning to wrap fancy Christmas presents is an art that is sure to wow your loved ones.

What Will You Need?

Gifts reflect happiness and celebration happiness and celebration, and giving gifts is a part of the Christmas tradition. The act of gift wrapping was once about matching your ribbon to your wrapping paper. However, just like evolutions in fashion trends, the method of gift wrapping has also evolved. If you’re aspiring to pack Christmas presents most stylishly and imaginatively, you need to go for more eclectic styling, mix and match patterns, prints, and textiles. Consider personalizing your gift wrapping by adding embellishments such as a Christmas tree or something of your choice. Meticulous wrapping needs practice. The best places to pick up gift wrapping supplies include department stores, craft boutiques, and even florist shops. Wondering how to wrap Xmas presents the right way to cheer up the receiver? Here are some tips on supplies that you will need to enhance your gift wrapping skills.

  • Ribbon
  • Gift Box
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Double-Sided Tape

How to Do?

There are many simple gift wrapping ideas that would make your presents look like eye candy. Thicker paper works better. Facilitate trimming process with a roll that has a grid pattern on its reverse side. Here are some quick steps for the classic ‘wrap Christmas presents with ribbon’ look.

1. Cut Wrapping Paper

Lay down the wrapping paper on a large workspace like your kitchen table or island. Place the box in the middle of the wrapping paper and measure the amount of wrapping paper you might need. Cut just enough to cover one and a half times the sides of the box.

2. Fold Over

Stand with the roll of paper laid out in front. Pull the wrapping paper taut over to the far end of the box and use double-sided tape to stick it there. Make a crease along its edge to retain shape and prevent tearing.

3. Join Ends

Unroll more paper and pull it to the wrapped end. Cut the wrapping paper, allowing for an overhang of one inch. Fold the extra one inch to create a stronger seam and fix using double-sided tape.

4. Close The Flaps

Next comes the sides of the present. With the seam-side up, push the paper on one of the open sides inwards, creating four flaps at an angle of 45-degrees. Make creases across the flaps. Secure the flaps with a piece of tape. Repeat the step on the other side.

5. Fold Paper Down

You would now have two flaps each on the sides of the box. Fold the top flap down and create a sharp crease along the top part of the box. Make a crease once more where the paper joins the bottom margin of the box.

6. Discard Excess Paper

Fold any extra paper away on the flap on the bottom to align it well with the one on the top part of the box. Stick a double-sided tape on the flap on the bottom. Lift it over the top flap, fold, and stick.

7. Fold Open Ends

The remaining open ends of the wrapping paper need to be folded the same way as mentioned in steps four to six. Pull the bottom sides up and tape them to the box.

8. Accessorize With Ribbon

Invert the wrapped box with its face down on a long ribbon. Pull the ends of the ribbon upwards and bring the right end over to the left. Pull in the width direction to make a cross.

9. Tie Ribbon

Turn the box, make the two ribbons equal in length, and thread under each end of the ribbon.

10. Tie Bow

Make a beautiful double-knot with the ribbon and tie it into a stylish bow. Use a finger to shape it in a loop design.

11. Crop Ends

Grasp the ends of the ribbon lengthwise and cut at an angle of 45-degree to create split ends.

Tips for Wrapping Gift Perfectly

With Christmas knocking at the door, impress your loved ones by learning how to wrap a Christmas gift perfectly.

  1. Make sure you’re ready with the tools needed for the job. You’ll need sharp scissors, tissue paper for padding, and double-sided tape.
  2. Ensure that you have enough wrapping paper and ribbon to cover the entire gift before cutting it.
  3. Avoid waste by keeping off-cuts of paper and ribbon for using them later.
  4. It’s much easier to wrap something square or rectangular. Wrapping awkward-shaped presents need innovative thinking. Use paper tablecloths to cover large, unusual shapes. Place the object in the center and gather the cloth around to tie tightly with ribbon.
  5. If you have a mountain of unwrapped presents to wrap on Christmas Eve, make sure you label each present correctly to avoid any embarrassing gift gaffes.

The decoration is just as important as the gift itself. Moreover, gift-wrapping tips can extend beyond the holiday season. Once you get confident, wrapping birthday and anniversary presents will be a breeze.

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