15 Health Benefits & Importance of Ayurveda in Day-to-Day Life

How Ayurveda Can Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Ayurveda is one of the oldest and most renowned forms of medicine. From time immemorial, people have sworn by the efficacy and benefits of this medicinal system. Ayurveda originated in India, and today this 5000-year-old medicinal practice is widely acknowledged all over the world. So, what is it that is making Ayurveda a preferable choice for healing the mind, body and soul? Well, if you want to know more, we suggest that you read this article and get to know about the importance of Ayurveda in detail.

Ayuveda Herbs

Importance of Ayurveda in Your Life

The word ‘Ayurveda’ is a combination of two words, ‘ayur’, which means life and ‘veda’, which means science or knowledge, therefore, Ayurveda is a study of life sciences. According to Ayurveda, to have a healthy and illness-free life, one must follow it’s dos and don’ts. Also, this medicinal system not only concentrates on treating the ailment but aims at channelising the positive energies of the mind, body and soul to heal the person. Ayurvedic texts mention that our body is characterized by three life forces: vata dosha, kapha dosha and pitta dosha. Every person has a combination of these life forces or doshas in them; however, one dosha is prominent among these.  If there is an imbalance in these doshas, it may result in sickness or health ailments. If you are wondering about the importance of Ayurveda in your life or thinking about its various advantages, take a look at some of the following health benefits of Ayurveda.

1. Helps in Maintaining Healthy and Glowing Skin

Beautiful skin is what we all dream about. At different stages of life, our skin undergoes various changes which may make it lose its charm and radiance. However, Ayurveda not only has solutions to all your skin issues and problems but it also has remedies that can help you get back your baby-soft skin and glow. All you have to do is include loads of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and indulge in an active workout session regularly, to help your inner glow to reflect on your face. Also, including various kinds of nuts help rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and healthy fats, makes the skin shiny and supple.

Helps in Maintaining Healthy and Glowing Skin

2. Helps in Creating Overall Balance

Ayurveda believes that medical issues crop up because of the imbalance in doshas or energy forces in the body. It offers individualised treatment and focuses on balancing the energies so that the ailment can be cured.

3. Helps in Reducing Bloating

Bad or poor digestion often leads to bloating. Bloating can make you extremely uncomfortable. This usually happens when there is too much toxin build-up in the body. Ayurveda has many remedies that help in preventing and curing the symptoms of bloating. Ginger root, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, cardamom etc. are some herbs and spices that prove to be effective in curing the symptoms of digestion issues like bloating. You may chew ginger and cumin before eating your meals to aid digestion. A decoction made with fennel and cumin seeds also helps in relieving the cramps and reducing stomach inflammation.

Helps in Reducing Bloating

4. Helps in Curing Insomnia

If you have trouble getting sound sleep, Ayurveda has an effective cure for that too. It is often seen that certain habits such as watching TV until late hours, having caffeinated beverages close to bedtime, spending more time with gadgets before sleeping, eating a spicy meal etc. may cause disrupted or troubled sleep patterns. Ayurveda propagates drinking a glass of warm saffron or almond milk, massaging on the scalp and feet with jasmine or coconut oil to help you sleep like a baby.

5. Helps in Cleansing the Body

Our body floods up with toxins when we do not pay heed to our diet and nutrition. This toxin build-up leads to health issues and ailments. There are various treatment options available in Ayurveda that promote cleansing of the body and improve the overall functionality and balance of the body. Panchkarma, massage therapy, enemas etc. are some of the effective ways of removing toxins from the body.

Helps in Cleansing the Body

6. Helps in Overall-Well Being

Following Ayurvedic practices and dos and don’ts helps in preventing illnesses and diseases by creating a feeling of overall well-being and good health. This includes following recommended diet plans, exercises, breathing exercises, sun exposures and other daily regimens. Ayurveda does not believe in the principal of one treatment for all. If your body is unable to meet certain requirements, you may be recommended Ayurvedic supplements. However, do not consume any Ayurvedic supplements on your own without consulting an Ayurvedic practitioner.

7. Helps in Reducing Inflammation

Whenever your body is fighting an infection or disease, there may be a certain amount of inflammation, depending upon the severity of the condition. Consuming Ayurvedic medicines may help in reducing the inflammation, and it may also help in enhancing the immune system to fight the infections in a better way. Turmeric and green tea are two useful Ayurvedic remedies to tackle inflammation.

Helps in Reducing Inflammation

8. Helps in Balancing Hormones

Disrupted hormonal balance leads to health complications. The hormonal imbalance occurs when the energy forces of the body get disrupted. In women, hormonal imbalance leads to various complications with the menstruation cycle and sometimes, menstrual problems leads to conception related issues and other complications. Ayurveda offers various options for curing hormonal imbalance in the body. Various Ayurvedic medicines and oils have therapeutic properties in stabilizing the hormones of the body.

9. Helps in Weight Management

Excessive weight or obesity is amongst one of the leading causes of various health complications. Getting rid of obesity may become difficult, thus putting them at an increased risk of other health issues. Ayurveda has a cure for fighting the obesity demon. There are some preparations and treatments that may help in melting down the excess fat from the body and thus making you fit and slender. Lemon and honey can help those trying to keep their weight under control.

Helps in Weight Management

10. Helps in Reducing Stress

Most of us deal with stress on a regular basis, and sometimes the stress levels become high causing other problems. Therefore, it is very important to manage the stress levels in our body. The holistic approach of Ayurveda in curing stress through diet, exercise, yoga, meditation and other such techniques help in reducing the anxiety and stress levels of the body.

11. Helps in Improving Digestion

Improper or bad digestion may lead to constipation, and this ailment may make you lethargic, low on energy and tired. Constipation also leads to excessive toxin build-up in the body. Therefore, to be hale and hearty, it is important to have a good digestive system. Consuming certain foods at the right time may help your digestive juices flow effectively and thus help in improving and strengthening your digestion. The dietary recommendations in Ayurveda help in keeping digestive issues such as constipation at bay.

Helps in Improving Digestion

12. Helps in Improving Health at the Cellular Level

Ayurveda can actually help regenerate cells, and even sometimes help the cells begin healing on their own, leading to ailments getting cured by themselves. It has also been proven in a few studies that Ayurvedic treatment helps in improving cell health and the overall health of patients suffering from various ailments.

13. Helps in Treating Diabetes

One of the increasing medical threats is diabetes. Diabetes puts the patient at an increased risk of heart attack and kidney failure. However, Ayurveda helps the patient deal with diabetes by making certain lifestyle changes. Leading a healthy life and taking Ayurvedic medicines may help the patient get cured or manage his condition well.

Helps in Treating Diabetes

14. Helps in Managing High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension increases the risk of heart stroke, heart diseases, kidney problems and other such issues. Ayurveda aims at establishing the real cause of hypertension before treating the disease. Once the cause is established, proper measures are taken to cure the ailment. The treatment also focuses on the removal of toxins.

15. Helps in Managing a Healthy Lifestyle

Ayurveda believes that every individual should eat a healthy and nutritional diet because a good diet not only helps the body fight various diseases but it also helps us lead a healthy life. More emphasis is laid on eating fresh vegetables and fruits in their original form to obtain maximum health benefits.

Helps in Promoting a Nutrient-Rich Diet

Ayurveda has been proved to be beneficial for human health for a long time. However, while some people may benefit greatly from this medicinal system, others may not respond that well to the treatment. So think it through and do your research before goign for Ayurvedic treatment.

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