8 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Breasts Sweat-free This Summer

8 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Breasts Sweat-free This Summer

A month into summer and we are already waiting for it to get over, right? It’s HOT out there; and the fact that this heat is going to be the same or get even worse in the coming days is, in no way, cooling us down. So, how does your body cool down when you feel you might self-combust? By sweating! But it’s not just your armpits or arms that sweat; your private parts like your buttocks and breasts produce sweat too. Ladies, if you have sweaty breasts then believe us, it’s quite normal. This problem is experienced by almost all women at some point; however, it’s more common in women with larger breasts or breasts that droop downward. This is because the fold that forms between the breast and the skin under it traps sweat and this area can remain moist for long. Moisture being a breeding ground for bacterial and fungal infections, exposes this area to potential rashes or irritation. While a little bit of sweat is harmless, excessive sweating in this area can definitely be a nuisance, if not plain embarrassing.

Tips and Hacks to Keep Your Breasts Sweat-Free This Summer

While we can wipe off the sweat on our arms or neck with a tissue-paper in public, we can’t do the same where our private areas are concerned. Imagine beads of sweat running down to your stomach from underneath your breasts while you’re in the middle of an important discussion – neither can you sit straight nor can you run to the bathroom! It can be uncomfortable, not to mention, incredibly awkward! Thankfully, there are some tips you can try to beat this summer problem.

1. Save your Fancy Bras Made with Synthetic Materials for Special Occasions.

Synthetic bra

For sweat-free breasts, ditch bras made with synthetic materials like rayon or polyester. Synthetic materials don’t allow your skin to breathe, and when they trap heat, they prevent the sweat from evaporating. This means it’s going to get moist and smelly in there if you wear these all day!

2. Opt for Cotton Bras Instead.

Cotton bras

Just like you think about your baby’s comfort in summers and make the right choices for him, do the same for yourself as well; after all, it is for the sake of your health. Wear cotton bras in summers. Cotton is a naturally breathable fabric; hence it won’t trap the heat and sweat against your chest. You will find many options in cotton bras; from coloured and tropical prints to strapless and t-shirt bras. When it comes to comfort, nothing can beat cotton, and now that you’ll find a range of options in cotton bras, your sense of fashion won’t get compromised too.

3. Use Panty Liners.

Panty liner

Panty liners can also be used once in a while for your chest area apart from using them ‘down there’! They can save your favourite shirts from getting those icky sweat stains. Stick a couple of panty liners inside your bra and on your breasts to absorb the sweat and to prevent it from staining your favourite kurta or shirts.

4. If Not Panty Liners, Paper Towels Come in Handy Too.

Paper towel

If you’re out of panty liners or find them too expensive for alternate uses, you can use paper towels – they work too. First, dry your breasts, then fold a few paper towels and put them in your bra cups. They will soak up the moisture and prevent the sweat from forming stains on your clothes.

5. How about Some Baby Powder?

Baby powder

Baby powder has several uses. Just like it keeps the sensitive areas of your baby’s skin dry, it will do the same for your body as well. Sprinkle some baby powder on your breasts, then put on a bra. Baby powder can also prevent the common problem of chafing (which usually occurs when our skin rubs against skin or clothing) in summers. By using baby powder on your breasts, the chances of you developing rashes like intertrigo will also be reduced. Intertrigo is a form of dermatitis which affects skin folds, particularly under the breasts. Applying baby powder will reduce the chances of developing this bacterial infection and keep your breasts sweat-free and dry.

6. Baby Wipes Always to the Rescue!

Baby wipes

We are sure by now you must be into the habit of keeping baby wipes in your makeup kit, and why wouldn’t you? Baby wipes help avoid makeup mishaps. If you need another reason to keep them handy, here’s one. Baby wipes can help take care of the problem of sweaty breasts anytime, anywhere; a quick run to the washroom is all you’ll need to feel fresh again! Sweat begins to smell when it mixes with bacteria, so wipe your breasts properly to prevent bacteria from accumulating on and beneath your breasts.

7. Try Argan Oil.

Argan oil

Argan oil has been used to treat skin infections and hair problems for a long time now. But you will be surprised to know that argan oil works for ‘boob sweat’ too. The anti-microbial properties of argan oil help prevent rashes from developing. This oil is also known to negate bad odours. Applying a few drops of argan oil on and underneath your breasts will help minimise the sweat and skin irritation occurring because of it.

8. Give Bra Liners a Try.

You may not have heard of bra liners, but they are worth considering. Bra liners are made with absorbent materials that help absorb the moisture from the skin and prevent irritation as well as the risk of infections. Moreover, wearing them won’t seem like a difficult task even if you have never done it before. All you have to do is tuck a bra liner under your bra, and it will absorb all the sweat, leaving you feeling comfortable.

You can even consider going braless at times. No, you don’t have to ditch the bra when going out to run errands or to attend a meeting, but when you are at home, you can let the girls loose for some time, right? Give your breasts some bra-free time and allow them to breathe and relax. You will feel a lot better!

Try the above-mentioned tips and practise good hygiene to prevent your breasts from feeling sweaty. These simple and sure-shot solutions guarantee respite from smelly and sweaty breasts! Try these out, stay hydrated, and have a sweat-free and fresh summer!

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