Healing Crystals: Benefits & Ways to Use It

Healing Crystals – Know How They Can Transform Your Energy

Since ancient times, crystals have been in use for their healing powers. You can find it in the origins of any early civilisation – Indus Valley, Egyptian, Mayan, Sumerian, or Chinese. People used to believe that crystals have curing abilities, and the resurgence of the trend has only amplified the belief. The technique of healing crystals is to align your mind, body and spirit to achieve something that is beyond the grasp of any normal person. It was worn as an adornment or jewellery.

Modern believers still prefer wearing it as a jewel, if not for their healing powers. Science has not quite grasped the idea and found almost nothing connecting crystals with healing abilities. Yet, people believe that these stones usher in good energy and assist the body in getting rid of negative energies. Notes about its abilities can be found in early Hindu and Buddhist scriptures. If you really want to take care of your well-being, you have to align mindfulness, reflection, and acceptance. In many cases, it is your mind that shows extraordinary healing abilities, and science can vouch for that. You can always accept its healing ability and with an open mind, can get up, close and personal with crystals.

What Is Crystal Healing?

It is a type of healing that requires therapeutic crystals and gemstones. There are specific energy points on your body on which these crystals would be placed to draw out the negative energy, congestion of any type, and emotional tension. By doing that, crystals bring back the balance that the body requires.

What Are the Benefits of Using Healing Crystals?

There are numerous ways in which healing crystals can work and its benefits are believed to be multi-fold.

  • It can reduce fatigue and headache. It often happens that we feel drained after a tiring day, but Amethyst can gift you sound sleep. If you place it in your accessories or in your room, you can feel the difference. Likewise, Opal can reduce headache and PMS symptoms. Lapis Lazuli can reduce insomnia.
  • Crystals can calm you down. The rage inside you can be negated with Quartz or Bloodstone. These can also be considered healing crystals for depression.
  • Stress, anxiety and negativity can be reduced by using Quartz and Citrine.
  • Your motivation can trigger your passion and strength. But we often lack that in the first place. However, Opal, Quartz, Tiger’s Eye and Topaz can always serve you with enough of it. Agate is also known to serve warriors on the battlefield by warding of their fear.
  • Sadness and negativity can often block our path and hamper the growth we expect in life. Citrine and Topaz can remove the obstacles and help you move on.
  • Love is one thing that we all want in our life. You would be amazed that Jade is believed to have that property. It can attract love and help you spread it.
  • We cannot live alone. We need love and trust of companions to flourish and prosper. Rose Quartz has the ability to attract prosperity in your relationship, making you patient when you try to understand others.
  • Creative minds require an obstacle-free path which can help them unlock their fullest potentials. Opal and Citrine can just do that for you by removing the barriers from your path.
  • Working hard is sometimes not enough. You need to have the self-confidence to persevere. Agate and Quartz can do the job for you.
  • A clarity of perspective is often important to achieve the paths of success. For that, mental stability is much-needed. Lapiz Lazuli and Quartz at your place can help you achieve that.

how do crystals help in healing

How Do Healing Crystals Work?

Scientists have realised that at the core of everything lies energy. It is something that controls everything around us. It forms atoms which, just like in our body, are present in a piece of wood. The energy is the same. Modern technology is harnessing this energy to do a lot of stuff such as keeping track of time, which can be done by Quartz in a clock.

Many pharmaceutical companies use crystals as a source of minerals to manufacture medicines. These crystals can draw out the negative energy through the energy points just like a magnet, and attract positive vibes. When strategically placed on certain body parts, your energy level can in sync with the energy level of the crystals transform and become vibrant.

How to Use Healing Crystals?

There are a number of ways in which you can make your healing crystals work:

  • You can wear healing crystals. Crystal healing bracelets and crystal healing jewellery are widely available. As these crystals can absorb, repel and transmit energy; wearing them would help you in attaining a balance.
  • You can always place these healing crystals on a specific body part. Like if you are experiencing a throbbing pain in your head, placing it on the pain point can release the pain and help you attain peace.
  • You can always meditate by holding a crystal in your hand. These crystals can store a great amount of energy. Using them while meditating can help you achieve clear insights.
  • In a grid pattern, crystals work well. They become a point that absorbs and transmutes energy.
  • Placing them on your bedside table while sleeping can be effective. In this way, these crystals can get close to your subconscious self and act more intimately.
  • Moving them around the body can alleviate negative energies. You can move them around from your head to toe to maximise energy transmutation.
  • Keeping them in your home or car can help you deter negative energies from entering your zone. This can also invite in positive vibes and change the ambience around you.

10 Effective Crystal Healing Stones

The random placing of the crystal healing stones would not work. You have to know precisely which one works in what situation.

1. Quartz

Quartz is a perfect crystal to cleanse the energy. You can use this while meditating to calm your mind.


2. Tiger’s Eye

Brown crystal stones keep you close to the ground. It can guide you in distress and protect you by offering a clear insight.

tiger's eye

3. Ruby

Red crystals store a lot of energy. Hence, Ruby can be the one that can boost your spirit and lift you up in times when you feel down.


4. Sunstone

Sunstone comes in an orange colour, a colour that is soothing in nature. As the name suggests, the crystal stone revitalizes you. It can help you in staying clear of the negative energy, and when you feel sick, this stone can make you feel better.


5. Amber

Stones that are yellow in colour can re-organize the energy alignment. Amber is one such stone and is perfect for moments when you wish to kick out an old and negative habit. This stone can cleanse your negative energy.


6. Jade

Jade is green in colour, and such stones are known for their physical illness curing abilities. They cure the body of any abnormalcy and secure one’s balance. There are energies that can turn negative if they are found in abundance in the body. Jade can tip the balance to the right side.


7. Sapphire

Sometimes it is essential to find the right voice at the right moment. The truth about the self can lead you in the right direction. Sapphire can unlock the gates of potential that is hidden in you and help realise your path.


8. Kyanite

When things get really chaotic, calming down your mind becomes necessary to realize the track you want to be on. Kyanite can assist you in achieving that by taking away the chaos and by bringing back order in your mind.


9. Amethyst

Violet is vibrant and comes with high frequency. With both the signs of warm and cool ends of the colour spectrum, amethyst can connect you to the higher plane of existence. If you want to feel uplifted, you can always wear Amethyst.


10. Tourmaline

Tourmaline deflects negative energy. Black in colour, this crystal is both strong and resilient. This stone is perfect to drive away negative energy.



You can always try crystals to change the course of your life. These stones can ward off negativity and help you prosper. But if you are considering wearing some, then you can keep a few things in mind.

1. How Do I Choose a Crystal?

The answer lies within you. Often the rational mind would not be able to guide you, but if you seek deeper within, your subconscious can guide you correctly.

2. Can Selecting Wrong Crystal Harm Me?

Crystals can do harm only if they fall into the wrong hands. So it is always advisable to seek a reputable crystal healer and an authentic crystal seller from whom you can get good quality crystals. After you get the right one, it is always better to cleanse the crystals first so that it does not carry any negative energy. You can trust your intuitions in such cases about what to try and what not.

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